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Oh, wow, this is dumb– I preordered the last Raksura book so long ago that the credit card I used has in the interim expired, and instead of going ahead and processing it with the new credit card I have on file, or like, notifying me at all, Amazon was just sitting there with a little flag on the order saying “welp we can’t sell you this book because your credit card in November isn’t your credit card now and gosh we just don’t know how to use the new one you’ve been using for the last seven months!” until I went in and told it to do that, so. 

Sigh. Now it’s “pending”. I’ve been, like, reinstalling software on my Kindle because I thought the thing was broken. Oh well.

Now I know! Preorder things and make sure you use an eternal method of payment! I actually thought they’d taken the money out already, which being a seller on Amazon, I should know is not how it works. But. We’ll see.

The consolation is that I’ve been rereading other stories while waiting for my Kindle to work, so it’s not like I haven’t had a lovely morning anyway.



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