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I cannot B E L I E V E people in comments complaining about this.
I am saying this as a white person, so maybe other white people will listen.
White queers. As a community. Need. To. Support. Black. And. Brown. LGBT. People. And. Recognize. Their. Historic. Contributions. To. Our. Fucking. Ungrateful. Community.
Black and brown queer folks have been on the front lines of every single battle for LGBT equality, have been hit hardest, have paid the most. Have fought fights that benefit us all, and are STILL forgotten, spoken over, ignored. Written out of their own history.
Fuck. That.
It is time to recognize that they have been here for us.  ALWAYS.
Not time to complain that the new flag is “ugly” because the rainbow is a beautiful spectrum with special meanings for each color, and then these other ugly colors are up there ruining it.
Black belongs on the flag.
Brown belongs on the flag.
Show some class and some fucking respect, and some humility in the face of your own community’s history.
You’ll still be able to get basic rainbow flag paraphernalia if you want it. Easy. You can still use the basic flag for your own purposes if you want.
Don’t fucking complain about people who want to use the new one, who find meaning in it.
Honestly, I’m ashamed and sad for all of us that this wasn’t done long, long ago.

Honestly the only thing I don’t like about this design is that the black and brown stripes are both at the top. I would prefer it if one were at the top and one were at the bottom, both aesthetically and so they weren’t shoved off to one part? But otherwise I’m all behind this.

THANK YOU for articulating that - or wait, brown in the middle, between orange and red or orange and yellow? Or something. *visually nitpicky*

Yeah, I don’t like the visual look of it with them both shoved at one side, it’s, I dunno, I don’t super love it aesthetically– but more importantly, I already own a bunch of rainbow flags and shit, and I’m wondering… could I DIY include this awesome update by adding, like, black and brown pennant streamers? Would it be disrespectful to kinda retrofit stuff on my own? I totally get the thing and why it’s a thing and I am Into It, so– 

anyway. Pennant streamers are probably the best DIY solution for retrofitting existing gear, is all I’m thinking, because if you try to add stripes you’re changing the proportions of the thing and it’s just not likely to work. 



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