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Canada Day: North America’s July pregame.

for those of us in border towns it’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, if you like yard parties and fireworks

one year I went to a party at someone’s Lake Erie lakefront house and I went in the water with a cooler full of beer (the cooler floated, just about an inch below the surface, and we went out really far because the sandy lake bottom doesn’t drop off for a good long way so it’s shallow for a long distance) and we watched fireworks over by Toronto across the water, and sang O Canada only we changed every instance of the word “Canada” to “labia” for stupid inside-joke purposes, and then because of the way scheduling fell, one of the US municipalities was having fireworks that night too, so we turned around and watched that too, and I was the only one who could actually sing the Star-Spangled Banner but damned if we weren’t all going to try too, and I think my bathing suit top fell off at some point there, and it was in general just a really good party. (these were roller derby peeps, so.)

I myself am about to drive to the vicinity of Kingston Ontario, be drunk for the weekend in a seaside resort (ok lakeside, river-side, seaway-side, whatever), and then come back in time to get drunk and shoot sparklers on the 4th, so– 

uh I guess sort of consider this my sign-off. (I’m using a borrowed computer while my lappy is in the shop.) I should really go pack. I love y’all. Happy Canada Day.

In the BUF we refer to this whole weekend as the Friendship Festival because there’s a big cross-border party though nowadays it’s a lot harder to do than in former years.



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