Jun. 29th, 2017

If the crosspost worked, then I've already posted here that I possibly fried my computer. So I'm writing this from my work computer. I have a long-standing policy that I just don't log into Tumblr on my work computer. I'll do just about anything else, but absolutely not Tumblr. (Largely for pragmatic reasons; an image-heavy site like that is just not going to be unobtrusive no matter what.)
So uh. Here I am. I want to use DW more anyway, because Tumblr is perpetually on the brink of nonfunction, and also I'm perpetually pushing the limits of my phone's data plan.

I just have to. Not think about it for a bit. Ughhh.

I'm going to post that foursome fic. I never did come up with a title idea, so it's just going to be called Yavin 4Some. That's just it. That's the level I'm at.
Here it is.

Kes, extremely unfairly, sucks his lower lip into his mouth, then flips the top off his brew and expertly takes enough of a swig to cancel out its propensity to foam up.

“That wasn’t a no,” Leia points out.

“He’s not a piece of meat,” Han persists.

Kes wipes his mouth on his arm, and says, “Shit, when you put it that way, Shara.”

Leia shrieks and applauds, and Han says, “That wasn’t a yes.”

Kes puts his brew down and says, “It wasn’t a no, Solo.” And just like that, he takes off his shirt, and stars he’s got tattoos, little ones on his chest and ribs, a big one on his back you can just glimpse when he puts his shirt down, and he picks his beer up and sits on the edge of Shara’s chair. And, fuck, he’s grinning, and has his tongue between his teeth a little bit, that fucker, he knows how pretty he is, and he’s looking at Han for a moment, and then he rolls his eyes over to Leia. “You don’t think I didn’t have a crush on you when we were kids? You were so fancy and pretty I couldn’t look at you, for years on end, and then you punched me in the chest and told me to go to hell that time I tried to nerve myself up and talk to you.”

“I never punched you,” Leia says, astonished.

“You absolutely did,” Kes said. “You had gold-painted fingernails and I’d never seen that before so I asked if you had robot hands and you socked me in the sternum.”

Leia considers that. “Okay, but I was five,” she says.

“I was sincere!” he insists, adorably wounded. “I’d been working up my nerve to talk to you for literally days.”

Han is watching this in a kind of fascinated jealousy, but it’s the good kind of jealousy, the kind he’s used to, the kind he’s used his whole life to nurse himself along, that kind of good-bitter pain like a sore in your mouth you can’t keep yourself from poking with your tongue and catching the edges of between your teeth and biting at, and it hurts bad and good, and he can see how this is going to go, he’s going to pretty much just watch this hot guy fuck his wife, but you know what, he’s going to get off on it like crazy and that’s okay. He’s been on the outside his whole life— and even these guys, they keep lapsing into a language he only speaks a handful of words of, and he can only sort of keep up but he hasn’t been complaining much— he’s used to getting by on scraps and he’s sure as shit going to get what he needs to out of this, even if it’s only visuals.

But he happens to glance over at Shara, and she’s watching him, and she grins.
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Welp it looks like I just managed to destroy my laptop by putting dishes away next to it. i had it sitting on the kitchen counter while the coffee was brewing and I decided to tidy up the kitchen. One of the pots had like a quarter-teaspoon of water left in it, and it splattered onto, I thought, the screen. I wiped it up carefully, and all seemed fine, but a couple of minutes later, the computer shut down.
Guess I’m fucked. Wonder when my last backup was. They run automatically, so, probably last night.
I mean.
I don’t know. Sigh.
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if you’re an active follower of mine, i do recognize your username and/or icon. i smile when i see it in my activity. i get excited when you add funny tags to things. i get really happy when you reblog my op posts. so thank you, i appreciate you massively.
So my non-farm job is that I work in a camera store. I work in the online dep't so they don't need me consistently; mostly just around Christmas. Over the summers, it's slower and I can just come in intermittently to do the behind-the-scenes work-- photographing used inventory to list later, etc.

They were burglarized while I was out of town this last time. And it wasn't the usual smash-and-grab kind.
There's apparently an organized ring doing this around the country-- the FBI is involved.

Here's what they did.
The store is in a little mini-mall, a strip plaza on a busy road of other little strip plazas. There are three units in the building. Looking from the road, the camera store is on the far left. In the middle is a hearing aid place. And on the right is an insurance broker's office.

The thieves had cased the joint and determined that we had two motion sensors in our unit, watching the front door and the back door. Our back door is steel and reinforced with four deadbolts, at top and bottom and sides. (They had probably come in our store and asked to use the bathroom. We have a lot of senior citizens as customers, so we don't dare say no to anyone who asks. From the bathroom, you can see the rear motion detector. If you know what to look for, you can tell how far the range is; a light lets you know if it's sensing anything.)

The hearing aid place has only one door. It has breakage detectors on the windows.

The insurance place has no alarms of any kind. It also has a back door. The back door is flimsy, and has a handle on the outside. They have nothing valuable, so they just lock their doors and take no further precautions.

So the thieves jimmied the insurance place's back door, easily. (The back of the building faces into a disused, garbage-filled section of woods, and there's no view of the building's rear from any other building or road or parking lot.) Then they used a Sawzall to go through the wall into the hearing aid place. The hearing aid place had several hundred thousand dollars' worth of hearing aids in it, but they ignored them. (It turns out that they're fitted with GPS units, and so when activated, would have been traceable. Did the thieves know that? No, they likely didn't even know what they were, but it turns out their lack of curiosity served them well.)
(They did steal a surround sound system from the hearing aid place, which had been purchased but not yet installed and thus was still in boxes.)

They then sawed through the wall of the hearing aid place, neatly stacking their debris to one side so they wouldn't trip. This got them into our back room, facing into a set of shelves. They carefully pushed the shelves forward without tipping them, and blocked off the back hallway, with its motion sensor.
Then they crept out into the main area of the store, hugging close to the far wall.
From there, they could take everything off of three of our four sets of shelves, and out of the cabinets underneath. They left our display lenses, because reaching for them might have triggered the alarm.

They left several boxes on the shelves-- cameras that they knew were discontinued, and thus harder to sell. They took everything else that was new and in boxes.

They left no fingerprints, no footprints either outdoors or indoors despite the fact that it was pouring rain at the time. They never triggered the alarm: the theft was discovered Monday morning when the hearing aid place opened at 8.

So: security people, keep this in mind. Regardless of what measures you have in your unit, your entire building is only as safe as the least-secure entrance to it.
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I never did come up with a better title. Given today’s woes, I’m just going to post it.
It’s Han Solo’s POV, and exactly what it says on the tin: Han Solo, Leia Organa, Shara Bey, and Kes Dameron having pretty much all of the sex in every configuration, and being unreasonably young and hot and attractive while doing so.
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PART 5 of ‘BLUE SKIES’ now up on AO3

Star Wars WW2!AU; rated Mature and Explicit, contains swearing, aviation/history inaccuracies, and explicit sexual content, WIP. Mega-thanks as ever to @leupagus for the amazeballs beta, and to @wobblycompetencies​ for writing the letter within and for such incredible encouragement.

Extras: Incredible artwork by @wobblycompetencies here : @valveillen here and here : @santheum here and newly HERE :@missbuster here. Suggested playlist here.
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this is the best series of panels in a star wars comic
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Dude’s elderly aunt just got scammed by those take-over-the-computer scammers. So he’s going to have to go fix that tonight.
He’s not helping me with *my* computer, mind, but. I guess there’s not much to do about mine. (As it was going on, I finally asked him, “what do I do?” and only then did he say, “well, not what you’re doing.” Fucking thanks, how long were you going to sit there and silently judge me?? Are we even friends? Jesus fuck.)

I won’t grouse, I suppose, that I’ve made dinner every night this week and this was supposed to be his turn. I’d already done all his prep, so. (Side rant someday about how he thinks he invented menu planning, which I did for us for a decade before I had my little breakdown.)

My self-care shit isn’t doing me much good today.
And I have the Anxieties about having posted a story where I’m always convinced I’ve fucked something up until someone comments on it, and nobody has, so it’s like, not going away. (People have left kudos, clearly it’s fine, jerkbrain! God, it’s porn, there’s nothing to say! … Jerkbrain doesn’t care.)

Ugh. Can I just… do… something else besides be here today???
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Ha, i was just talking abput hiw i wanted to learn this– my tambour hook arrived today, so we’ll see how this project goes!!!!
If I had a working computer to load YouTube tutorials on methinks this would go more smoothly but we’ll have to wait and see on that.
… it’s been a Day, ok.



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