Jun. 26th, 2017

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hm. in my absence, i did get a letter from nys of health. but it wasn’t my insurance card, which i need in order to make an appointment.

no, it was a letter informing me that the health insurance plan i selected does not include reproductive health care, family planning, or maternity coverage. i was not aware it was legal to offer such a plan, so i didn’t scan the fine print to find out. i am not allowed to change my plan until i re-apply next year. but, they said helpfully, Planned Parenthood is cheap, here’s the one near you.

Well, isn’t that fascinating.

As it happens, I don’t need much by way of reproductive care, but. Really.

However. “All you need is your insurance card to make an appointment,” the letter concluded cheerfully.

The insurance card I applied for in February. The insurance card I was eligible for in April. The insurance card I was supposed to be able to use in June. 

The insurance card they’ve never sent me.

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Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I found out The Cloud Roads sold to Night Shade, after two years of visiting and being rejected by various publishers.

So I posted: http://ift.tt/2sUgE8h The entry on the Three Worlds from Worlds Imagined: The Maps of Imaginary Places Collection for the Cushing Library exhibit.

I got my author’s copies of the trade paperback of The Harbors of the Sun on Friday, so it should start showing up soon. The hardcover will probably be a week or so later, and the ebook will drop on July 4.


Murderbot got a really nice review on The Verge: http://ift.tt/2ta6TGc

Our protagonist got its name after killing a bunch of company employees on another planet a couple of years ago, but while it has a bit of a bloodstained history, this isn’t Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s a dour security bot that likes to watch steamy soap operas, and would rather be left alone. After its murderous rampage, it hacked its own governor module, not wanting to fall victim once again to hardware manufactured by a company that cuts corners to save a buck.

Ann Leckie also liked Murderbot:


I’m not kidding, I can almost guarantee that my readers will enjoy this. I have already pre-ordered volume 2, which is out in January.


The Authors Auction for the victims of Grenfell Tower is going until June 27. My item is http://ift.tt/2sayred

and the whole list of items is



If you need a quick break today, “Night at the Opera” is still free at Podcastle in text and audio:


It’s a prequel to The Death of the Necromancer


I’m doing a signing with Rachel Caine at Murder By The Book in Houston, TX, on Saturday, July 15, at 4:30, and you can order our books and get them signed and personalized and shipped to you: http://ift.tt/2sajqJC



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