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ugh i’ve got weird gross red circles up under my eyelid in the whites of my eye, the eye that’s been bothering me. I pulled a bunch of shit encased in eye goop mucous stuff out of my eye yesterday, but I’ve been reluctant to like, jam my finger in there, so I’ve been trying to gently kind of… hold my eyelid out a little and make myself cry. I’ve rinsed my eye out with saline, and done all kinds of that, and it hasn’t helped. And now, today, day like, four, there are these weird red marks.

I fucking wish I had access to a doctor, I’d really consider calling one.

However. Tomorrow is slaughter day, and then the day after I’m hopping in my car and driving to Maryland, spending a full day unloading furniture, then hopping back in the car and driving back on Friday? saturday? so that I can get back into my car and drive back to Buffalo, so, I don’t know when I’d see a doctor. 

cut for more whining but also some cheerfulness sort of

relatedly only in my head, my air mattress is still holding air just fine but like… one of the … sort of… tufts? you know how mattresses are like, tufted, so there’s like, a button that goes through the whole thing and makes it fluffy? I’m not explaining it well. Anyway, air mattresses have a mock version of that, where they’re kind of pulled downward and there’s a flat circle either side? Well, one of those let go, so I have a bizarre lump in my air mattress. I feel like that means it’s doomed, but. I don’t have a spare anymore, I did last year but of course, the inevitable happened, and then I no longer had a spare. 

I should really get a real mattress, but then I’d need to get a waterproof cover for it, and I’m a lazy piece of shit and wouldn’t, and the first time it rained the thing would get soaked and shitty. 

Speaking of which. It rained today. It rained real hard. Did my yurt handle that well? Well, I mean. Mostly? It kept probably 99.99999% of the water out, but since there was a fuckton of water, that means it’s damp in here.

I was vaguely useless most of the day, couldn’t make decisions or keep a thought in my head, and I don’t know but I think I muddled through, I’m not really sure what I even did all day. It was kind of… a fog, mostly, of coughing painfully and standing around with one eye shut feeling pathetic.


Whiskey the cat is visiting tonight for the first time in a long time so I will take what joy I can from tiny fuzz-ness. 

oh wait no I REMEMBER what I did today. I baked a bunch of shit for slaughter day, then sister and baby and I went over to Mom and Dad’s and vacuumed up all the diatomaceous earth I’d applied to their carpets and upholstery and such, and we left them their house all tidied and ready to sleep in, and with the last two leftover bouquets from the farmer’s market to boot, so they had fresh flowers and a clean house. They’ll still have to vacuum a bunch, but they were home around 5pm and both delighted. 

It’s not like they were on vacation, they were driving the moving truck for my older sister. Did I mention on here that the moving truck broke down and they got stuck overnight in South Carolina? well it did and it sucked, but they made it, and the moving company loaded all their shit onto a new truck when the old one was unfixable– except of course, they’d loaded it so the stuff they wanted first would be in back, and the reloading meant that all the urgently needed stuff was now in the front. Oh well. 

My family spends a lot of time doing one another favors, but it generally seems to be circular. Last night, Sister and B-i-L moved a couch for Middle-Little, and it sucked; I went along and wound up just watching Farmbaby, who was such a good listener and like, held doors and called elevators and generally was so well-behaved?? it was unreal, what three-year-old is so obedient?? not her, usually! I did have to full-time manage her, though. Anyway.

It seemed like not too much to ask of us to treat the mystery flea infestation in Mom and Dad’s house while they were out of town helping Big Sister move, so that they wouldn’t have to be dealing with that when their first day home, they also had to watch Farmbaby. 

oh dear i had to pet Whiskey and that woke her up and now she’s kneading but her claws are real sharp because she’s mostly an outdoor cat and she’s six pounds of whoopass who actually does murders for a living so ow, baby, ow.
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Deeluxe facilities, ready for another processing day. (at Laughing Earth)
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while we’re spreading positive vibes, did you know that there’s an ao3 series downloader that compresses an entire series into a single epub file for you? it’s super useful!
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hey by the fucking way

S p l o o t
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Today chicken processing went like, crazy-smoothly, everyone knew what was up, there were no problems, and we had a small batch, so it took us no time and we flew through it.

The shit in my eye worked its way out overnight. I woke up and didn’t really notice much, but after I’d been running around like a crazy person (chicken processing day, even on an easy day, is hectic as fuck) I noticed it wasn’t bothering me. I only noticed at lunchtime that my eyelashes on one side were all crusted with gross eye crusties. I’d washed my face that morning… I think… again, chicken processing day, much to do, not a lot of mirror selfie introspection… but I had to like, pick stuff out of my eyelashes. Still. All bloodshot and gross still, but it doesn’t hurt at all, so it’s all good. Thank fucking Christ, or whoever.

I’m packing up my car to drive to Maryland now, tomorrow morning, with Middle-Little. We’re bringing a flat of herbs, some maple syrup (the real stuff’s hard to come by down there, we’ve been hauling big jugs of it to Big Sister for a decade now, which is funny to contemplate), and a cooler full of garlic scapes and chicken carcasses. (I’m not bringing her the fresh ones, I’m bringing frozen ones, for the drive, though it’s only! 5! hours! that’s like! nothing!), and then Middle Sister and I expect we’ll spend two days hauling furniture and unpacking things, before driving back up here. 

I feel like I’ll never get to rest, but I’m going to. Because!

For our 15th anniversary, Dude and I are going to go on vacation. We’re not going far, we’re not getting a cat-sitter or anything. We’re going to the Thousand Islands, on the Canadian side, and RIP the Canadian dollar, holy shit. It’s only worth 76 cents. Sorry guys. That sucks. But it does mean I get a crazy cheap vacation. 

I get to actually see my dude. I’m kind of excited about that. First I gotta drive uhh about 1000 miles, but still.



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