Jun. 2nd, 2017

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One of my hobbies is buying “trendy” pre-“distressed” denim on clearance and then mending it before I wear it. These purple skinny jeggings clearly needed to be patched with gold stretch lamé, for maximum understatement and class. (I’m doing what they call “aging gracefully”, I think. Good thing I don’t have kids to be embarrassed by my fashion (non)sense.)

haha I forgot to update– I took these jeans when I visited my sister in Georgia and her 9-year-old son informed me, with a slightly-mystified air, that those colors clashed horribly and he couldn’t understand why I would wear them together on purpose?

I feel somehow vindicated.
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oh holy shit lmao
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I know people have probably given up on it but I’m still writing the last chapter of the epilogue to Home out in the Wind, and it does, as promised briefly in an aside to @deputychairman, feature this moustache. So far all I’ve written is the reaction to it, but I think I do have to go back in and write the tenderly awkwardly sexy shaving scene.

“What the fuck,” Kes said, stopping dead in the entryway to the hangar they were using to stage all the stuff that was going onto the cruiser headed for Yavin.

Poe was sitting on a box, playing guitar, which was lovely and nostalgic and all, but he had at some recent point carved the dead-animal beard off his face and left behind a truly enormous tragic moustache.

Poe saw Kes’s reaction and laughed so hard he almost fell off the box, entirely abandoning the song he’d been singing. “Papa,” he said finally, wheezing, “you don’t get to lecture me about stupid facial hair.”

“What the fuck is that!” Kes said, gesturing. “It’s trying to eat your nose! You look like the child molester uncle in a holonovela from the old Republic! What the fuck have you done to your beautiful face?”

Rey was sitting next to him and appeared completely delighted by the entire exchange. Kes had been speaking Basic for her benefit, and was pleased to see it had paid off. “Meanwhile you have a woolamander stuck to your chin by its spine,” Poe said, gesturing.

“At least I caught it fair and square,” Kes said. “I killed this thing with my own hands thirty-five years ago, I’ll have you know,” and he gestured at his own chin. He’d considered changing his facial hair at various points, but muscle memory usually took over after not very long of growing it out or shaving it off, so it always went back the way he’d had it before. He was pretty immune to teasing about it by now. “Yours is sentient and is planning on a brain takeover, I can tell you that right now.”

“The old man is wise,” one of the cargo loaders said, and Kes did a double-take.

“Marya!” he said. She was an Essin clan member, one of Etto’s close relatives, and Kes had known her for her entire life, had attended her naming ceremony. She was a couple years older than Poe, and had lived on Yavin IV for a little while as an adolescent, staying with Norasol to apprentice to her and learn herbal workings.

“Kes,” she said, and he embraced her, kissing her temple. “I saw your speech, good speech.”

“Ah,” Kes said, and waved a hand dismissively. He didn’t feel like talking politics, and he knew he didn’t have to, not to Marya. He gestured at Poe instead. “Look at this tragedy! Just when I thought maybe my boy could get laid, he is doing this to himself.”

“You don’t think he’s doing it to get laid, do you?” Marya asked shrewdly.

Poe made an innocent face. “Well,” he said. “As it happens, we were teaching Rey about how to use a razor, and I didn’t think she was up to managing the upper lip area.”

Kes regarded him, then looked at Marya, shaking his head in disgust. “Say what you will about me,” he said, “I have never done anything stupid with my appearance just to impress a girl.”

“If you had,” Marya said, “I am not old enough to call your bluff.”

Kes looked at her. “No,” he said, suddenly tired, “everyone who is old enough is dead.”
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We just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Strikethrough. Read all about it on Fanlore, and learn why we encourage fans to back up their journals to other sites.
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Inexplicably my post a while back about the customer who called the young girl clerk “sweetheart” or something and then followed it up by calling the other clerk, her father, “handsome”, kind of went moderately viral, and I don’t know why, but– 

anyway, that customer just came back in and this time the middle-aged dude was here by himself, and he greeted him effusively with “Hello, handsome!” again, so apparently this is A Thing now. 
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I keep seeing a lot of posts about Poe Dameron that say something about wondering who his parents are

Well, wonder no longer! Sit down and buckle up, children. I’m gonna learn you a thing about the famous Shara Bey and Kes Dameron

This dashing fella is Kes Dameron, Poe’s papa

He was one of the Pathfinders under the command of Han Solo to destroy the shield generator that protected the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor

With his help, the Rebel Alliance was able to discover something called Operation: Cinder, an apocalyptical order to destroy planets by making them in hospitable to live on. One of the planets included was Naboo, where Shara Bey was working on her own mission 

After the destruction of Operation: Cinder, Kes retired from the Rebel Alliance to Yavin 4 where he wanted to start a new life with his wife and son


So Kes Dameron was a super brave dude who adored his wife and son, but lemme tell ya, he’s got nothing on his wife

This, my friends, is Lieutenant Shara Bey

This is the woman who inspired her son to become a pilot because of how badass she is

She was a hotshot pilot for the Rebel Alliance, serving on the Green Squadron during the assault on the second Death Star

Her job was to protect the Millennium Falcon during the battle and she did a damn good job doing it

After the Battle of Endor, she liberated a city and saved countless lives

During Operation: Cinder, while she was on Naboo with Princess Leia, she was the one who figured out that the reason the weather was going to shit was because of satellites

Her last mission was to accompany Luke Skywalker to retrieve a piece of a Force-sensitive tree that used to be in Jedi temple on Coruscant. They ended up retrieving two. Luke liked and respected Shara Bey so much he entrusted one of the pieces to her, and she planted it outside her new home on Yavin 4 where she retired with her husband so they could have a nice quiet life together with their son

She passed away 6 years after the Battle of Endor. I can’t find any info on the cause

Her son, Poe Dameron followed in her footsteps and became a pilot for the new Republic. He looked into her service records and learned all about the badass stuff she did during the Galactic Civil War. There were also testimonies from other pilots about how awesome she was and she saved everybody’s butts

This caused Poe to defect to the Resistance under Leia’s command, becoming the best pilot in the Resistance

So Poe gets his awesomeness from his mama


So now y’all can rest knowing that the reason Poe Dameron is awesome is because he had awesome, brave, badass parents who raised their boy right


Other DamFam canon (all from the Logbook, Shattered Empire, or Before the Awakening):

Han “only in it for the money” Solo offered up his compensation package so that Kes could muster out to be with Poe, who was 2 and living in hiding with Shara’s father when Endor happened

Han also recommended that Kes be awarded/commended for his valor

Shara almost shot Luke down when he was flying Vader’s shuttle down to the Endor moon ^_^

Canonically, the first thing that Lando did after destroying Death Star Mark II was hit on Shara.

Kes mustered out before Shara did and had settled with Poe on Yavin 4 while Shara flew a final mission with/for Luke.

She was given (by Luke) one of two living Force trees to raise. It still grows on the Dameron ranch on Yavin 4…

Which, yes, they are ranchers after mustering out. They grow koyo melons, which are a fruit small enough that Poe keeps them in Black One for flight provisions.

Kes is an expert tracker, probably the best in the Rebel Alliance. He also took child!Poe on like, Bear Grylls style “no supplies” hiking and camping trips into the Yavinese jungle, where they would build shelter out of jakaw tree fronds and Poe would watch Kes leap around treetops making friends with woolamanders.

Shara used to take child!Poe to Classic Starship Shows on mama/son dates :( She liked Z-class Headhunter ships, even though she flew an A-wing.

Her callsign was Green Four.

She taught Poe to fly by letting him sit in her lap at the controls starting when he was 2 or 3, and she let him do barrel rolls even though it made him barf.

Shara didn’t talk about her time with the Alliance. She and Kes were both heavily awarded heroes – Leia even said in her condolence letter after Shara died that “as long as the stars shine, Shara Bey will be remembered” – but Shara didn’t want Poe to grow up thinking that war was glamorous or exciting.

Kes said that his biggest fear about the war was that it had all been for nothing. :(

Shara served as a personal pilot for both Leia and Luke. Kes and Han were partners on their final ground assault runs. They were Fucking Important in the Rebel Alliance, okay.

The reason that Poe decided to trust Finn was that he thought about what his mom would do. :}}}}}

Poe left Black One with Kes on Yavin 4 while he did the Jakku mission to get the map from Lor San Tekka.

Poe also had a surrogate big alien uncle – a la the Organa-Solos and Chewbacca – in the form of L’ulo L’ampar, Shara’s former commanding officer of Green Squadron and future member of Poe’s elite Black Squadron. When Shara died, L’ulo helped Kes to raise Poe.

They are the best, sweetest, and most important family in Space.
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oh holy shit lmao

every state secedes 2k18

@cwnannwn Woaaaaah

Update, because this is entertaining the hell out of me and is actually GOOD news in this whole disaster.

As of end of day, June 1, the following states have joined:







Rhode Island

According to Wikipedia, these ten member states combined make up 30.1% of the US population, 35.3% of US GDP, and 17.8% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.

61 mayors and counting have also joined in (I told you voting for mayors is important). A few of the many highlights:

New York City

Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL

Boston, MA

Houston, TX

Philadelphia, PA

New Orleans, LA

Orlando, FL

Atlanta, GA

Washington DC

Elon Musk and Disney’s Bob Iger have quit Trump’s advisory council over it.

And that is why Trudeau was specifying the US federal government.

it got better!!!



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