May. 25th, 2017

Should I have just stayed up way past my bedtime rearranging furniture in the yurt? No. Did I? Duh.

[cut for spiders, and discussion of my House Rules for Spiders, which, reminder, are 1) don’t touch me, 2) don’t touch me, and 3) don’t touch me]

Also I had bought a bottle of clove oil because #1 it’s supposed to be really good at repelling insects and spiders and #2 it was on lightning deal on amazon, and so I got it out, intending to put some in a few strategic places to maybe keep the spider population under control. I set it on the shelf, and then was puttering, and reached up to thread something through the holes in the hollow center roof ring, and pulled out the biggest fucking spider I’ve ever seen, which cowered in terror on the floor while I cowered in terror on the bed. Eventually I got it to run into a cup, and flung the cup out the door. 

I got up on the bed frame and looked and there was not one single other insect in the spoke-holes on the roof ring. There are like, forty holes in that thing, maybe more, and I just happened to stick my hand into the ONE that there was an occupant in. Profoundly unfair and also unsettling.

I already had a spider in my hair today. I don’t know how long it was in there, but neither of us was pleased about that either. I’m not afraid of spiders per se, but I got a strict no-touching policy with them that got hardcore violated on both occasions. (There was a third one, just now, with a very small very confused little guy who wandered onto my arm, and that was not so bad at all, I just redirected it and it left, and that was fine.) 

So… I put an entire eyedropper-full of clove oil in every spoke hole on that roof ring, and it reeks of cloves in here but I don’t care. I know that’s ideal spider habitat, I get that it’s ideal spider habitat, I don’t want that to be spider habitat. I have had this goddamn yurt up for two days, I am not conceding whole bits of it just yet. 

My #1 new innovation this year is that I’m trying to use, for my center roof ring cover, a clear plastic umbrella, and instead of trying to weight the handle which has in past just broken the umbrellas in gusts, I’m tying it in place by threading ties through the roof ring spokes (which is why I discovered my would-be roommate) and through the umbrella spokes. I theorize that if there’s no wiggle room the umbrella won’t get busted. we’ll see; there’s a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, and there’ve already been a few gusts tonight.) This means that it’s brighter in here, because that’s now a skylight instead of being as dark as the rest of the roof, and it also means I can see whether the sun’s up etc. more easily.



tbh i’d rather have a movie about shara bey and kes dameron than han solo


Yes yes yes




idk if any of yall are following the montana special election but the republican candidate just body slammed a journalist so a sanders-endorsed candidate that was already beating him greatly in the polls now might be literally guaranteed a win… a deeply conservative state

source source
this is straight up fascism

greg gianforte and his campaign are now blaming the “aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist” for this incident and are essentially claiming the reporter body slammed himself

i dont mean to grab for attention but could you guys reblog this? the election is TOMORROW and the gop candidate just SENT A JOURNALIST TO THE HOSPITAL. ive been following the race and the majority of the democratic candidates outreach has been through social media and i havent seen any posts about it yet (because it like just happened) and this is….a very big and scary thing

For me, the most fascinating part of this is that Gianforte assaulted Jacob in a room with a team of three Fox News reporters, one of whom was actively recording at the time. The Fox News journos, in what shouldn’t be a stunning display of journalistic integrity but seems to be, have all gone on-record with factual statements about what occurred, including making the audio recording public, laying out that Gianforte’s statement is entirely fictional.
It’s a fascinating situation, I tell you what. Also you should Google this guy, he once sued the entire state of Montana over a fishing hole. I can’t believe he’s even in the running??
Just a daylight shot of how Extra™ I went with my experimental yurt skylight:

a plastic auto-open umbrella, with a crystal chain I got intending to make a beaded curtain for the door, is now being an impromptu chandelier during today’s supposed-to-be-stormy experiment in how it holds up.

You can sort of see the cotton twine I lashed it down with, and also the perfect little spider houses in all the spoke holes in the tono (ring). 

I’ll make that lace and beads door at some point but this is amusing for now. 

Happy anniversary, Star Wars!

Today only (May 25th) JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS - SHATTERED EMPIRE #1 by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto, with a gorgeous Phil Noto cover, is FREE!

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Wow this is a huge carousel! (at New York State Museum)

kyle ron: grandfather… me again, the power of the dark side

bail organa in the afterlife:
Sister, chopping food for dinner, relates this story.

I forgot! Last Friday when I drove down to get potting soil [at the south end of the next county] I was driving through Sand Lake, which is a little, just, not really even a town? It’s right by the lake. And I was driving and I saw a lost house wandering around! 

[A lost house, I said faintly.]

A lost house. It was one of those ones on a tractor trailer– two tractor trailers, each one with a half, and then their Wide Load warning car. And I came up on them as they were turning around in an intersection, and then I was behind them, and then I watched them pull over in a bank parking lot. And I thought, I can’t wait to get home and tell everyone about this: I saw a lost house wandering around Sand Lake. But then of course I got home and totally forgot.

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You cannot possibly guess what is in this box. #farmbaby



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