May. 23rd, 2017

via replied to your post “Got my yurt set up yesterday! I invited the whole family over for…”

randomly, i have also been rereading the cloud roads, and drawing things about it. maybe don’t do processing tomorrow if there’s any way you can get out of it

No, I gotta do processing– it’s the main thing I’m here to do. And I don’t mind it, it’s just hard work. The packaging is the part that I really hate, and I never seem to be able to get out of that one, alas. If I’m clearly ill, I might be able to shirk it, or at least get a less-strenuous duty– there are, after all, new employees who I might be able to scrape the parts I hate off onto. 

I would love to see the things you drew about cloud roads! I’m sorry if you’ve posted them and i haven’t noticed, I have very little time online and while I can do mobile data tethering out in the yurt, I’ve discovered that refreshing my Tumblr page like, one time, takes me 2 GB of data and shows me the same shit over and over again even if I PostBlock every image-heavy post I see. So I’m kind of resigned to missing out on almost everything.

Being able to plug in and charge my devices is making such a big difference to my weird OCD-ness about making sure my stuff is charged. Just– knowing I can recharge overnight makes it so much less high-stakes. 

The wind blew my yurt hole cover off today and then it rained. I didn’t know it was going to be rainy today or I’d’ve secured it better. :( It only got a little of my bed, and none of the blankets– just the fitted sheet– so I’m okay, but it’s so humid in here. Which is actually kind of nice– it’s cold out, 55 or so, but so humid I’m in shirt sleeves and comfortable. If it drops lower I’ll probably be sad, because that’s going to start feeling very raw, but I’ll be in bed by then and can just put the covers over my head.
Plugged-in light bulb fixture in the yurt! Very exciting.
via replied to your post “csevet replied to your post “Got my yurt set up yesterday! I invited…”

i will link you things when they get posted! we’re Transitioning Electronics this week, which is its own kind of hell. but yes very same about having things charged - SO likes to play chicken with his own battery life, and i get so stressed on his phone’s behalf

My dude thinks nothing of sitting next to the charger, not plugged in, while his battery life goes down below 20%. This is a little worrying to me on its own merits, but where it becomes A Problem, is when he’s sitting next to the charger so I assume he’s using it, and my battery life dips below an acceptable percentage for me, so I realize he’s not using it and plug in, and he goes, “Oh, I need that, mine’s about to die.” 

(Some people want to tell you that if you don’t run rechargeable batteries down all the way and recharge them regularly you’re going to shorten their life. I am here to tell you this is simply not true; it applied to old nickel-cadmium batteries but we’ve been on lithium and nickel-metal hydride for like a decade or two now, so that’s squarely fallen into irrelevance. Also my laptop is older than dude’s and I very rarely run it down, and my battery life is fine; his is now dead and can’t run without being plugged in, which is A Crisis because we share power adapters. He had to bring home his one from work. The rule with lithiums is that you must never run them dead and leave them dead. But the other rule is that sometimes you just get a bad one, and it doesn’t do this until the warranty expires.)

Or, we’re out somewhere, and since he doesn’t, I plug my phone into the charger so I can play music on it without worrying, and then we get where we’re going and he goes to look up directions and says, “Oh, my phone’s dead,” and i’m like, bitch, I’ve been at 95% this whole time and also the music’s on your phone too, there was no reason for this to be an emergency.

He doesn’t see it as an emergency but sometimes it’s hard for me to be the one who has to look up directions and read them off coherently and not get distracted switching between windows on my phone. He has no issues with this, and I don’t think he really understands that I do– but I also think he just somehow doesn’t constantly know how charged his phone is??? I didn’t know it was possible to not have any idea. I mean, sometimes it changes and you lose track but I just– am always watching? if I’m using it? I let it get down to 30% without worrying yesterday because I knew I was going to come and plug it in tonight. Here I sit, woken up by the cold at 4:30, blithely using my laptop with a light on like some sort of civilized person, cuddling the charger because it’s warm and I feel much better now. It’s a miracle of technology!
Man… I woke up queasy, came in to the house to find that both the vegetable manager and my sister spent the night throwing up. Of course, farmbaby is cured, bright-eyed and chipper and chatty after a great night’s sleep. I’m gonna try to work, I haven’t thrown up yet and there’s a chance my stomach’s just upset from a really violent coughing fit, but that *was* 2 hours ago and I’m still afraid to move too quickly.
Tater: Is your girlfriend bringing food?
Jack: I'm gay
Tater: Is your boyfriend bringing food?

Spacelatinxs Week | Day 1: Favorite Character

“He taught me so much about politics, leadership, and war, but above all he taught me that no price is too great to pay for our ideals. Bail Organa was willing to die if that meant the Empire would fall. He believed in the New Republic we have been able to create, and in the promise of fair, equal government for everyone under the law.” - Leia Organa (Bloodline)
I survived chicken processing and did not get violently sick. I had a few bad coughing fits but never while wielding knives or handling food.

We were down our two fastest eviscerators, and still managed to do ok. I’m not fast, so my exceptional lassitude was no great loss; also, I did odd jobs and MVP’d setup and so on. I took over Sister’s duty of monitoring the chilling process– you pick a bird an hour, mark it with a ziptie or something, and haul it back out of the chill tanks every hour to verify that it’s getting down to temp in a prompt enough fashion. I think you have two hours to get them down to 40, and that’s the number we were hitting, so, go us. Fishing a particular chicken carcass out of a 100-gallon stock tank full of water, ice, and dead chickens is, however, my least favorite sport. I was freezing, and couldn’t stop shivering for an hour, which made it pretty obvious that I really wasn’t well. 

Poor Sister slept on the couch, then managed to get up the strength to reheat lunch (”I cooked this before I was sick, you guys,” she said). Veg Manager, we saw walking past at one point, and at lunch he laughed and said he’d gone out to the greenhouse to water the seedlings, but when he got out there he was so exhausted he had to just sit there for a while. He’d never really appreciated what hard work it is to water the seedlings. It took him forever and he had to sit down three times. So he came back and went back to bed. He did manage to eat lunch, and so did Sister– not a lot, but some food anyway. 

I did not, and neither did Brother-in-Law. He maintains he must not really be sick, but he had no appetite, and half-heartedly picked at a postage-stamp sized piece of meat at lunch. I ate a handful of tortilla chips and then was done. I knew B-i-L was really suffering, though, when he hesitated over the cookies. He never misses a chance to eat cookies. (He did eventually have one, but it took a while. I ate one too but did not really enjoy it, which is a sign for me to stop eating.)

I’m still not really sick but I begged off packaging– or, well, I went out and did all the setup for packaging, but then I left once Assistant Livestock Manager got back from taking care of the still-living animals and thus there was someone there who knew what was up. 

I keep having the most racking coughing fits, though. I took a handful of ibuprofen at lunch, and that’s knocked down the headache a little, and the joint aches somewhat, but I am still kind of a wreck. 

Poor Sister is dragging around trying to get things done. She’s not moving very fast. Most importantly, though, her shadow, the dog, who loves her So Much, is sticking to her like a burr, following her everywhere she goes anxiously. She’s such a Good Dog. She does this even when Sister isn’t sick, but more so when she is. 

This is the first chicken processing since I wrote the story where they did it, so I was kind of double-checking myself. I mean, I didn’t make any mistakes, but if I described everything right. 

I don’t know, in hindsight, whether I described the texture of intestines in an unsettling enough manner. They’re really, really unsettling, y’all.

Fortunately I’ve been doing this so long none of it struck me as nauseating. 

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I also have another, much larger portable charger, also by Anker, that gives about 6 phone charges and has multiple USB charging ports. Hehehe I never considered myself unusually obsessive about my phone battery before - I just assumed this was what everybody did…


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“csevet replied to your post “csevet replied to your post “Got my…”

I recommend a portable charger to help with phone battery stress - I have a lipstick-sized one by Anker which gives a bit more than one full battery’s worth. It’s another thing to carry but that doesn’t bother me because I carry asthma inhalers and stuff anyway so I always have a biggish bag.

I have toyed with getting one of those for ages, but most of the time, when it strikes me to be obsessive, I have an outlet nearby. The only time it’s been a big stressor is when in the yurt, I would always be obsessively trying to find places to plug in before I went out for the night, and I kept thinking, I should get one of those battery pack things– but I didn’t, and I don’t need it now. I still might, they’re so cheap now, but I also worry that I’d then develop some sort of obsessive worry about ensuring that the battery bank was fully charged? ??? ??? I can see myself doing that. 

I wanted to get one that could power my laptop but that seems to be like, some next-level shit– it goes up in price A LOT and the reviews are all over the place. 

The other thing I’m weird about is that it’s, like, the end of the world to have to move a charging cable. I like to plug them in and leave them, it’s a huge ordeal for some reason for me to move one, say, from the living room to the sunporch if I’m going out there to sit, or if I’m going to spend time in the bedroom– if my laptop battery isn’t charged and i’d have to move the charger, it’s somehow An Unsolvable Situation and I’ll wind up sitting somewhere I don’t want to be just because that’s where the power charger is. That, I can’t explain, but The Struggle is Real; my brain really seems to think that moving a power charger is The Worst Fate. And I’ll get, like, upset if my dude does it– like, instead of asking me for the charger, he’ll go unplug his from wherever it is and plug it in next to mine. I mostly manage to keep my mouth shut and not let on how much that, inexplicably, Bugs Me, because I am aware that there is literally no reason for that to bug me in any way at all. (Unless you want to try to delve deep and unpack whether it’s maybe my feelings of inadequacy that if I can’t provide convenience with my generosity then I’m no good as a human, or something? I mean, I’m not gonna lie, feeling the absolute requirement to do people favors is something that I cannot overcome sometimes, but I don’t know if I can really extend it to power cords. For better or worse, I’m often not at all accomodating to my dear and long-suffering dude, who really deserves better, but instead throw myself into fits trying to be sweet to relative strangers. It’s a bummer. I give up trying to figure out what my deal is with power cords.)

csevet replied to your post “csevet replied to your post “csevet replied to your post “Got my…”

oh my god, yes, thats EXACTLY what SO does??? we’ll be sitting on the couch playing on our phones as millenials will do, and he’ll be like, oh, i guess i should plug in, it’s at three percent, and im like YOU HAVE BEEN HOME FOR FIVE HOURS???? WHY. (on ‘it’s not ocd’, there is a thing called obsessive compulsive tendencies, which my brother has, and jokes that it’s because Nothing I Do Is Ever Disordered, Thanks.

LOL that’s probably what my deal is, then. I am often moved by compulsions that I know are irrational and unnecessary, and so I can fairly easily disregard them, so clearly it’s not actually OCD; I was taught that any of that stuff only counts as a disorder if it impairs your daily life.

 I dunno, i feel some of it pretty fiercely, but the only thing that keeps me from living the life I want is what I’m assuming is ADHD. That shit can die in a fire. 



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