May. 5th, 2017

Indulge me, for just a moment, as I pass on the most hilarious thread I saw on Twitter today. Link here.

Pros: can fit up to fifteen congressmen at the same time

And I chuckled, but then, I clicked to look at the replies, and I urge you to do the same.



I’ll cut and give you a few more but I urge you, if you are super super upset, to go and read the replies and just… have a good laugh.

Because either the GOP is trying to kill/bankrupt/destroy a staggering percentage of Americans, including most everyone I care about… or this entire thing was just political theater, and they think it’s totally trivial fun to joke about condemning millions of Americans to horrible, preventable fates, just for entertainment and scoring some kind of points. 

So either way, I feel like laughing at the idea of cutting their fucking heads off is completely justified, and also cathartic. 

Cons: can only fit up to fifteen congressmen at a time. Pros: the rest get to watch.

haha ha ha ha… sigh… ahhh…. yep. Good times. 
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I just…”

(Otsego, Delaware, Allegany, Ulster, Westchester)

Man I hated Westchester. Did I not give it a fair shot, or is it really a hellhole? The terrain would be gorgeous if it weren’t so… suburbanized, but as it is, it means you can’t get anywhere from anywhere else, and the tiny little roads are all crowded with self-important morons in Lexuses and there’s just nowhere to park. Also their snow removal was terrible. The highlight of my year in Westchester was the mockingbird that lived in the pine tree across the street and impersonated car alarms. “Weeoo weeoo weeoo weeoo chook chook chook chook chook! Oo! Ee! Oo! Ee! HRNK HRNK HRNK HRNK!” Freaking adorable. Let’s not discuss how it learned that call though.

I’m just gonna insert this gif, which I stole from here, for any readers who may be wondering what all these lists of names are. New York State is a big fuckin’ state. It’s not the biggest, but it’s not small, and there’s a lot going on in this bitch, some beautiful fuckin’ terrain I tell you what, some history and some culture and some idiots. Also, note that I could not have chosen more poorly which two counties to drive back and forth between (Erie and Rensselaer. Hint: look way left, then look way right. Yeah. For scale, that’s 300 miles/ 480 km.)

Related: When Hillary Clinton came here and ran for Senator, someone made a quiz for her, to see if she could get Oswego, Otsego, Otisco, Owasco, and Otego all correct, and she actually did, because she fucking studied, so, kudos. (I bet you Trump couldn’t identify any of those, and he’s lived in NYC his whole life! You think he’s ever even been to the rest of the state? I strongly doubt it!)

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I’ve lived in Oswego, St. Lawrence, Cortland, and Tompkins counties…whenever I see someone else online who is like “No, not the City” I want to high five them and share some Hoffman’s hot dogs. :)

ohhh hot dogs though!!! What a regional thing hotdogs still are!!! I used to work at the Buffalo airport and it was a running joke that the security screeners could tell if you were from Buffalo or if you’d driven in from Rochester because they could tell the difference on the X-Ray between what a pack of frozen Sahlen’s looked like and a pack of frozen Zweigel’s! 

And I gotta say, when i was in the ROC I did not appreciate Zweigel’s the way I ought to have. But after about a week in Buffalo (and I’ve been here now for like fifteen, mostly full-time), I have become a ride-or-die Sahlen’s eater. I mean you cannot fuck with the Sahlen’s dog. However, on a garbage plate, I concede the superior utility of the white hot.

I had a sister in Tompkins and a sister in Cortland for many years. (One went to Cornell, so.) And actually– we had an ancestor in the Civil War who fought in the Tompkins County regiment, Mom has some documentation and artifacts from him– he was a woodcarver and we have a really intricate interlinked puzzle thing he carved while on campaign. So I guess we have kin out there, but I think nobody still living in the direct line. Anyhoo. Lovely area but I swear the directions to Ithaca get you off the highway and send you on a bunch of little winding roads and at one point I swear you have to drive through someone’s driveway to get there, so it’s such a shock to come down that hill and suddenly see this massive (relatively) city spread out in front of you. 

St Lawrence must be really pretty, though. I’ve never been up there. 

I love the city, I really do, but it’s a different world. I’m so proud to be affiliated with it, really I am, I’m so glad our state has that counterbalance; it enables a lot of our cultural exchange, contributes a whole lot to our economy etc., is where nearly half our electoral votes come from– nearly half, though, guys! More New Yorkers live not in the City than in it! My dad’s family are all from down there (Queens, but Brooklyn ancestrally). But sweet Christ, I’m not from New York City, I live really really far away from it, and its concerns are largely not mine. I’m glad it’s there, but it’s way over there. I’d love to visit it again but again, it’s way over there. I’m much closer to Toronto, and indeed visit it much more frequently. 
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It’s just so weird for me to try to get my head round the fact that your state is almost twice the size of my country (which I think of as quite large and varied in topography) and has about 4 times the population of Scotland.

oh yes, I spent a year in Scotland and a recurring feature of conversations was just trying to explain how fucking enormous the US is. Also like. The concept of states. Like, I know it’s a running joke that the US is enormous. But that’s because it’s like 50 countries, conceptually. (I’d say Rhode Island doesn’t count but come on, Luxembourg?? RI’s bigger and has nearly twice the population. I literally don’t know whether I’ve been there or not, I’m not sure I’d have noticed.)

So like. If the whole country were the size of just NY State, then like, I mean, if I were “from New York” in that case, it would be reasonable to assume I was from either the city or just outside it, because in that crowded a country it’s not like the name would be applied very far afield. if you imagine the US being the size of NY State, I mean, there’d be no room for anything because you’d have to have Chicago and LA wedged in there somewhere, plus like, Mt Rushmore or whatever, but. 

Anyway.  I did a lot of impromptu map-drawing during that year, where I was like, okay, listen, like, basically I had to drive the distance between Glasgow and Edinburgh just to go grocery shopping, guys, distance is different where I come from. (OK not quite but it is not unusual to have to drive 30 miles each way for an errand. Annoying, but not unusual.)

At the end of the year one of my friends was like “oh I’m doing a gap year, I’ll be in Canada next year, maybe we can meet up?” and when I found out she was going to be in Vancouver I laughed really hard and informed her that we were actually closer, right now, in eastern Scotland, to my house, at that moment, than Vancouver was.


One of my favourite things in Star Wars fashion is the stripey bits on jackets.

Everyones got them.

Even in the cartoons.

I want a jacket with stripey bits on it. I’d forever be running my hands over my arms.

It looks like you’d feel a very satisfying kind of “tthhhhhrrrrrppppp.”

I’ve actually sort of been idly working out how to make that trim, because I have a fur-trimmed-hood parka in navy blue satin that looks almost like Cassian’s parka, and it’s got a busted zipper so I don’t want to try to donate it anywhere, I want to take it apart and make myself a Cassian parka. 

It’s slightly too small for me, but if I took it apart and expanded it by putting panels of that trim on, it would work.

So anyway– it looks like that trim could be made with a heavy panel of fabric accordion-pleated and sewed down at the sides to some coordinating piping. And I bet it would be really satisfying to run your hands along. 

I wonder if there’s any in-universe explanation for the prevalence of that sort of trim, or what? Does it mean something? Does it serve some function in-universe? (Like… being the sort of thing door sensors pick up on, and so serving to make the wearer more likely not to have a door slam in their face, or something, I’m just randomly guessing here.) Or is it based on some old-fashioned textile production technique that used to be common? Or is it just a fashion element kind of like how jeans always have yellow topstitching and flat-felled seams and are blue, even though the reasons for those originally-functional design choices are long gone?

Anyway. I don’t know how to pleat like that but I bet I could figure it out. 
Back to politics for a moment– and consider this, either yesterday’s vote was a genuine expression of the fact that 216? 217? members of the House of Representatives believe their own constituents should not have healthcare unless they’re both wealthy and well, strongly enough that they don’t care about the math of it all, OR it was meaningless political theater just to– apparently– appeal to voters by expressing profound contempt for any human life that’s not, again, already wealthy and well– however you slice it, these are not the actions of politicians who sincerely want to serve their constituents. It’s unnervingly like they aren’t worried they’ll ever face free and open elections again?
Especially those guy, who represents the district where I work. He just openly doesn’t care. What golden parachute does he have lined up??? How can he be so flagrantly and publicly disinterested in doing his fucking job???

“Thank you for your time. I look forward to supporting your opposition in the next election.”

I’m done. I’m so fucking done pretending these people give a shit about my life or the lives of people like me.

I signed off my postcard to Chris Collins (NY-27)’s DC office with “Step on a Lego”, but I’d collected myself a bit by the time I wrote the second postcard, to his local office, so I just told him that I hoped whatever golden parachute he was so smugly sure he’d set himself up with failed to deploy. 

Because he obviously isn’t planning on running for this office again, or if he is, doesn’t expect a real election. If I did my job as badly as he was doing his, not only would they fire my ass immediately, they’d probably also drag me out back and shoot me for being so offensively incompetent.

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donate to a challenger for 2018.and then tweet/write/call and tell him that you did it.(twitter has the advantage of scaring the senate before they vote)                

On the one hand, yes! This is a good approach, in general, and I do recommend it. There is a very active local Resistance, and given the local gerrymandering that means the city center is in a D district, we’ve got attention to spare for both major suburban directions, which are two of NY’s reddest districts. (They very neatly carved the population center out, so that NY-26 is extremely blue, and 27 and 23 are basically devoid of human life. Seriously look at the map. At the extreme west end, 27 basically hooks around and there’s a little divot bitten out of it to be NY-26, which is the population center of NY’s second-largest city and the former northern terminus of a major branch of the Underground Railroad. [What I’m saying is, enormously strong, long-established, very segregated old African-American community.]) So there’s no shortage of a coordinated local effort to get out the vote and defeat this asshat in our neighboring district. I’m into it! I can and will do more than I am now, but I’m into it!

On the other hand, my Senators have both vocally spoken against the bill– this is New York, they’re Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. So– I’m not so worried about my Senators. 

I do plan on personally seeing this asshole in hell though. I hadn’t realized, but when I first moved out here, the county legislator was in the midst of enacting some truly punishing and draconian cutbacks in the local government– selling off the city’s parks, shutting down all the libraries and DMVs, just to punish voters for not voting up some initiative or other, and it was really transparent, and I didn’t know much but I was like christ that guy will never work again, and I stopped paying attention because it was 2006 and we didn’t pay attention to shit like that. 

But no! Guess who it was? This asshole. I will see him in hell. His entire schtick is the most punitive, human-hating brand of for-TV GOP assholery, and my only question is, how has this worked for him for so long? 

Well, it’s time to end it. 

Indigenous women hope to trademark textiles to fight intellectual property theft

Guatemala is recognized throughout the world for the quality of its intricately handwoven textiles. Maya women have used them to make huipiles that, over hundreds of years, have come to represent an important part of their cultural identity.

The designs have become popular among contemporary designers who steal them without communicating with the Maya communities, without compensation, or respect to Maya people’s intellectual property, and use them to create appropriated “fashion accessories”. Maya women aren’t happy about that and have started a legal battle to trademark their work.

But as Correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports, it’s not just a dispute about textiles. It’s a fight for women’s and Indigenous rights.


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