May. 2nd, 2017

via replied to your post “yes my passport was actually filed away in a desk drawer like an…”

Yay for found passport!

My full passport, which I knew was somewhere in my house.
My passport card, however, suitable for crossing Canada/Mexico borders and boarding planes, was definitely stolen.
ugh so i woke up at 3:30 and haven’t been able to get back to sleep but after a couple hours of tumblrscrolling i remembered that the new martha wells joint with the murderbot in it comes out today right? it’s may 2? so I’m gonna go see what time on may 2 that joint drops because that might just save the day!!

ugh so i woke up at 3:30 and haven’t been able to get back to sleep but after a couple hours of tumblrscrolling i remembered that the new martha wells joint with the murderbot in it comes out today right? it’s may 2? so I’m gonna go see what time on may 2 that joint drops because that might just save the day!!

YESSSSSSSSSS it’s out. I couldn’t even wait to dig out my Kindle, I just read it on the computer screen. 


#1 tight POV– 1st person, unreliable narrator slightly, great great great that is my jam

#2 neuroatypical agender protag– explicitly, has no gender or sex components, is partly a robot, hates being looked at so much that another character observes that looking at it could almost serve as a punishment (nobody uses this as a punishment)

(#2A REALLY GREAT HANDLING OF BEING A ROBOT– I’d quote but the web-based kindle interface is hard to actually interact with, but protag explicitly says, you’d think being half human and half robot would mean you had these like two warring factions of self but in practice no, I’m just one confused entity that mostly all wants the same thing but isn’t sure what that is)

(#2B ALSO GREAT HANDLING OF HOW UNSOCIALIZED CYBORG GOT NORMAL HUMAN SOCIAL NORMS: addiction to TV shows. No really! Tons of use of excessive TV consumption to explain how this presumably inhuman creature would have such human ideas of how to experience emotions. That’s the kind of detail I really like.)

#3 brave and stoic protag having strong emotions and hiding them, why am I so into that

#4 “It calls itself Murderbot.” “That’s private,” I gritted out. BOUNDARIES, baby realizes its dream of getting to have and enforce BOUNDARIES, of course that would be the holy grail for a programmed cyborg

#5 SOMEONE HUGS THE MURDERBOT metaphorically anyway

I left a much more coherent review on Amazon under my dude’s name because we share an amazon login. I was the first reviewer! go me! 

There’s something I’d like to discuss with you guys – something a lot of us feel guilty for doing, but something that all of us should do – self-promotion. Specifically, I want to talk about promoting your content. 

Most of the people I follow on this site, I follow for their excellent writing, or their beautiful art, or their fantastic graphics. Tumblr, for all its flaws, is a platform that lends itself to sharing your preferred means of creative expression. I also follow people for their great taste. Tumblr lends itself very well to content curation – sharing things that you like with other people you think will like them. And no blog consists of just created content – everyone needs to curate, too. 

Therefore, it’s important both to content creators – people who make pretty stuff – and content curators – people who collect pretty stuff – to see all the good stuff you make. Now – how do you make sure your followers see that art you made or that fic you wrote or the meta you came up with or that rec list you put together – so that they can enjoy it, and share it with their followers, too?

That’s right – you promote that shit. Not all your followers are online at the same time. Any content you create needs to be shared multiple times, during different times of day. Some of your followers might not be online every day, so that means promoting it a few more times after the initial posting day. If your creative online presence goes across multiple platforms, share on all of them! That means you share the story you posted on AO3 on tumblr, and that you share the painting you posted on Tumblr on Twitter, so on, and so forth. 

Now, my point thus far has been that your followers want to see your stuff – but that’s not the only reason you should feel comfortable promoting your work. It’s your work. You made it. You spent time and energy and effort on it. You should be comfortable putting that out there. And if you’re not comfortable, it’s good fucking practice. 

I know we’ve all been told that it’s bad to want attention – especially the women and teenage girls among us – but when it comes to your professional life, especially if you intend to go down a less-than-conventional path, asking for attention is sort of a necessity. It’s how you get feedback from people who are more experienced than you; it’s how you get mentorship; it’s how you get someone to see you and give you a chance. 

So yeah – reblog your drawing or your story or your graphic or your playlist one more time. Your followers want to see. But more importantly, it’s good practice. 

Background Information

As many of you may know, the  chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed rolling back net neutrality rules. A plan was released on Thursday (April 27th 2017) and you can 

read the full 58 page proposal here. 

Note that this isn’t an actual formal proposal… yet. What FCC the FCC has filed is what’s called a “notice of proposed rulemaking,” and this basically calls for feedback from experts and the public about what the FCC should actually do when formal proposals do come. 

I should also mention that a lot of what the FCC chairman has been saying is total bullshit. If you would like to read up on the outright lies he’s saying this proposal will do I would suggest clicking here for a breakdown. 

How to Submit Feedback

Public feedback is happening in two waves. Right now you can comment on the draft proposal. Here’s the area where you can voice your displeasure (or support) with the plan officially. And here’s how you’re going to have to do that.

First, head to the link I just provided. 

Next, click on “+ Express” on the left sidebar. This will send you to a simplified submission form. If you want to send more info, like attachments and images, use the “+New Filing” option. Both shown here:

Fill out out the form and click on “Continue to review screen” when you’re finished. Review your comment, then send it off. NOTE! You will need to include a name, address, and phone number to submit this feedback - all which will be publically accessible. I repeat, it WILL be publically accessible.

The second comment cycle will be about the official proposal. This will begin after May 18th 2017 and it will be open for three months so make sure to check back.

What to Say

I know a lot of you aren’t exactly sure what to say but just keep it simple and talk about specifics when necessary. Federal agencies are legally required to consider feedback. Personal experiences are good - especially if losing net neutrality protection would threaten your small web business, for example. Throw away comments that simply read “fuck you,” or “this sucks,” is not going to hold any weight so try your best to give significant feedback. It doesn’t even have to be a lot. Even if you don’t have a small web business just bring up why you think net neutrality is important, why the newest proposal doesn’t work for you, and/or what fears you might have.

Finally, note that back in 2014 the government opened up comments on its net neutrality plans just like this and the amount of people that left feedback crashed the site. So far I’ve had no problems accessing the web page but if you do, don’t be discouraged just keep checking back. 

Lady just came in to get photos of herself digitized so she’s ready for her own funeral.
She sounds elderly but not all that elderly, pretty robust really.
“I’m just planning ahead,” she says. “This is such a good photo of me, I don’t want them using a more recent one. My hair hasn’t looked that good in years. Can you Photoshop this nicer?”
Unexpected punchline:
Apparently this is her headshot from the DMV, make of that what you will.

On the request of a few participants, I’ve extended the Three Worlds Travelers exchange sign-ups by 24 hours to give more people time to sign up.  If you’ve already signed up, you can take the opportunity to tweak your sign-ups if you want to add more information or adjust your offers :)  

Signups will now close at 11:59 PM EST on May 2.    

As matching should go pretty quickly, assignments will still be sent out on May 3.


I guess it’s a Sign and I Gotta.
I was going to complain more about my trash fire life but then I remembered I took this picture last night at the Balkan restaurant on Kenmore Ave, of my Turkish coffee at the end of a lovely meal there with excellent company (@zobar2 , my one and only dude). So, I mean, complaining is a crucial coping mechanism but it’s more effective with some variety.




Why do my interests in canning, couponing, and homesteading overlap so often with blogs with titles like ‘The Obedient Housewife’? 

Like, I’m like, “I want to learn to make soap and farm,” and suddenly I see 500 “traditional family” motherfuckers like no you are mistaken. I am just a simple lesbian anticapitalist looking to limit my consumerism as much as possible.

‘these fun crafts will keep your kids occupied until your husband gets home!’ no i want a clothespin crown for me

As a nerd who homesteads, let me share the data I have gathered!

First is my megalist of homesteading-related links I’ve gathered over the years. I’m a mod over at r/homesteading and this is where I’ve put a lot of good sources (not all, admittedly some are still sitting in my bookmark folder waiting to be added). The search function at reddit is wretched, but there’s also been lots of good things I’ve shared there too. Please note that many of these sources are not actual webpages, but PDFs. That’s not an accident, PDFs are where you find the really good in-depth stuff.

Many of my sources are from the Extension Service. They won’t try to relate to you based on your lifestyle or sexual identity or religion or whatever, but due to that, they also won’t be alienating you either.

The Cooperative Extension Service (US only) exists in all 50 states and in most counties. It is taxpayer funded. The Extension Service exists to help people become more self sufficient, for farmers to be more successful, for people to be healthier, for kids to be well adjusted, to figure out how to grow the best plants in your area, etc. Some county offices even offer cheap classes in things like gardening, canning, soap making, and they’re taught by people with training in these areas (I once heard a great talk on composting from a soil scientist that way). Do you want to know what type of plant something is? Do you need help figuring out a plant disease or pest issue? You can now contact them online and get great info.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out your state’s extension service website, because they do offer different types of information, depending on what is grown/raised where you are (and how well funded they are). My county extension puts out a monthly gardening newsletter, which includes a helpful ‘this is the time of the year to do —-’ part.

Here’s an example from North Carolina - check out that left sidebar

Here’s an example from California - this website is HUGE so dig around

Here’s an example from New York - they have a calendar at the bottom, showing how they have things like hydroponic and urban agriculture workshops coming up.

Interested in raising animals? Penn State Extension is really really good. They have tons of free materials and courses available online, some I pulled for my megalist at the top of this.

National Center for Home Food Preservation - they cover the important aspects of food safety, and also have some recipes. Many state Extension Service websites will have lots more recipes.

If you have kids, check out 4-H programs for them. It’s part of the local public school system here. If you’re homeschooling, you can also purchase their science-filled educational and self sufficiency materials (materials are divided by age ranges - Cloverbud Member: ages 5-8, Junior Member: ages 9-13, Senior Member: ages 14-19). One of my coworkers is in 4-H, she’s still in high school, and last year she raised an award-winning heifer.

Congress grants the money for funding these programs, and they’re connected with various universities. There’s a level of cutting edge scientific knowledge and academic rigor you don’t find in blogs or even most books. There’s LOTS of homesteading books filled with outdated information like ‘till the earth every year’ hell I still have older coworkers who do it and I’m trying to figure out how to gently tell them that they’re destroying their soil that way, and that there’s better methods now, methods grounded in science.

Knitting - try this youtube series

DIY Crown - here’s a youtube video on how to make a mermaid crown

Hope this is helpful to someone out there.
via replied to your post “ugh so i woke up at 3:30 and haven’t been able to get back to sleep…”

Murderbot came out?!?! MURDERBOT CAME OUT!!


playswithworms reblogged your post and added:

I have it on my Kindle and am so swamped in rl I’m afraid to start reading it because I know I’ll stay up all night and I have to stay functional at work right now. So argh!!! And EEEEE! Something to look forward to, at least :)

It’s short! It’s a really fast read! IDK how fast a reader you are but I got through it in like, an hour. It’s a novella, not a full-length novel, so it’s like– one big plot with a supporting character arc, instead of the usual introductory scenario, A plot, B plot, multi-character thing that are more typical in Wells novels. 

Actually it’s really well-done, though– the whole supporting character arc is beautifully revealed, the background for why the opening scenario even exists is really compelling and organic and all, so you have that to look forward to; I don’t mean to take anything away by telling you it’s short!

I reread it almost immediately and got through it again in less than an hour, while at work, while doing other things. It’s– it’s not that it’s a light read, there’s a lot going on, and actually I want to write all the characters’ names down so I can keep better track of them and be sure I haven’t missed anything, next time I read it– but I’m trying to save my third readthrough for when I’m on a plane next week. I probably won’t make it though.



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