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Welcome to Spacelatinxs Week Day One!

Today’s prompt is FAVORITE CHARACTER*. To participate all you have to do is create any kind of content relating to your favorite latinx character(s) in star wars, either fanart, graphics, gifs, fanfiction, etc. and tag us with either #spacelatinxs or #spacelatinxsweek so we can see it and reblog it! Have fun celebrating our favorite latinxs in space!

*It’s difficult to determine the exact ethnicity of animated characters when they haven’t been officially stated as so by lucasfilm, but we want to be as inclusive as possible for fans of all star wars content characters from Rebels and the comics who haven’t been officially confirmed as latinx will also be accepted. Characters such as: Kanan Jarrus, Ketsu Onyo, Shara Bey, Kes Dameron, etc.

**Everyone is welcome to join spacelatinxs week, not just latinx fans. However, this is an event celebrating latinx characters and fans, so your content must be about a latinx character. Also, be mindful of the kind of content you are creating. This is intended to be a safe space for the latinx fan community, so any content that creates an unsafe or uncomfortable environment will be ignored and the users potentially blocked. Thank you.
like an idiot i squandered my first day off in forever and spent it alternately sleeping, refreshing tumblr, and writing a scene that is not sequentially next in any of my WIPs and thus can’t be posted anywhere. did I unload my car? no. did I start the laundry? no. did I dig out my passport so I can go to DMV tomorrow? no. (I know it’s somewhere obvious. I just. Don’t know where.) 

Instead I wrote a scene where Kes realizes that he’s not doing as well as he thought, as a soldier. He’s good at it, but at what cost?

Kes made the hand signal for quiet and kept walking. Derck, to give him some credit, kept up, and stayed out of sight with Kes as he made his indirect way toward the emergency entrance. “What are you doing,” Derck hissed precisely once, and Kes just gave him the quiet sign again.

If there were hand signals for if I talk about my feelings I’ll start crying and then everyone will make fun of me forever, Kes would have used them. He considered what form such signs would take. Nothing good.
I am currently an Acceptable lounging spot but only bc Z is out of the house.
Still, I guess she forgives me for leaving her. Grudgingly.

replied to your post “seriously folx gimmie some quick doodle requests i promise they’ll be…”

German Shepherd K2 and a bemused Bodhi? or a fondly-indulgent Cassian? or something Parka-related?

sorry this took LITERALLY TWELVE HOURS but i suddenly had to leave all wifi and civilization in general

this is what happens when you borrow your boyfriend’s parka, bodhi. kaytoo decides you are His Now.


also how had it not occurred to me that at some point of course bodhi was going to be underdressed and cassian was going to put his parka on him and the story’s all bodhi’s pov so he’s not going to understand, but cassian is going to be Overwhelmed at how adorable Bodhi looks in his parka.

K2 knows fine well that’s Bodhi in the parka, but he also likes to Be Involved. 
My time has come!

Okay, I have a headcanon post about Breha here, as well as Alderaanian culture headcanons here and some very important information about Breha’s punning style here.

I’ve also got a fic about Breha and Bail as an asexual couple here.

Now that all the linking’s out of the way, here are some other thoughts.

In the supposed debate between nature and nurture, I tend to come down more on the nurture side, and in that regard I think Leia takes after her mother pretty strongly.

Breha is known for both her compassion and her devastating wit. She’s an accomplished debater, and she takes a hands on interest in every aspect of Alderaanian politics.

She always encourages that interest in her daughter: she brings Leia with her to everything, from state visits with foreign dignitaries to trips to dairy farms and nerf pastures. Leia watches the way her mother talks to people: the openness and genuine interest in her conversations with mountain herders, the closed off, careful mask she puts on for every meeting with an Imperial Moff.

When Leia is seven, she sneaks into one of the Queen’s top secret briefings, and later that night she asks her parents, “Mama, Papa, are we Rebels?”

Bail is terrified. How had she found out? Were they putting her in too much danger? And if she’d overheard something, was it possible others had, too?

But Breha hesitates only a moment before telling Leia, “Yes. We are.”

In a galaxy where the Empire poses an imminent threat to everyone, ignorance will not protect their daughter, she tells Bail later. Leia is already very aware of the political realities of the Empire, and she’d seen enough to ask the question. She deserves an answer, and Breha isn’t going to lie to her. The only sure protection will be the liberation of the galaxy.

Growing up, Leia sees more of her mother than her father. Bail is away on Coruscant with the Imperial Senate for about half the year, but Breha, as the ruling Queen of Alderaan, is based in the palace in Aldera. She travels frequently, though, and almost always takes Leia with her.

And she receives frequent visitors at the palace, too. In particular representatives of the Imperial government. When the system of regional governors is first introduced, Alderaan is one of the first worlds they visit. Breha entertains the newly appointed Governor Tarkin with a steely grace and cleverly disguised disdain - something Leia recognizes instantly but Tarkin doesn’t seem to pick up on at all.

As a child Leia thinks her mama is invincible. She can lie to Moff Tarkin’s face and never lose her smile. She can use her words as weapons and her silences as a shield.

When Leia follows her father’s footsteps to the Imperial Senate, it’s her mother’s cool, sarcastic, fearlessly direct approach she takes as a model.
yes my passport was actually filed away in a desk drawer like an organized and sensible person would do, and it was the desk drawer my dude said it’d be in.

his was in there too. with his passport card tucked in it. ‘why don’t u carry that in your wallet?’ i asked, shocked. 

‘because i don’t commute to toronto anymore,’ he answered, ‘so i don’t need to carry it’. 

why was i carrying mine to Troy? because i carry mine everywhere. fucking. wallet-stealing sons of bitches. i don’t even care about the money, i just want my fucking passport card back. 

i’m not getting it, though, so. at least i have my full passport, and i can use that when i fly at the end of the week. i won’t have my credit cards in time, i wasn’t able to prove who i was to the bank so i had to wait until i got back out here to ask for replacements.

oh have i mentioned? i’m flying to georgia on sunday to help my sister move. with no credit cards and no drivers license. oy. 

also i don’t have an actual physical wallet but i’m sure i can figure that out. 
so my dude got a cold a couple months back. he decided to combat this by beginning to take all the multivitamins we have in the house. he has kept this up. one a day, morning and night, faithfully. i hear the bottles rattle. this is fine. one-a-day, vitamin b, fish oil, vitamin d. good.

today he comes into the living room with a bottle of ibuprofen. “i’ve been taking one of these a day because i thought this was a multivitamin,” he says.

“it’s what it says on the bottle,” I answer.

“but the pills are the same color as the one-a-day,” he counters.

“yeah but it’s what it says on the bottle,” i say. One ibuprofen a day. I know aspirin like that is good for you but I don’t know what ibuprofen does for you in low doses on the long-term. Nothing, probably. 

“I didn’t say I was paying attention,” he said. 

strong girl gifset %)
via replied to your post “so my dude got a cold a couple months back. he decided to combat this…”

At only one a day I doubt he did any lasting damage. High dose usage can apparently cause bleeding in the digestive tract, but you’d probably see symptoms of that.

Yeah. I’ve used a lot of ibuprofen in my life. My usage has gone way down since I stopped doing roller derby, but before that, I was an intermittent heavy user. And i know it hurts your stomach at high doses. You’d feel that before anything else!

Of all things to take by accident, it’s pretty innocuous. But silly. C’mon bro. He just assumed we had two bottles of the multivitamin, and one of them was in a clear bottle. Multivitamins come in opaque or colored bottles because some of the ingredients degrade in the light, but I guess he didn’t know that. 
sitting in the back room at the camera store. a customer just walked in, out front, and said to the manager, “Let’s make a deal!”

The manager, who is hilarious, said, in a low, defeated voice, “No.”
UNLESS THE TROY PD FILL THE FORM OUT WRONG AND THEN LIE TO YOU WHEN YOU CALL THEM ON IT!!! I waited 35 min for this form, and finally got it and was like, but my license was stolen not confiscated? And the desk sergeant said oh, it doesn’t matter, they’re the same. I said but there’s a “stolen” checkmark right there? And that would be accurate? He said no, it’s the same. I said, are you really sure? But he was getting annoyed so, after confirming three times, I left. GUESS WHAT, DMV won’t take the form if it doesn’t say “stolen”, so the Troy PD desk sergeant LIED to me!
So, long story short, I had to pay the fee this was supposed to waive, plus I sat there unnecessarily for an hour at the DMV when I could have done it online, plus now I’m flat broke because my wallet got stolen and that was the last of my emergency cash, so… happy Monday! Thanks NYS DMV and Troy PD!
In the stills, you can see that Donnie is often not fully applying the technique. Doing so could seriously injure the stuntmen.
This dude is getting the same treatment, but fully leveraged.
Chirrut points his human shield where he needs it to go...
Japanese martial art demo: a three-foot stick to the throat.

How to kill four stormtroopers using just a stick.

There are a lot of things in Star Wars that don’t make sense. We all know they don’t make sense. Chirrut’s seemingly superhuman ability to clobber stormtroopers with a stick is, I’m happy to say, not one of those things.

Keep reading

What the hell? You have to pay?

Yup! Apparently the form as filled-out serves absolutely no purpose to the Department of Motor Vehicles. No recourse, no appeal. She said “go back to the cops and get it filled out right” and I said “you know Troy is 300 miles away right” and she was like “bummer”. That’s it. No appeal, no nothing! I’m out eighteen bucks, which is like… well, given that I had twenty bucks to last me the week, is a lot!

Fuckers. I’m just. So angry! I’d be mad at myself if I’d just taken the form and said huh and ignored that it was filled out wrong, but I pointed it out instantly. There are a bunch of ticky boxes and you checked the wrong one, sir, this isn’t accurate.

Fuck you, Troy PD! Fuck you.

Also, I gave you an open-and-shut case, including video footage and multiple witnesses, and you instantly got the guy’s name and home address, and failed to either arrest him or you know, ask him where he ditched the rest of my property apart from the credit cards he was fraudulently using.

I could probably go and find him faster than they could. Fucking… whatever, guys, even if it’s a minor case I figured it’d be good for your stats or something! Christ. 

Did I link to the story my sister instantly found about the cop who took my report? That was like, his first day back on the job after being suspended for drunkenly driving into the back of a police van with its lights on in a neighboring town. 

I guess that should have clued me in, but I just– didn’t expect a cop to straight-up lie about something that literally did not matter to him and was the difference between me being able to use the form or not. 
Someone: "I'm so tired of stories about XYZ Thing, it's played out and shitty."
Me: They're not talking about you. They don't know anything about your story and XYZ Thing is really only a tiny part of it, anyway. Don't get discouraged.
Also Me: My story is played out and shitty.
via replied to your post “so my dude got a cold a couple months back. he decided to combat this…”

i take two ibuprofen a day for chronic pain as prescribed by my rheumatologist so he’s probably good

<3 I appreciate the reassurance. It’s not like it does him any good but I figured it can’t have done him any harm either.

The funniest part is I heard the bottle and was like, that totally sounds like an ibuprofen bottle, and i knew it was on the kitchen shelf next to the vitamins, but I was like, he’s not illiterate, I won’t insult him by asking if he’s gotten them confused, that’d be patronizing.

I shouldn’t ignore my instincts like that.



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