Apr. 30th, 2017

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Biggest Nope I’ve Seen To Date

“Did you just catch that?”

I like that the batter actually looks impressed

I see this come across my dash one every three months or so and it still amazes me.

Sad commentary: the pitcher in this gif, whose smile was as legendary as his general good-heartedness and enthusiasm, was José Fernandez, a Cuban refugee and rapidly rising star who was killed in a boating accident last year, aged 24. :( 
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what’s fascinating about cassian is that he embodies that type of storytelling element of being an intelligence agent, who often has to make those really hard calls. that’s what spies do. spies are on their own, in the field, without support, and occasionally they’ll be pushed into that corner where they have to make these grim choices. —pablo hidalgo
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made it the 300 miles back to my house without incident yesterday. oh i forgot, on the trip eastward last week I used the notes app on my phone and the microphone to keep a bird log of all the cool birds I saw on my trip, but I forgot about it because of course, I instantly lost my wallet and that eclipsed it. But I have somewhere on my phone a bird log from my eastbound trip. yesterday’s westbound trip had little notable by way of bird life, though a great blue heron crossed the road at the Montezuma Bird Sanctuary flying pretty low, which was keen, and I saw like, a zillion turkey vultures again, including some pretty low-flying ones by that bend in the Mohawk River that I keep meaning to look up. Here’s how these posts wind up taking me all morning to write: I’m going to go look up that spot because it’s so cool and I drive past it and have no idea what I’m looking at. There’s a big mountain that comes right up  next to the road, and then the road is in the flat spot right next to the bend in the river, and there’s a bit that’s maybe a landfill? and then there’s train tracks right on the other side of the river. 

Ugh I can’t find it. It’s got to be somewhere along Amsterdam-Little Falls - Herkimer. I know it’s before Frankfort/Ilion. Those views, by the way– coming eastbound, there’s a long gradual downhill slope as you’re heading toward Frankfort and I think that’s just the most gorgeous view, and you can’t really see it because you’re driving, but I used to be really zoned out when I was an undergrad driving back from Rochester and I’d always notice that view anyway. 

There’s a great stretch of the Thruway that runs right along the Mohawk River for that entire corridor, and it’s ravishingly beautiful. I know the Northway, I-87 north of Saratoga, is more beautiful, but that’s not my commute, and I think the Mohawk is beautiful. That’s my mother’s home country, out that way, and I’ve only ever driven past, but I love it. 

Anyway. It’s cold and bucketing rain here but through the rain-streaked window I can see that my lone lilac bush is starting to bloom, and the bulbs in my yard are all blooming, and Dude wants to call a landscaper and have it all ripped out, and I can’t understand why but I also barely live here, so. Whatever, man. 
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ugh i have like fifteen fics open in tabs that i intended to read and at *least* kudos if not review properly, and I have to unload my car and it’s pouring rain, and it’s dark and cold and raining, and there’s no justice in this world, wahh, I have so much laundry to do etcetera. 

All I want to do is write about Baby Poe.

Baby snuffled and made one of those great little kinda-grunting noises that babies made, and Sento paused to kiss him on the head. His head smelled perfect, of course, like baby, and Sento told him so. He didn’t have much of a singing voice; people always went on and on about singing to babies, but Sento had found that just talking worked fine. Sometimes he hummed, but it was always kinda tuneless. 

[…] Sento had been just going along on faith that Shara knew what she was about, and he was going to keep doing that. Meanwhile, there was a baby here to raise, and that was something he knew how to do.

He was a beautiful baby, was the thing. Sento’s memories of this time with Shara were a little fuzzy by now, but he remembered her being funnier-looking than this, right off the bat. But this baby was pretty cute already, and it wasn’t just his grandpa-glasses making him see it that way– everyone said so. Sento told the child this, again, as he’d told him many times already.

“There’s an art to growing up cute, though,” Sento went on, rounding the corner of the hallway. He knew all the hallways around here now, knew nobody was ever around so it was fine for him to do his slow, shuffling walks while telling the baby all kinds of things. “You’re going to have to learn that art. I was pretty cute as a kid, but your mother, now– she started out funny-looking but she was real damn cute by about four months. When she started smiling at people, that was it, she was real cute from then on, and that’s lasted her whole life, you know? She’s pretty, and you’re gonna be pretty too, and you’re gonna have to figure out what to do about that. But don’t worry, baby child, I’m gonna be here to give you advice, and my advice seems to have worked for your pretty mama, so it’ll work for you too.”
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i’ve been rereading home out in the wind again and having Finn Feels. i think bb8 would absolutely take on the Important Responsibility of teaching this kid to dance

(send me five minute doodle requests)
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Lilac is evil and tries to kill me. Maybe it tries to kill him?

Our lilac tree is a normal amount of inanimate and has never attempted to harm anyone in its life! How can a lilac bush try to kill someone? It certainly has never attempted to kill my dude. All it has ever done is grow slowly and occasionally get nice-smelling flowers on it. It’s descended from a sprig of the one by the house I grew up in. 
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Riz Ahmed photographed by Rozette Rago for TimeOut Los Angeles.
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I’m daphnele and magickedteacup @ tumblr. I’ve been working for over a decade on a novel about lgbtq animators (and fairy tale magic) in the 1930’s. The novel has gone over 7 or 8 different iterations, with some literary agents showing interest in what they’ve seen, but has yet to be published. I want to take another crack at publication, but for that, I’d like a “test screening” of the current manuscript, and I would like your help! 

The premise is this: “Michael Matveyev and Evan Sennet meet on the train to Los Angeles, California, and almost immediately… there’s something there. Romance, probably. Romance between two young men who have been hired at an internationally renowned animation studio, and also this magical stuff keeps following them around. Witches. Princesses. Flowering kinds of apparitions. It’s a story about art as work, and art as self-expression. It’s also a relationship story, and about navigating mental health and neurodiversity issues in a long-term relationship.”

I’d really like to get reader opinions on the novel to gauge for interest and readability of the novel. At the moment, the novel is complete at 70,000 words. @chocotaur has kindly offered to help me to advertise as I tentatively seek out new readers who might be interested. 

The first chapter can be found here : http://ift.tt/2oNkFNe
You can contact me at magickedteacup at gmail dot com if interested. Thanks so much for your time and help! C:

Chocotaur is helping me to reach a wider audience than I would on my own 💖✨; and also I’ll reblog here!
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