Apr. 28th, 2017

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Yeah, I figured you weren’t crazy and had a good idea of the probable flood zones. But I also run into a disturbing share of people who don’t get that the water always wins. Sooooo… I figured say something just in case.I think Irene was the one that flooded my parents’ house. Whichever it was, it was on the order of a 500 or 1000 year flood. The little stream in the back yard went from 6" deep and well behaved to nearly 15 feet deep. Even Hurricane Agnes didn’t do that. Hell, Hershey Park Drive flooded. (I am really most sincerely glad I wasn’t home for THAT nonsense)Shade good. Not having tractors blocking your door good. And I’m glad you’ve got energy for yurt maintenance!

Oh man I just re-watched that video and realized you can’t tell at all that there’s a six-foot drop down to that stream, and the other bank doesn’t rise so sharply, so a flood would go that direction and fill the lower area of the gully. Your concern is totally understandable; my phone camera’s lens totally flattens the perspective so you can’t at all tell, it looks like the stream’s right there! I hadn’t really looked at the video on a computer screen so it didn’t occur to me how differently the lens showed the scene than an in-person eye would. 

Irene was super awful for the inland parts of the Northeast; Sandy fucked New York City so it got all the press, and sure, deserved so much press, though I’ll never get over the creeping horrors it gave me to watch that video of the water coming in the elevator doors of a PATH station in Jersey City I used to frequent– holy shit nightmare fuel– but Irene was truly devastating to a lot of areas that had literally never taken hurricane damage in living memory. 

I did manage to get the platform back together last night with help from not one but two sisters. We came inside and spent a little while being sad that other people don’t have families like ours. We’re not special, we just all like each other and have our lives together just enough that we can be there for each other. It seems like such a bare minimum, and it’s so far out of reach for so many people apparently, and so we felt sad. (For example, Farmsister’s husband’s family is well-intentioned enough, but not a one of them would go out of their way to put him out if he were on fire, for all he’s possibly the most earnestly good human currently on this planet.)

I also realized that the earlier video of the boar also did not at all show how big he is despite that being the whole point of the video. I even know how camera lenses work, and I didn’t realize. PB’s torso is about six feet long and you can’t tell that at all. I figured my hand touching his face would give perspective, but you can’t really even tell– his head’s longer than my forearm, that wiggly snoot of his is bigger than my palm. He’s gotta be 700 pounds, he’s the size of a small horse, and you can’t tell at all. Next time I’ll get a shot of Assistant Livestock Manager with him, she was in there talking to him like he was a person and she could reason with him about his waterer, it was so funny.
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I would have aced biology if the teachers all taught the course like the narrator

It’s like a rainbow…of ugly.


*Calmly* “Here, the angler fish compares its camouflaging skills to that of a flounder, also a master–”

*Not so calmly* “HOLY CRAP, did you– what the FU–?!?!”

Here is a full playlist of all 25 “True Facts about x” videos Ze Frank has ever made. They’re all just as fantastic as this one. You’re welcome.
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Today’s culinary adventure: pork skin into pork rinds! (at Laughing Earth)
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Cover our backs!
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Backlit blanket stitch. I cut the neck out of my sister’s t-shirt to use the band to lengthen the too-small hood on her daughter’s Rainbow Dash hoodie, which would probably be a more interesting photograph but I felt artistic. Finishing the new, lower neckline of the t-shirt is the last step after doing a zillion things to the hoodie.



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