Apr. 21st, 2017

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I don’t really understand how challenges and themed weeks and stuff work, I just don’t. I accept this about myself: I don’t understand. I’m bad at community-building, I don’t do prompts properly, I can’t figure out how the fuck to follow basic directions. I can’t even manage Yuletide; every year I look at it and read the guidelines and find a breakdown post to explain it, and then rub my eyes and shut the window and move on, because I just

I don’t get it. I don’t. I’m missing some part of it somehow and I don’t fucking understand it.

(The main problem with Yuletide, I think, is that it assumes that everyone is a fan of a lot of things. Listen. Listen. I’ve read twelve books in my entire life and ten of them were for school. I have watched one (1) television show in my life and average two (2) movies per annum. I don’t know what the fuck any of those fandoms are. Most of Tumblr is an incomprehensible mass to me. By the way, if I follow you and you post gifsets from TV shows and don’t tag what TV show they’re from, fuck you, that’s mean, but I’m not going to call you individually on it because guess what, it’s all of you. I have no idea what’s going on and that’s okay, I’m basically a giant golden retriever anyway. I kind of galumph through my dashboard PostBlocking things and breaking shit with my wagging tail. I have written in five fandoms total in my life and that is because those are literally the only media properties I can reliably identify.)

Anyway. Anyway. 

I wanted to participate in Bodhi Rook Week, which is currently ongoing. But since nobody seemed to really have any opinions about the thing I was writing with Bodhi and Shara, I was unable to bring myself to finish it in a timely fashion. I don’t think it worked with any of the themes anyway, so it wasn’t eligible, or how does that work??? 

But would it be weird to submit the Sled Dog Guy Mystery?? He’s the POV character, right?? There are modern AU things getting posted in that tag, I think that’s… a… theme? Is theme a thing?. Would that be weird? To add my own?

Remember that I don’t understand how these theme works work, and also have been raised with an instinctive horror of self-promotion, that is why I’m asking these things.
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I was really trying not to be a creep but guys look what she is doing with her tail.
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A compilation of stuff I know about drawing Asian faces and Asian culture! I feel like many “How-To-Draw” tutorials often default to European faces and are not really helpful when drawing people of other races. So I thought I’d put this together in case anyone is interested! Feel free to share this guide and shoot me questions if you have any! I’m by no means an expert, I just know a few things from drawing experience and from my own cultural background. 
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I still don’t understand Tumblr or challenges. I give up, I’m going to post a link and if it’s not in keeping with the challenge guidelines, then it won’t get reblogged. In the meantime, it was sort of relaxing to attempt to make my first fic cover– I played on Google Image search and in Photoshop and had a fun time. Bodhi’s ugly hat, which I’m planning on making plot-significant, was especially fun to photoshop.

I don’t think a WIP is in keeping with the comm guidelines, though– I just reviewed the rules, and they want only new content. I guess only stuff custom-created for the challenge is of interest to the community. So…. I’ll still tag it, but I won’t expect a reblog. (I sent an ask for clarification, but I won’t freak out.) So, in a moment, for no reason, enjoy my ridiculous self-promo, LOL.
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The Sled Dog Guy Mystery, on AO3, a modern A/U Bodhi/Cassian story featuring mystery, intrigue, a sarcastic German Shepherd named K2, nosy neighbors Baze and Chirrut, the hypothermia snuggling-for-warmth trope, and some terrible knitwear that may secretly turn out to be plot-significant. Rated E because they take that hypothermia trope really seriously.

(Despite the summary, it turned out not to be either crack or fluff. Warnings as listed at the fic page.) 

“Sled Dog,” Sled Dog Guy repeated, mystified, but he was still smiling. Oh no, Bodhi thought. He’s hot. Without the obscuring frame of the furry hood, it was a lot easier to make out the fact that he had a really handsome narrow face, high cheekbones, slightly aquiline nose, round deep-set eyes with crinkled corners that gave him a mischievous look, really chiseled jaw– yeah unfortunate. “Oh, the– the coat.”

“Your parka,” Bodhi said. “I thought you probably mushed dogs for a living, and was wondering where one would park one’s dog team around here. I see you don’t have the parka or the dogs today.”

“No,” Sled Dog Guy said, “I wish I had a team of sled dogs! But no, it’s not as cold today. I still wouldn’t be sitting on a bench outside, though, what are you doing? Where’s your great hat?”

Bodhi gestured at his van. “Locked out,” he said. “Waiting for the dispatcher to send someone else. Didn’t wear the hat because it wasn’t that cold today, but I regret it now.”

“Shit,” Sled Dog Guy said. He looked at the van, looked up and down the street, then sat down next to Bodhi and leaned in a little. “Electronic locks?”

“No,” Bodhi said, “mechanical, why?”

Sled Dog Guy chewed on his lip. “I could probably get that door open,” he said quietly. He glanced over at Bodhi again. “Would you tell anybody?”

“Well, I’d have to explain it,” Bodhi said.

“We can pretend I work for Triple A,” Sled Dog Guy said, leaning in conspiratorially. “I used to. That’s how I know I can do it. The ones with the electronic locks and the car alarms, no, but if it’s a mechanical lock, I can open it.”
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This is a novella, coming out in ebook and paperback on May 2, from Tor.com Publishing. The cover art is by Jaime Jones. There are preorder links on my web site here: http://ift.tt/2jI7ytx
And here’s an excerpt:Chapter One
I could have become a mass murderer after I hacked my governor module, but then I realized I could access the combined feed of entertainment channels carried on the company satellites. It had been well over 35,000 hours or so since then, with still not much murdering, but probably, I don’t know, a little under 35,000 hours of movies, serials, books, plays, and music consumed. As a heartless killing machine, I was a terrible failure.
I was also still doing my job, on a new contract, and hoping Dr. Volescu and Dr. Bharadwaj finished their survey soon so we could get back to the habitat and I could watch episode 397 of Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon.
I admit I was distracted. It was a boring contract so far and I was thinking about backburnering the status alert channel and trying to access music on the entertainment feed without HubSystem logging the extra activity. It was trickier to do it in the field than it was in the habitat.
This assessment zone was a barren stretch of coastal island, with low, flat hills rising and falling and thick greenish-black grass up to my ankles, not much in the way of flora or fauna, except a bunch of different sized bird-like things and some puffy floaty things that were harmless as far as we knew. The coast was dotted with big bare craters, one of which Bharadwaj and Volescu were taking samples in. The planet had a ring, which from our current position dominated the horizon when you looked out to sea. I was looking at the sky and mentally poking at the feed when the bottom of the crater exploded.
I didn’t bother to make a verbal emergency call. I sent the visual feed from my field camera to Dr. Mensah’s, and jumped down into the crater. As I scrambled down the sandy slope, I could already hear Mensah over the emergency comm channel, yelling at someone to get the hopper in the air now. They were about ten kilos away, working on another part of the island, so there was no way they were going to get here in time to help.
Conflicting commands filled my feed but I didn’t pay attention. Even if I hadn’t borked my own governor module, the emergency feed took priority, and it was chaotic too, with the automated HubSystem wanting data and trying to send me data I didn’t need yet and Mensah sending me telemetry from the hopper. Which I also didn’t need, but it was easier to ignore than HubSystem simultaneously demanding answers and trying to supply them.
In the middle of all that, I hit the bottom of the crater. I have small energy weapons built into both arms, but the one I went for was the big projectile weapon clamped to my back. The hostile that had just exploded up out of the ground had a really big mouth, so I felt I needed a really big gun.

Keep reading

This is 150 page novella, coming out May 2, worldwide, from Tor.com in ebook and paperback. If you want a signed, personalized copy, you can order one from this bookstore before May 5, 2017 and get it shipped to you: http://ift.tt/2o54Spl

every time you reblog this i feel obligated to reread the excerpt and get real worked up and worried about murderbot again. are they gonna be okay. can i hug them. why isn’t it may yet.


I preordered it and am trying not to obsess, LOL. 
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🅰 〰🅾Ⓜ🅰♑’💰  🅿🕒🅰☾📧 ℹ$ ℹ♑  🕇♓📧  ♌📧💰ℹ💰🕇🅰♑☾📧

sketched here, going to do a larger-scale patch, deciding between paint and embroidery. somewhere in the interim i did a small-scale patch of it, all in paint and marker, but i can’t find where i posted the image. somewhere, i’m sure. reblogging for my reference. still working on this! 



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