Apr. 20th, 2017

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If you could be an animal what would it be?
I might enjoy being an albatross, being able to glide for days and daydream for hundreds of miles along the thermals. And then being able to hang like an affliction round some people’s necks.”
- Seamus Heaney, interviewed in The Art of Poetry No. 75  (via kiransingh)
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replied to your post “For the record, I’m on day 5 of being unable to access my online…”

I’d totally offer my time to help you with this if I were nearby and you were wanting it :( it sucks that you have to deal with this

Aw, thanks <3

It’s not time I need, it’s someone to fix their damn website. I’ve done all I can on my end and it’s out of my hands, now. The hard thing was calling, but I did that and nothing happened, and the deadline’s ticking closer and here’s the thing– the deadline I think includes me choosing a plan, so I won’t have time, if they approve me, to actually read any of the plans!

Also there’s this great thing, right, where you can be paired with a broker who helps you navigate the plans, right, except– over a week ago, I picked one in my ZIP code, signed up with them on the site, and the site was like, “we’ll contact them through the site but also feel free to drop them a line!” so I copied over the email address and sent them a line, just a basic introduction and a summary of my questions.

And no answer. When on the phone, the help person mentioned the brokers, and I said, “well, I’m just waiting to hear back from one…” and she was like “oh yeah, right, let’s not count on that,” which was goddamned ominous. 

So I have a ticket filed with my issues using the site, but I’m about 99% sure the phone lady really just wanted to get this sobbing mess of a human off her phone line, so I have no real faith that was actually done, and I sure didn’t get a reference number.

I’ll try the text-based chat again tomorrow during the hours they’re open but I know they’ll tell me there’s nothing I can do and I have to call the phone number. *cries*

Either I’m gonna get turned down and be screwed, or I’m gonna get accepted right at the deadline and have to just pick a plan at random and hope it covers what I need, but either way I know I’ll be traveling again at the time so fuck even knows if I’ll ever be able to muster the coherence to actually contact a doctor. 

Try again in a few minutes, it’s been saying since 6pm April 14th. 
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:( I was trying to put my laptop into my bag at work today and lost my grip on it and instead dropped my computer edge-on across the main knuckle of my big toe, and it wasn’t too bad and wasn’t bothering me so much until like an hour ago I was moving the laptop power cord and dropped the power brick part of it onto that same toe, and that was like the world was ending, and I’m still pretty convinced that the world is ending, so. 

Let’s all just lie here a little while and think about how maybe the world is ending and that’s for the best. 
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So. Usually my ADHD* is like my hidden writing superpower. Hyperfocus and whatever. 

Sometimes, though, it’s my nemesis. I want to research things for realism’s sake, but either I know I’ll get so distracted in the research that I’ll get totally derailed, or I just– don’t have the attention span to understand what I discover.

Current problem: Astronomy, or whatever you call the movement of celestial bodies, as it pertains to world-building. 

I once wrote a throwaway line in a BuckyNat fic, describing the moon. I was like, ok, it’s gotta be like, at least half a moon, for the shadow, and I’ll have it rising so the shadow falls across the balcony. OK. No big, right? That’s vague enough that I could be right, right? 

No! I got a very sweet comment from someone who was an astronomy enthusiast informing me that there’s literally never a time when the moon would do the very vague thing I described it doing, and I should consult this chart or ask someone if I wanted to describe the moon. Here’s the thing: I live on Earth, and have for my whole life, and I notice the moon with a frequency relative to how often it is relevant to me, namely how often it is either really pretty or its presence or absence makes nighttime shenanigans either possible or not, casting shadows and whatnot. That’s the level of detail I have absorbed. And I fucked up this super basic thing? I don’t know, man. (It was a sweet comment and they were very apologetic but for real? The moon never rises at night when it’s waxing, or whatever? I – it would not have occurred to me to ask someone if that were possible. I did not know the moon had so many rules.)

To come up to my current point. 

I want to set a story on an inhabitable world that is the moon orbiting a gas giant. OK? That’s my sole condition. That’s what I got.

How long are the days? How often would the planet reflect a sun-like amount of light onto the moon? How often would the moon be on the opposite side of the planet from the sun, and therefore be extremely dark and cold? What would happen? There wouldn’t just be one 12-hour “day” and one 12-hour “night” ever at any point anywhere on that moon’s surface, would there. There’s just no way. So i could come up with all kinds of crazy explanations to give the planet any climate I wanted, but there’s no way to escape the fact that the light levels are going to be absolutely wild, and there are *going* to be insane temperature fluctuations. 

There’s no way to avoid that, unless I want to just– ignore the main condition, and make it just aesthetically have a really big planet in its skyscape.

But I don’t even know how I’d begin to work out what it would actually be like on this planet. I don’t know where to start. It’s beyond my abilities. I don’t want to just do that last thing, but I don’t think I have a choice, because I’m not capable of working out the complexities of what such a planet would really be like.

That’s pretty humbling, I guess. I mean– I’d think about asking someone but who do you ask? And I’m gonna have to take their answer on faith because I’m not gonna understand it. 

Ugh, I’m gonna be late to work, but I had to set that down before I forgot it, again, because I’ve been forgetting things a lot and it’s getting old.
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I just discovered there is a small subreddit dedicated to google-translating (and actually dubbing, very professionally!!) the Star Wars movies and occasional SWR episodes from english into chinese and back into english again, making the subtitles change ridiculously, and it’s positively the most hilarious thing I’ve ever come across since I saw the LotR post about a similar thing, here are some highlights:

Backstroke of the West Expanded Universe
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That’s the hell of broken toes; you can’t do much about them except suffer and medicate. Ugh.

I don’t think it’s broken! I don’t think it’s broken? @icantbearsedtothinkofone had the same diagnosis but I really don’t think it is. The weird weird weird thing is that it can bear weight just fine, I can bend it just fine, it can do all of the normal things that a toe does just fine, but if anything presses down on it from the top it is the end of the world.

So I’m guessing it’s just bruised. Severely, but bruised, and it’s not the bone or ligaments that’s affected. So I’ll count myself super ultra extra lucky. And maybe invest in some steel-toed boots, because that’s some weird shit.

Anyway. Yeah totally fine for everyday use, can’t even make it hurt by bending it inside my shoe. No pain, no loss of function. Touch the top of the joint and unrelenting agony. It’s sort of hilarious how much my pain neurons overreact. Except of course, it hurts, so. Limited entertainment value there. *shrug*
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“You’re about this fat, see?” (via schizoduckie)

omg @deputychairman it’s the sobrepeso chart presumably in English!!! Who knew! Now I know this thing exists.
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OMG the state of health site was down for maintenance this morning i am so excited moment of truth

OMG! OMG! I logged in and clicked on the thing and it LET ME UPLOAD MY DOCUMENT!!! and then I went ot the inbox thing and it LET ME READ THE THING THEY SENT ME LAST WEEK and oh i definitely didn’t know what to put on the cover sheet of the fax i sent last week that they haven’t acknowledged receiving, so I definitely screwed that up because I couldn’t access the message telling me what it had to say, so it’s really good I uploaded the document anyway.

My Twitter rant into the void last night worked! (I’m sure that’s not why but it made me feel better.)

… Mind, I still don’t know my fate, but at least I was able to complete my application. 

I’ve just spent six days compulsively refreshing this site to no avail, so I dont’ know what I’ll do with all this free time going forward, except keep compulsively refreshing the site so I can find out their answer since the site not notifying me of communications is what got me into this mess in the first place.
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This is Rogue One!” Specks of spittle dotted the console. He wiped them away with a sleeve. “Come in! Over!”
“This is Admiral Raddus aboard the Profundity!” The comm came to life with a roar. “Rogue One, we hear you!” 
Bodhi uttered a laugh that might have been mistaken for a sob.
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I’m in! I’m in! They never sent me a message or anything, but I was clicking around to see if there was any way of monitoring the status of my documents or whatever, and buried deep down on a page I clicked randomly to was a little banner that said “you are eligible to enroll!” and when I clicked on that– well, nothing happened, but when I scrolled back up and found the tabs across the top and chose “enroll in a plan” it let me do it this time, when it never has before, so– I can enroll in a plan! I can has doctor! I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Of course, it counts me as having enrolled on the 1st of this month, so it expires in 11 months instead of 12, but whatever.

I… don’t understand the plan options and I know my last primary care physician stopped seeing patients so I don’t have one and now would be a peachy time for that broker person to get back at me but as it’s been over a week, I won’t hold my breath. I’m going to randomly pick one and then have a big stiff drink and not think about it for several hours, and maybe later when I habitually go to refresh the site, I’ll be ready to try and find out what doctors will actually take my cheap-ass health plan. But. That’s.

It’s an anticlimactic victory, but a victory nonetheless.

And no, they were never going to send me a message to tell me I was enrolled, were they? Probably not. 



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