Apr. 15th, 2017

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Having done all the math with the character’s ages, there’s no way Galen Erso didn’t start building the Death Star for the Republic.

#there were 19 years between the fall of the republic and rogue one/a new hope#which means that based on felicity’s age jyn should be 14 when the empire rises (she obviously isn’t but like….she should be)#but even going by the tie-in materials (which—felicity absolutely does not look like a 21yo that’s insane)#she was three when the republic fell#given that she looks about 6-7 when krennic grabs galen & kills lyra we can assume that the ersos fled coruscant very shortly after order 66#maybe the next year?#and when krennic shows up he doesn’t say “remember that idea we were kicking around let’s get back to that”#he says “it needs to be FINISHED”#ergo: galen erso started building the death star for the republic#also star wars timelines are SHIT and horrible and I never want to do this much speculative math ever again#star wars#the warry stars

Star Wars timelines are fucking goddamn disasters.

But also. Fuck. That’s amazing. 
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you’re a good person with good taste

just adrenaline-crashed right there on the battlefield in a pile of rubble. there’s a dead stormtrooper ten feet away. they don’t care. bodhi will wake them up when it’s time to move.

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You are shedding, Chita, don’t be grumpy that I won’t kiss you lots. 

OK fine I’ll still kiss you lots. 

Also when you get up from bed be sure to walk on Dude, we all know it’s impossible for you to get out of the bed without walking the entire length of Dude’s torso. 
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The first great text on how to act in a positive way was Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, originally published in 1936 and still in print. Carnegie—who was born Carnagey but changed his name apparently to match that of the industrialist Andrew Carnegie—did not assume that his readers felt happy, only that they could manipulate others by putting on a successful act: “You don’t feel like smiling? Then what? Two things. First, force yourself to smile. If you are alone, force yourself to whistle or hum a tune or sing.” You could “force” yourself to act in a positive manner, or you could be trained: “Many companies train their telephone operators to greet all callers in a tone of voice that radiates interest and enthusiasm.” The operator doesn’t have to feel this enthusiasm; she only has to “radiate” it. The peak achievement, in How to Win Friends, is to learn how to fake sincerity: “A show of interest, as with every other principle of human relationships, must be sincere.” 4 How do you put on a “show” of sincerity? This is not explained, but it is hard to imagine succeeding at it without developing some degree of skill as an actor. In a famous study in the 1980s, sociologist Arlie Hochschild found that flight attendants became stressed and emotionally depleted by the requirement that they be cheerful to passengers at all times. 5 “They lost touch with their own emotions,” Hochschild told me in an interview.

…Today, hardly anyone needs to be reminded of the importance of interpersonal skills. Most of us work with people, on people, and around people. We have become the emotional wallpaper in other people’s lives, less individuals with our own quirks and needs than dependable sources of smiles and optimism. “Ninety-nine out of every 100 people report that they want to be around more positive people,” asserts the 2004 self-help book How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life. 7 The choice seems obvious—critical and challenging people or smiling yes-sayers? And the more entrenched the cult of cheerfulness becomes, the more advisable it is to conform, because your coworkers will expect nothing less. According to human resources consultant Gary S. Topchik, “the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that U.S. companies lose $3 billion a year to the effects of negative attitudes and behaviors at work” through, among other things, lateness, rudeness, errors, and high turnover. 8 Except in clear-cut cases of racial, gender, age, or religious discrimination, Americans can be fired for anything, such as failing to generate positive vibes.

- Bright-Sided, Barbara Ehrenreich
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Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in
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In the long run it’s a good thing that the Millennium Falcon is a rusty bucket of bolts in a constant state of disrepair because now Rey has a Practical Reason to go visit Rose the Cute Mechanic every five minutes

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I noticed this fall, when I was under A LOT of stress, that my eye would start twitching when my back was really tense. And when I got a back massage it went away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

when i was in high school and college we used to all give one another back massages so often. it was a thing we all did for one another. 

my dude even took a massage class in college, but has never given me a massage. he claims he doesn’t remember enough, he’d do a bad job, and i’m like, the point is that it’s fun you loaf, won’t you just– but no. he doesn’t like when i give them to him. he doesn’t like them.

i don’t have anyone in my life that gives me even the most cursory of shoulder massages anymore. i’ve never had a professional one. i think about it a lot. i don’t know if i’d like it. i might. god, we used to– all the time– sigh. 

so far my eye hasn’t twitched at all today, despite my doing my usual weekend thing of sitting around and drinking coffee all morning and staring at my computer. so…

Ha ha ha I just got an email I was waiting for from the health insurance people and when i go and log in to read the email as a PDF, which is what you have to do, the site gives an error so I can’t read it. So if I wasn’t under stress before, I am now. Still no eye twitches so far today, though, so maybe it’s not stress either…. 
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Ha ha ha, that does appear as you’d expect in at least one of my WIPs, coupled with the word “job”, in fact, ha ha! from the chapter I’m not quite confident enough to push the button on for Sled Dog Guy Mystery:

Cassian yawned, and slid farther down in Bodhi’s lap, drowsy. “Is it pathetic if I want to just fall asleep now?”

“No,” Bodhi said, moving his fingers in small firm circles at the nape of Cassian’s neck. Cassian made a quiet, satisfied little noise and leaned into Bodhi’s hand. “Big plans for tomorrow.”

“Mm,” Cassian said, and yawned again. “Breakfast out, find a good grocery store, go to the park, lunch somewhere– oh, blowjobs, definitely.”

“Those are big plans,” Bodhi agreed.

But it’s also in another one, and even though that doc is entirely porn, and in fact features a blowjob just prior to that word occurring, it instead is referring to the POV’s character’s mind. 

This is the document tentatively entitled Yavin Foursome, which occurs just after the Rebellion, and is from Han Solo’s POV during a brief visit to Yavin IV during which his crush-which-can-be-seen-from-space on his lovely host Kes winds up with his hosts being extremely hospitable. (I started writing it a few months ago when I was considering having Kes and Leia hook up in the epilogue to Home Out In The Wind, and Kes said, you know, why didn’t we ever, when we were all alive, and Leia was like, why didn’t we? and I was like, why didn’t they???)

“You can supervise,” Shara says, and leans in and kisses Leia, pulls her hand out of Leia’s underwear, and shifts Leia over to put her down– and it’s hot, on many levels, but not least because Shara’s not a big woman by any stretch but she can clearly so easily lift Leia, it just underscores how tiny and petite Han’s wife really is, and he can’t stop finding that hot, how he could pretty much stuff her in his pocket but if he tried to she’d annihilate him.

Leia lets Shara manhandle her, though, and seems pretty into it, and Han makes a note to maybe try handling her a little rougher. He has mostly not, up to now. He’s had a careful policy of taking what he can get and has only tested boundaries out of self-destructive tendencies, which mostly she’s been smart enough to see through. But maybe, maybe he can start to believe she’s really going to stay with him. She did marry him. She is carrying his child.

That last tidbit is still pretty mind-blowing.
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Ha so the thing I had to upload for health insurance wouldn’t upload, so I had to fax it to them.

I got an email from them today, but the way that works is that you have to sign in, and go to your inbox, and download a PDF to open it and look at it, and that’s been giving me an error.

Great. I’ve tried three different sessions, logged out and back in, and it just keeps saying this. I’ve been trying since 11:30 this morning.

Of course no one is there for me to contact them about this. The only way I can contact them in writing is if I use the live chat on the site; there’s nowhere I can like, send an email or anything. So I don’t know if I have health insurance or not, I don’t know if the application can be processed or not, I don’t know if they need more documentation or if I should try again or not.


hey my eye still isn’t twitching though
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Your dude should just give you the massage already the bum ��

eghhh he’s doing my taxes at the moment, which is a task that over our years together i have never really done successfully on my own, so. He does things for me he doesn’t like, so I don’t feel like I can push him around too much. IDK, he doesn’t like giving or getting massages. That’s just how it is. 
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I couldn’t face myself if i gave up now.
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So adorable!!!! (And, yes, I asked both the cosplayer herself, as well as her parents, if I could post this. She’s BB-SK8!)


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Believe it or not, there is no mention of the word “food” in any of the yet-unposted bits of any of my WIPs. There’s a Sled Dog Guy outtake from K2-the-dog’s POV, though the outtake needs heavy reworking even to post as an outtake:

Some of the other men smelled nervous around him, and Kaytoo didn’t really care much, but it was a bit stressful; nervous men might hurt you, he knew. He didn’t like that.

A couple of the other men were nice enough, and gave him food scraps sometimes, and scratched his ears and said things to him. They rarely used words he knew, though, and that made him a little nervous.

He missed Jyn. He’d never been sweet to her but he’d been fond of her and had greatly enjoyed messing with her. He flattered himself she’d enjoyed it in return. But now he hadn’t smelled her in a long time. The last of Cassian’s clothes with her scent on them had been washed, now, and she was gone except for the faintest traces in the bottom of Cassian’s duffel bag.

I did put in a bit in the next Lost Kings chapter of Shara being uncomfortably aware that she’s not really appreciating her time on Alderaan, though, which involves a food-related ceremony. I’m kind of hung up on this bit though because Leia having an adoptive sister is, I think, a Legends canon thing and not canon-canon and I’m sort of torn on using her or not? But someone has to be there, so. 

“Here,” Winter said, “have some tea.”

“Thank you,” Shara said, and Winter was so pretty and fine and genteel that she dredged up a little bit more consideration. “I’m sorry I’m not standing on ceremony, I don’t know it and I’m–”

“Please,” Winter said, with a rueful laugh, “don’t– you’ve been in a state of crisis since before you got here, there’s been no time to stand on ceremony.” She gestured. “This is just tea, to drink. We do have a whole ceremony thing we do but this isn’t it.” She sat down across the little decorative table, and stirred her own cup of tea. “Let’s hope that at some point you have time to experience Alderaanian high culture like an honored visitor, with all of the stateliness and ceremony and so on and so forth, but, in the meantime, don’t fret that you’re not doing it justice.” She smiled, and picked up her cup of tea. “We’re an ancient civilization, we’ll surely keep doing this. You won’t miss out.”

Yes, of course, dear, Alderaan will still be there, for years to come. Of course it will. 
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@hdogjr: First show day two @Coachella. Swet Shop Boys. Great show.



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