Apr. 12th, 2017

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In honor of my favorite holiday I’m just gonna quickly self-promo my sambucky

 pesach fic. 
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No! What’ve you done? Are you crazy? I’ll never climb out of here. My arm…

#not really all that morally ambiguous at all
Yeah when I see people debate that I wonder what movie they were watching.
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Days after United Airlines passenger David Dao was violently removed from an overbooked flight, his local newspaper, The Courier-Journal, published a report detailing the man’s completely unrelated, decades-old “troubled past” and printed photos of his home and office. And now other news outlets are following suit. 100% irrelevant, absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.

And breaking, on Twitter:

The criminal past involves one David Anh Duy Dao. 

The guy United beat the shit out of? Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao.

Blows it wide open for the desperate gambit it is, doesn’t it now? Now, it doesn’t even work as a distraction. Even if this person had had some kind of criminal record, and somehow they were going to argue that, based on zero research, their security team somehow knew that, or that it was relevant somehow to this man’s human right to bodily autonomy let alone his right to use a service he paid for without being subjected to physical violence, it would have been flimsy, but now they don’t even have that.

I hope everyone gets sued into fucking paste. 
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Oh that sounds really awful. At least that’s not what’s going on with me!

girderednerve replied:

it could be depression? mine is inconsistent & doesn’t really announce itself, and sometimes i get like, reduced cognition first. i hope it wears off, i guess, that sounds sucky as hell

icantbearsedtothinkofone replied:

lo! I can write applications and do super-complicated shit with spreadsheets and I fixed all the shit in the office Monday morning despite having never been shown any of it, but I haven’t put my washing away in weeks, I’ve lost most of my work trousers and I forgot I hadn’t finished with a customer for Friday because of internet problems because I’d slept since then. Adulting is a myth, I’m sure.

My problem is that this has been going on for years. It gets worse or better incrementally, but the fact remains that I can’t really read books anymore, when I used to be voracious, and I can’t keep motivation for complex tasks because I literally forget what I was trying to do, and I just– I feel like my brain’s just got big gaping holes in it and I complain about it a lot but fixing it seems out of reach.

I did manage to find that there’s a live chat help option on the NYS of Health website, and a lovely faceless person named Tyler talked me through what was wrong with my application (it literally does not say anywhere that I cannot use the form of documentation that I tried to use for my specific situation, you just have to know that) and wrote a template for me to use to create the documentation I do need, and confirmed that the open enrollment period does not apply to me and so I can do my application whenever, and if this is rejected, can just reapply. They were also very concerned for me and when I said that calling on the phone was a recipe for disaster in my case because I apparently can’t follow a conversation (I’m still so scarred from the Wells-Fargo disaster, that’s the last time anyone really made me use the phone and they’ve insisted that the issue is that I didn’t follow the directions they gave me on the phone, so you can imagine how eager I am to do anything actually important in any way that’s not in writing) and gave me a ton of other options. So… we’ll see. 

I like to think that after struggling this hard to get health insurance I’ll use it to see a professional who will attempt to actually solve my enormous brain fog problems, but we all know that’s never going to happen and I’m going to spend the rest of my life semi-non-functional and scraping by.

The worst part is probably when people give me beautiful, well-thought-out, well-intentioned advice, that I literally just can’t understand how to apply to my own personal situation. I don’t know! I don’t know. Guess I’ll die!
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i heard that goody proctor had an 8-pack, that goody proctor was shredded

this is one of those posts that would be just blisteringly incomprehensible without the correct cultural background

nah, man, thy friend art a liar

goody proctor is a punk-ass witch

re the correct cultural background, once I came to work in a white shirt in that minimalist style that that looks all 17th century puritain, and when someone complimented it I said, “thanks, but I do feel like I’ve just seen Goody Proctor with the devil” but I live in Spain and her slightly frightened blink was when I realised that The Crucible is not the cultural touchstone here that it is in the UK/USA

I attended a boarding school in the UK on an exchange program in 1998 and one of the girls, hearing that I was American, instantly said to me, in a hilariously bad American accent, “pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon,” and I said, in a terrible British-French accent, “but of course,” and then she said, “what does that mean i have always wondered what that meant”  and I realized she was quoting Wayne’s World which was quoting a TV ad that never aired in the UK, and I was quoting the TV ad, and there was no YouTube yet so I had to fumblingly explain to her that it was an ad for fancy mustard and there was a gag with a limousine and also Dana Carvey had been attempting a British accent in that clip and that just makes it all much funnier.

And half of you reading this probably don’t remember either Wayne’s World or the TV advertisement for Grey Poupon mustard, so, reality is fleeting and we’re all going to die alone, enjoy your Tuesday. Oh it’s Wednesday. 
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We have a twitter here too: https://twitter.com/IntrovertUnite. See some of you there?

but what about the downside of being alone, which is that you’re not sure you’re a real person when you’re alone so you need to frequently seek out contact with others just to re-establish reality?
or is that just me?

bueller? bueller?
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TW for animal death mention; if you want you can just look at the picture of baby pigs, who are not dead, yay! don’t read any of the text though. 


I’m kind of growing a pet peeve about the fuckin edgelords on Facebook who every time the farm account posts pictures of the pigs, feel like they’re the first fucking person ever to comment “mm bacon” or something to that effect on the pictures of the pigs.

You’re not edgy, my guy, those are literally livestock who are literally being raised for literal meat, about which the same Facebook account fairly regularly makes posts imploring you to buy them because that’s one of the farm’s major revenue streams. And it is never, I might add, the customers who buy the meat who make the jokes. Like, my bros. My guys. My friends.

We fucking know that if all goes well, these adorable creatures will be food someday. That is their entire purpose, beyond of course the field-clearing and pooping jobs they do incidentally. They are here to be happy in the sunshine and all, but ultimately, because people will buy them to eat them. They are goddamn delicious and there is nothing wrong with this, but it’s not really necessary to make a big thing out of it. You are neither clever nor shocking, nor even the slightest bit edgy. 

That said, they are fucking adorable newborn baby pigs and I would like a moment to appreciate how cute they are without having to consider their eventual fate.

It’s every goddamn post. And it’s always a dude. And it’s never a meat customer.

Anyway. Sorry to not have a more joyful caption. The last of the sows, Red, who is an enigma wrapped in a mystery housed in the body of a medium-sized hog, has farrowed, nearly two weeks later than the other two, and the really awful thing is that there was actually a tiny tragedy earlier, when that last freak gross two days of mixed snow and rain meant that almost every one of the earlier piglets died of the cold, which nobody was expecting at all and we’ve all been really upset about, so these are it for this whole season’s pigs– there’s a lone survivor from the earlier batch, who is only a bit bigger than these lil guys. We all were so upset and just haven’t known how to talk about it. Maybe I’m just not in a good mood about piglets in general and that’s why the inevitable “bacon” edgelord (can that be an acronym? The Inevitable Bacon Edgelord)’s comment kind of made me grit my teeth today.

I fucking know. It was maybe cute the first time. It’s old now. I’m bored of you.



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