Apr. 3rd, 2017

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But Mexican Spanish is actually understandable if fast! Though I’m probably biased because I lived in Mexico for three months as a teenager.

Also clearly Spanish Brexit is Espalida.

Oh, yes! Mexican Spanish is beautiful, I really enjoy the accent a lot. It’s just so fast, so so so very fast. No, I actually think it’s my favorite accent– although, I am one hundred percent certain that there must be many accents of Mexican Spanish; I know very little about Mexico but I do know that it’s much larger than I habitually assume it to be. I can’t really tell the difference yet, but I’m certain there have to be numerous different variations on Mexican accents. There’s like, dozens of regional cuisines and regional folk music genres and such, so it just stands to reason; I just don’t have a gourmet enough palate, as it were, to tell the difference yet.

But I feel like them being the New Yorkers of Spanish holds up. I speak so fast that I routinely have to slow myself down for the benefit of other native English speakers. I’ve actually gotten really good at enunciating without losing speed so that I can cram as many words as possible into a half a second’s worth of conversation space. Middle-Little sister works at a university and was talking last night about how she’s trained herself to speak more slowly, and it’s not the foreign students that have the most difficulty, it’s the native US Southerners. 

(Relatedly, I was listening to an album in the car by a band from southern Arizona, mostly in English, but there’s Spanish mixed in here and there, and the singer addresses the crowd in Spanish sometimes, and he’s fluent sure, he made no errors I could discern, but I could absolutely tell that he had an accent in his Spanish. The big telltale was that he had sloppy-American T’s, the way a lot of us kind of hiss them so it’s not a crisp stop but a soft schmear. “Solo por tchee,” he sang soulfully, rolling the r correctly and just smooshing the T.)

(Yeah I do that in English and had never really thought about it. Nephew was learning to write, and said “tree starts with c,” and his mom was like “what?” Certain of himself, he wrote, “C-H-R-E-E”, and she was like…. “wow you’re not entirely wrong.”)
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A little ice does not prevent puddle-stomping, if you’re determined. (at Laughing Earth)
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Creek’s running a little high, but I’m told it’s down since last week.
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Bioluminescent Deep-Sea Siphonophore

The siphonophore appears to be a single large organism, but is actually a colony of individual zooids. These zooids function together as a single unit and some of them can’t survive without the others. This video captured a deep sea siphonophore that is also bioluminescent.


It’s actually not a whole lot less unnerving in the show. The thing tries to lure them and eat them. I’m watching it with Farmbaby, who is obsessed (shellington is her invisible friend sometimes), and I’m like, my god, this is dark, and she’s like the siphonophore can be reasoned with and I’m like my soul is not ready for this, kid.

Also she now knows the names of a whole lot of deep-sea creatures, but believes they have to be pronounced with British accents, which is a really entertaining twist that I hope stays with her for many years, long after she’s forgotten why.



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