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On April 1st, let’s celebrate this gruelling time in history by only posting things that are true. 
non-farming Army brother-in-law has managed to circumvent the federal hiring freeze by getting a job with the national guard in a closer state than Georgia, so. (Maryland, as it happens. I guess I should look at a map, in my head Maryland is just DC suburbs, but I know that’s not true or fair.) I am the last to find out, and did so because middle-little sister, on a long-planned visit to Georgia, sent a photo of herself packing up Army sister’s china cabinet, and I asked why she was doing that.

They’re not moving until August, but it’s such a relief. And Army sister gets to stay in her command post a while longer, long enough to get in a whole year, which makes it better for her future job searches. 

Just to give some context, though? Brother-in-law was hired for, but could not start, this federal job in January– who was the job with? Well, B-I-L specializes in military police stuff, in training, in disaster response, with 20 years experience in places like Kosovo and Baghdad and the nation of Georgia, led tons of tactical disaster-preparation exercises for the Georgia National Guard, has focused in personnel education and training… 

FEMA. That’s who wanted him.

FEMA can’t hire people.

Think that over. 

Sleep well. 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, June 7, 1908

im gonna be the boring humorless historian type and point out that “rats” are hunks of false hair used to give fashionable Edwardian hairstyles the necessary volume, so this is saying that a dude tried to clock a girl over the head and her false hair cushioned the blows and saved her life.
it’s funnier if you take it to mean, rats the animals, but it’s just false hair.


shara is… surprised that kes wants to find a nice planet and build a house

when they already have a kid

and are married


::stares at the wall and firmly closes the ‘Symptoms of Shara’s PTSD: Inability to Perceive a Future That Involves the Self’ door::
aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post: (sometimes i wonder if the implication about…

(i was this shy anon so blame seems appropriate)

<3 <3 <3 I thought it might be, LOL. 

I did have Shara’s inability to adjust to settled/civilian life as a major factor in my headcanons. And I have a scene I wrote forever ago that now I’m trying to work in to the Epilogue among all the threesomes, where Poe is sitting with Kes and drinking and wistfully says something about how he could never hope to match his parents’ fairy-tale romance and Kes almost chokes to death. Like, child, yes, we were in love, she loved me and she loved you, more than anything, but that’s not enough, it’s never enough, it wasn’t enough. Not to take away your faith in the power of love or whatever, but it wasn’t fucking enough, child.

I wasn’t really prepared to headcanon that she’d chosen not to come back, though. 
oh sorry! i was typing tags and like, trying to think what else one is supposed to tag, and just– I’ll go back and fix ‘em, I completely spaced. Sorry!!!! 
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I mean, it’s not something I would ever write or ever ACTUALLY headcanon – my ACTUAL headcanon is that she died from bloodburn – but it is something that pops into my head every once in a while and I wonder/worry about. :(

I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to write it. I certainly don’t think she, as I’ve characterized her, would actively do something to harm herself like that– especially not something where it could be proven that she’d done so. But it’s absolutely not beyond the realm of possibility that she volunteered for more danger than she strictly needed to, and did some harmful thrill-seeking stuff, not out of a real desire to hurt herself but because she was suffering from PTSD and not able to cope more healthily. 

And Kes is bitter, because sure, she died honorably in action, but there was no goddamn reason it had to be her on that mission in the first place. He tore strips out of himself to give her the space she needed, and she repaid him by keeping on leaving until she finally didn’t have to come back. 

And then Poe did the same damn thing. 
via replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to…”

See, I don’t think she’d’ve had missions (sanctioned ones, at least) to fly after mustering out. And I also feel like bloodburn was introduced for a reason, although that might be me expecting more continuity than SW will give. But I feel like either Shara had to have died in an accident or illness or… something, but that it had to have been as a civilian.

That’s where my shaky knowledge of the tie-in properties comes out– I have only skimmed portions of the novels/comics etc., I just don’t have the patience or discretionary income to hunt them down. I read the Wookieepedia entry on bloodburn, probably because you linked to it, and decided it sounded like a Plot Device and I wasn’t going to invest myself in it. (There’s nothing wrong with other people doing so! I just am too shaky on it to want to get wrapped up in it.)

(You would think I’d read the Shattered Empire comics since I’ve written now like 75k of words based on them but that overstates my ability to commit to things quite a bit.) (I haven’t even downloaded them I’m the worst at fandom.) (I also haven’t ever rewatched any of the movies I’ve written fanfic about, so.)

No, I don’t think she’d be on official missions, but there are going to be all kinds of things that Someone Trusted might have to look into, and she’d keep herself on that list of Trusted Few Someones for shady/dangerous things, to Kes’s horror. 

I have a feeling that the canon powers that be just didn’t specify because it’s assumed a mother must be dead, that’s just how Star Wars works, and also, if Shara wasn’t dead, there’d eventually have to be a reason for them not to hire a 50something Latina actress to be a fighter pilot, and we’re not allowed to have that. (As it is, I’m a little bummed they couldn’t get a nod to these characters in Rogue One! I get that they want to keep things simple but man, just one shot of a Latina pilot would’ve been amazing.) 

Canon might eventually specify if they can make something good and manpain-y out of it. I just decided I couldn’t bear to try to write something like cancer; I wanted it quick, and far away, and devoid of context, stunning to little Poe, and bitter, bitter, bitter for Kes. (And giving Shara a force-ghost-like cameo in the conclusion of the Home out in the Wind series gives Kes a chance to lay that last niggling doubt in his mind to rest that maybe she did it on purpose! So, your bringing this up was extremely timely. He’s definitely going to admit that to Poe in the drunk-on-Yavin-IV chapter.)




John Deere is notorious for arguing that farmers who buy its tractors actually “license” them because Deere still owns the copyright to the tractors’ software; in 2015, the US Copyright Office affirmed that farmers were allowed to jailbreak their tractors to effect repairs and modifications.

But the Copyright Office doesn’t have the legal power to allow anyone to make a tool to make such modifications, which makes the Copyright Office exemption pretty symbolic.

Nevertheless, Deere responded immediately to the Copyright Office ruling by amending the EULA for its tractors to prohibit any such modification, third party repairs, etc, and made farmers click through the EULA and “agree” to it in order to start up their tractors.

Now, farmers find themselves in desperate straits. Not only does Deere gouge them on repairs (“$230, plus $130 an hour for a technician to drive out and plug a connector into their USB port to authorize [a user-swapped] part”), but the repair shops can be far away or busy, and thus a half-million dollar tractor can sit immobilized while a farmer frets about getting his crops in.

To add insult to injury, the new Deere EULA makes farmers indemnify the company against “crop loss, lost profits, loss of goodwill, loss of use of equipment … arising from the performance or non-performance of any aspect of the software.”

But farmers need to get their crops in, and they expect to be able to go on fixing, tuning and modifying their tractors as they’ve done since tractors were invented, and so they are turning to the Ukrainian black market. Breaking DRM is illegal in the Ukraine, but the law is less vigorously enforced, so Ukrainian manufacturers offer downloadable cracks that allow farmers to seize control of their tractors, violating their license agreements but saving their crops and their money.

Motherboard’s Jason Koebler bought his way into the paid, invite-only forums where farmers trade advice and suggestions on fixing, tuning and improving their tractors, and lived to tell the tale, which is a fascinating story of fake parts sold from ag-business websites that used to launder payments for login codes to the illegal tractor underground.

Nebraska and four other states are considering “right to repair” legislation that would do away with this ugly business in favor of just, you know, letting farmers treat their tractors as though they belonged to them. This legislation is being vigorously opposed by an unholy alliance of automotive companies, Apple, and Big Ag, all of whom want to keep their cushy, government-enforced monopolies intact.

“Capitalism is innovative”

The fact that there is an “illegal tractor underground” is deplorable and evidence that capitalism is bad for humans…

…that said, Wow. if the HQ of the “illegal tractor underground” was in a country that isn’t Ukraine, I’d be surprised. Has Eugene Hutz written a song called “Illegal Tractor Underground,” yet? If not, he should.

I had no idea tractors even needed software. I assumed you just put the key in and then drive

oh holy shit guys, you have no idea how much software there is in agribusiness.
via replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to…”

ohhhhhh :( And bloodburn is actually NOT used as a plot device in the book it’s in, which is why I feel like it Should Matter? The character who has it is just a very good secondary/main character with a chronic illness, which is cool.

but also yeah star wars just… really goes in hard for fridged moms. always. all the time.

man sometimes i feel like i’d be better at this than the people getting paid to do the writing LOL 

I mean. Handwavey space magic. I do recall reading the thing that a person could apparently live with bloodburn for a long time, so if it killed Shara, it would be because she didn’t stop. So that still dovetails neatly into the self-harm PTSD arc idea :( :( :(.

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I mean, I have enough trouble handling the (entirely feasible) idea espoused by Kes in HOitW that she wouldn’t have stayed with him if she’d lived.

Did I already have him say that? Crap, I don’t want him to repeat himself. But listen. Listen. Kes has deep-seated traumas going back, like, his whole life, and maybe he doesn’t wind up with PTSD exactly, but he’s gonna have Some Shit to Deal With, his whole life. He can retain his fundamental honesty and optimism, and still have a real wide streak of never believing that anything good will last. He may or may not be justified in his doubt that things would have remained good with Shara, but he’s not pulling that out of nowhere. 

I don’t want to take away any of their fairy-tale romance, I don’t want to take away the positive representation of healthy Space Latinx everythingness that they are, but I do want it to be complicated, because in real life it’s complicated. And also, I’m trying to do what I can with a canon that fridged her for no reason and to no purpose. So. 

I’m still working on that Kes/Leia scene in the epilogue but he is definitely, in a very vulnerable aftermath, going to confess to Leia that seeing that impression of Shara’s last moments and having that remove the tiny little shred of doubt he’s always had, that maybe she let herself get killed on purpose, was an incredibly, profoundly healing moment for him, but also means that he has to take a moment to melt down with all the grief that little bitter doubt held back for so long. 



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