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Listen up Rogue One and Star Wars fans,

It’s no secret that Bodhi Rook is underappreciated He’s left out of official merch by Disney, neglected in fic by the fandom, and overall deserves better. 

That’s why I’m proposing that we, fans of Bodhi Rook, organize a Bodhi Week, dedicated to this beautiful and brave man, to appreciate him with fanworks like fics, fan art, and just general love for Bodhi.

Reblog or like this post if you’re interested, and message me if you want to be involved with organizing this thing.

Let’s make sure Bodhi gets the love he deserves from this fandom!  

Is this still a thing bc I want this

Yes it’s a thing and it’s happening over at

Thanks! Posting this again for a signal boost for any followers who are interested

edit to include: it’s april 17-23! get yourself warmed up! i never really participate in challenges but i have a story i’ll aim to get up that week sometime! :)



Poe Dameron’s parents everyone.

oh. em. gee.




poe is the most believable, perfectly characterized child these two beautiful nerds could POSSIBLY have LISTEN NO FAMILY IN SPACE MATTERS MORE THAN THE DAMERON FAMERON

Petition to scrap the Skywalker disaster family all together and instead dedicate the next 9 movies to the Dameron family adventures.

not to shamelessly self-rec or beat a dead horse but I’ve been working on a Dameron-Bey epic for a hot minute (ten months) and it’s only about 75k words so far but I’m doing my best. Just. In case there was anyone who didn’t already know. I can’t do a movie or even really make art but I can write. It’s what I got. Humbly offered.


Storms lashing the British coast last month revealed a strange new sight off the west coast of Wales, near the village of Borth: the stumps of hundreds of tree trunks, rising out of the sand, like broken teeth.

Could this be part of Cantre'r Gwaelod, a mythical kingdom believed to have disappeared beneath the waves thousands of years ago? Has Wales’s very own Atlantis been found?

Composed mostly of oak and pine, the forest is believed to date from the Bronze Age. It was buried under a peat bog 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, then inundated by rising sea levels until this winter’s violent storms stripped away the covering of peat and sand. Read more.

Oh I put this on Twitter but not here– axe-throwing with Z’s work peeps, at that axe-throwing joint on Main St. In most of the photos I took (with the good camera, I’m not a miracle-worker) the axes are out of frame and so the throwers look like they’re pretending to cast spells. (In this one the guy is coaching him, there’s not an invisible axe.)
In short tho, I won’t be in the next Lumberjack Games.
Here are five ways:


Poe shows him around his new quarters, a small room that Finn knows belonged to one of Poe’s pilots before the attack on Starkiller Base.

“I know it’s kinda cramped,” Poe says, “but the way things go around here, you won’t have much time to notice.”

Finn looks over at him, the way Poe has his arms crossed, the way his eyes skip between the bare walls and the small, empty shelf unit. Finn reminds himself it was Poe’s idea, showing him this place, pretty much the moment the docs let him out of the infirmary.

He wants to ask whose room this used to be, what they were like. He doesn’t want to ask. Everyone here has stories and names and history that he doesn’t fit into. Under Poe’s jacket, Finn can feel the slight tight pull of the new scar on his back every time he moves.

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