Mar. 19th, 2017

via replied to your post “*sigh* So a while back I did this fluffy A/U thing and knocked out…”

After having just re-read the other SW epic for the millionth time, discovering random gems I’d missed or forgotten (to wit: Bolt describing X-wing flying as “trying to fuck a life raft down a garbage chute without using your hands”)…what I’m saying is, I’m okay with this.

OK that line, though. That line.

The, like, hardest thing about writing– I mean, the logistics, where people have to go from A to B in the right span of time, and also develop appropriate emotions on the right time scale as well, and then you have to circle the fucking thing back around to make some kind of point, and then they do insist on having sex but won’t actually get down to it and you have to figure that out too, I mean all of it is difficult and all of it is the worst thing– but really for me, the hardest thing, the thing where you just throw your hands up and go why do I do this, is stuff like– so you have a character who is funny. That means you have to be funny.  This character has to tell a funny joke. That means you have to come up with a funny joke. And you can steal a lot of funny jokes, and make up for a lot of shortfall by giving delivery and context and shit, but sometimes, in the end, you have to come up with a goddamned funny joke, and that’s really hard to do sometimes. 

This went to press, was actually pasted into the AO3 window, with Bolt lamely saying some random drivel– I think it started off with him just saying “those things don’t steer for shit”, and I came up with something about a life raft in a small space, maybe got as far as “trying to push a life raft down a garbage chute”, and it was only as I was about to hit publish and looking for typos that I was like… no that’s not cumbersome enough, you’d just shove it in there with your hands. what appendage would you use to push a life raft down a garbage chute if not your hands? Your teeth? No this man is a fighter pilot, he is going to talk about his dick as much as humanly possible, out of sheer I’m not dead yet reflex.

Ha. Fuck a life raft down a trash chute. 

And there was Bolt. TIE fighter pilot, foul-mouthed high-strung trash angel baby.

(I mean. This is also the original character that out of nowhere volunteered to attempted-kamikaze Kylo Ren after saying “fuck you” twice to him, which I also hadn’t actually intended for him to do. I’d meant him to be a lot more conflicted about his weird pseudo-defection, but it turned out he really had no remorse there. The fuckers had tried to kill him and were possibly succeeding. Fuck them.)

Aw I’d mostly forgotten that exchange. Aw Bolt! He’s in the next epilogue chapter, I promise.

“Can you actually fly like this?” Kylo Ren asked, smug and amused.

“Fuck you,” Bolt said, because he was more sensitive than he’d thought about not being any good at flying this fucking bucket, and also because he’d always wanted to say that to Kylo Ren.

I mean. The moral of the story is that you have to write to amuse yourself. Sometimes, though, you just want to lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling because it all seems extremely complicated.

(I wasn’t kidding about managing to slash Jyn and Rey. I can make that work. I’m not even kidding.)
… this sounds incredibly familiar and yet I can’t think what on earth it would be. 

that’s the only thing i can find that sounds familiar. The only other thing is that I made myself a t-shirt that says “Everything Is Terrible” recently. 

I can’t remember anything besides that! 

Except maybe one of the postcards I made, which was a quote from an interview of Pete Seeger by NPR in 2004, where he said, “There’s no hope, but I may be wrong.”

… It’s tantalizing me, though, like somewhere deep in the back of my mind I might know what you mean, but it’s not in any of my recent posts as I scroll back, it’s not in my bullet journal list of projects or any of the loose-leaf sheets scrawled upon and shoved into the back of the journal, it’s not anything I can lay my hands on easily. There was something, sometime, somewhere, but I don’t know what it was. 
replied to your post “I recall (possibly erroneously!) that at some point you mentioned of a…”

I think it was from an account of a conquest, possibly of England?

!!!! Huh! (And no, it’s no bother, I’m interested to solve this puzzle, I just have the world’s worst memory so I don’t remember!!!) 

Conquest. Everything got much worse. Something like that. Gosh. It’s like. I’ve read that, for sure. But I don’t remember enough to search for it. 

It has to have been me. What have I been reading?? Gosh. 


These are some deep cuts. a syððan hit yflade swiðe, “and always after that it grew much worse”, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, entry for 1066, thanks to @theletteraesc . Best quote.

Those were some deep cuts though. Upside: Found my entry where I worked out how to say “A woman’s place is in the Resistance” in emoji, so there’s today sorted.

This weekend I finally finished a shirt I started like 2 weeks ago. The Aurebesh says “This machine kills fascists”, phonetically spelled.



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