Mar. 16th, 2017

who took a lil nap after dinner and figured on getting up at like 7:30 and spending the evening with her dude and cat

who actually woke up at 10pm and is now super disoriented

I kind of fucked around all day at work. I never get a damn snow day, it hasn’t happened in the better part of a decade, so I guess I’m sort of resigned to it. At least my coworker, who lives far away, didn’t have to come in– most of our job can be done remotely, but some things, a human has to be present for. I probably actually needed to be physically present to do about 15 minutes of work today. 

I did more than that, but. My motivation wasn’t super high. 

I kind of fucked around a bunch, and ended up unblocking myself on both some important revisions and a sliiiightly kinky sex scene for the Sled Dogs ‘verse (I’d set a scene at dawn that I’d later realized needed to be at dusk, and it took like, three minutes to fix, but I’d been putting it off for over a week because my whiny ass thought it would be complicated). So, that was good. 

(Bodhi laughed in delight and slid his hand across Cassian’s mouth, pinning him down and keeping up the pace. Cassian’s eyes went wide and rolled back a little, his whole body undulating as he arched his back in clear pleasure. “Fuck,” Cassian whimpered against Bodhi’s hand. “Shh,” Bodhi said again, right into Cassian’s ear.)

I won’t get in trouble for fucking around, most likely. But I also didn’t get to any point where I could finish a thing and post it, so I’m sort of bummed there. however. It was still something. And I am feeling weirdly delighted, someone must have recced some of my old shit because I am getting random comments on some seriously old back catalogue. Thank you, whatever strange corner of the Internet you are; I needed that. (Though, the people leaving nobly-suffering Supportive Comments on Full of Grace like “i know u haven’t updated in 2 yrs but it’s still great”… did you… notice that there’s… a sequel that’s like… 2 months old… I guess I need to like, update the main story to point to it, because it appears to be non-obvious to many readers. That’s on me, but I thought it was more common than it is for readers to like, click on the series if there’s a story they like, to see if there’s more or, like, a follow-up or anything. Maybe I’m the only one who does that!)

I’ll probably have weirdo social obligations for much of the rest of the week, but it felt good to get some stuff knocked out today. 

Also like. Some locals bitching on Instagram and Facebook about the frozen tundra hellscape where we live. i couldn’t let it slide, I was like, we have had no snow this fucking year, it’s been above freezing pretty much every day, miss me with that shit. I’m bitching because it’s March and I’m tired of it not being spring, but miss me with the whining, it has been the easiest winter in the history of winters and that’s frankly horrifying. If you wish you lived in Arizona fucking move to Arizona, don’t constantly bitch that you don’t live in Arizona. We got two feet of snow in two days, sure, but that’s it for the whole fucking winter. I’m bitching because businesses don’t know when the fuck to fucking close down and get people off the roads, not because I object to the weather existing. 

And then another person on FB was bitching that they didn’t get snow and how dare the media hype this. I was like, okay, also bullshit, millions of people are affected by this so maybe if your TV offends you so much turn it off?

I am salty as fuck lately. I need to go back to bed. (On the upside, SUCK IT MUSLIM BAN 2.0 and go Holland on learning from our mistakes!)

The Táin

Mar. 16th, 2017 12:00 pm

Ailill: I’m richer than you Medb: Don’t you fuckin start this
shit i gotta, like, get my shit together and stop whining. everything i’m posting lately is salty rants, i’m gonna get rhetorical hypertension.

(is that a thing. that’s totally a thing.)

I did channel it into getting back on the Angry Political Postcard horse. I hadn’t sent any out in a few days (a week? *checks log* oh i got too depressed to write them down, so I’m not sure. Great!) I sent one to the local Republican congressman telling him to get his shit together and stand up to the ridiculousness, specifically the ACA, or be replaced. (Verbatim: you clearly don’t actually care about the wellbeing of your constituents so we’re going to do everything we can to get rid of you.) And i also sent one to the NYS Commissioner of Ed because fucking Carl fucking Paladino is sending out more racist fucking email forwards from his business email address and yet he is still on the school board and he needs to be fucking removed. Get him the fuck out of there. What a shitstain. He is, to steal a quote from Nightvale that is depressingly literal here, “a racist embarrassment to our town”. 

And he owns the building where dude’s company just started renting an office suite. (They expressed their reservations. Paladino Jr assured them his dad wasn’t involved. Riiiiiiiight. But… it’s a phenomenally beautiful historical building in an excellent location with really cheap rent. They’re uncomfortably conflicted, but signed a lease anyway. Some of the dudes spend a lot of time trying to think of ways to prank Paladino. They also have been warned: there’s one particular parking enforcement officer who has made it her personal quest to do whatever she can against Paladino, so she relentlessly tickets the surroundings of his buildings. Duly noted, the company has purchased space in a garage a block away, which does not belong to Paladino.)

When applied to an entire global population, the vegan diet wastes available land that could otherwise feed more people. That’s because we use different kinds of land to produce different types of food, and not all diets exploit these land types equally.

Grazing land is often unsuitable for growing crops, but great for feeding food animals such as cattle.
Perennial cropland supports crops that are alive year-round and are harvested multiple times before dying, including a lot of the grain and hay used to feed livestock.
Cultivated cropland is where you typically find vegetables, fruits and nuts.
The five diets that contained the most meat used all available crop and animal grazing land. The five diets using the least amount of meat—or none at all—varied in land use. But the vegan diet stood out because it was the only diet that used no perennial cropland at all, and, as a result, would waste the chance to produce a lot of food.


Going Vegan Isn’t the Most Sustainable Option for Humanity




Hunh. I had not considered this.

(via vaspider)
Winter sky. More interesting than my attempt to photograph approx 18" accumulation of snow.

Lazily writing a thing while telling myself I should not be writing a thing. Now I don’t know what to do with it. Carry on or not? I have no idea where it’s going except that it’s shaping up to be Hux and Finn in a room having a relatively drama-free chat.

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The Táin

Mar. 16th, 2017 06:16 pm


Ailill: I’m richer than you Medb: Don’t you fuckin start this

Oh main, I remember reading this in one of my courses in college, and I just cracked up right at the start.  Nessa rolls up on Cathbad, “hey, druid, what’s today good for?”, you know, checking the omens like they’re the weather, and Cathbad responds, “for begetting a king on a queen.”
I could practically hear his eyebrows waggling.

#dumbest pickup line#it worked#I laughed#apparently you’re not supposed to think that scene is comedy#maybe?#nobody else was laughing

I literally wrote an entire paper about how this entire epic is fucking hilarious comedy mixed straight in, no chaser, with top-notch drama, and how modern genre boundaries are completely ignored. But I don’t know where that paper ended up.

I heard something amazing last night: a longterm Congressional aide who said “I got 30,000 calls a week to impeach Bill Clinton. I’ve gotten 5,000 this week about the ACA.”

That’s partly because we communicate differently now than we did in the 90s, of course. But in my opinion, it’s a sign of something else. This first-week offensive of jaw-droppingly vile legislation is intended to fragment the opposition. We can’t all fight every battle–and if we try, the aides we speak to won’t tabulate us in all of them. So while 30,000 or more of us may be calling, some of us are focusing on the ACA and some on Jeff Sessions and some on the wall and some on the Muslim ban and on and on and on. 

This is important and necessary. We must and will focus on the many, MANY different issues that brought us to this point. But it is also time to pull Congress’s attention to one, and that one is impeaching Donald Trump. 

When you call your reps tomorrow, try something like this. (Feel free to send me corrections.)

Hi, my name is [your name], I’m a constituent from [your town], and I want to tell [representative’s name] that Congress needs to act immediately to impeach President Trump. Not only has his behavior been unhinged, but he is in direct and obvious violation of the Foreign Emoulments clause of the Constitution. He is empowering deluded bigots like Steve Bannon over national security experts. He is dangerous and unfit to lead. As a [parent, lawyer, child of immigrants, friend and neighbor of immigrants], I have a stake in this fight, and I will personally work to remove any member of Congress who doesn’t stand against Trump. Thanks.

This is ESPECIALLY important if you have a Republican representative. Make it personal for them. Tell them how hard you and your community will work to ensure they lose in the next election if they don’t stand up to Trump.

Mike Pence is a nightmare, but he’s not a nightmare who wants to put Steve Fucking Bannon on the National Security Council. He’s not a nightmare with populist cachet. He is not the nightmare that makes David Duke and Richard Spencer so fucking happy. We must and will fight him as President – but we will be able to do it on our terms. Impeach this motherfucker now.  
Another Sled Dog Guy Mystery chapter is up, unexpectedly– I realized I’d hit a stopping point like 10,000 words ago, so, here. An intermezzo chapter, kind of, picking up immediately after the last one, and transitioning us to the road trip storyline. Bonus: Kaytoo makes his debut as a German Shepherd who flunked out of (was stolen from?) police school (and reprogrammed?). 

Chapter 4: Thirty Cents’ Change

Featuring some intracrural sex, too, which I rarely write, so. Super extra bonus.

Also a little bit of Revealing The Plot. 

Baze shook his head slowly. “It’s beyond me,” he said. “At any rate. You’re a good person, Bodhi Rook, and that’s why I’m telling you this second thing even though I’m not supposed to talk about it.”

Bodhi wasn’t so startled and pleased that he couldn’t make the connection. “You’re warning me about Jeron,” he said.

Baze breathed in, then out, slowly, regarding him warily, then nodded. “I am,” he said.



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