Mar. 15th, 2017

Out of all the WIPs I was shuffling through today, the one I landed on was Shara Bey and Bodhi Rook meeting up on the cargo pilot circuit.

‪Honestly, the only thing that could hurt Trump politically with his voters would be if those tax returns somehow showed he wasn’t racist.‬
via replied to your post “I promise you, Guy I Know In Real Life Who I’ve Blocked On Facebook…”

I knew exactly who this was about before I went to Twitter to check.

yeah, it’s not a surprise. 

on the other hand, though, it’s kind of nice to know I’ve pretty effectively removed anyone else from my life who’d try that sort of shit.
via replied to your post “As I sort of predicted, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo spent today being a…”

honestly this post is beautiful

Hahahaa, I was just trying to capture the frustration of living in a relatively wealthy blue state. Like, I understand, politics these days is a horrorshow, and I have genuine, heart-stoppingly vivid sympathy for people who live in states whose topmost politicians routinely say horrifying shit denying the very humanity of some of their constituents. I really do. I really, truly do.

But Andrew Cuomo is an asshat, in the classic, old-school centrist New York Democrat kind of way, in a way that now seems so quaint. I mean, he’s a heartless bastion of mindless privilege, an absolute festering sump of pork-barrel patronage, a glad-handing media-hungry fop who’ll do anything for a soundbite and believes he’s basically God, on zero evidence.

I hate him, but if it were him or Trump, I’d knife-fight a furious weasel blindfold for him. At least he respects the office enough to turn up and at least make a show of it. And he’s, you know. Not actively a fascist. And probably not even currently engaged in treason. Who knew my standards would slip this low so quickly.

TFA Covers | Can’t Go Home This Way | 60k

Finn has learned enough that he can start making informed choices. Poe’s mission goes very wrong. Rey has been studying up on Skywalkers this whole time so she has a pretty good handle on acceptable levels of drama in a rescue.

!!!! This makes me so happy. :) 
via replied to your post “Out of all the WIPs I was shuffling through today, the one I landed on…”

She could also big-sister him a bit; maybe there’s a ship or a route she knows cold and he needs a little help with…and maybe he finds that desperately attractive but lacks the self-esteem to actually pursue her… Or you could just write what you want and I could go the hell to bed like I should.

oh that’s intriguing.

Given my timeline, though, he’d be about five years older than she is, and I figured on about two-three years before the events of Rogue One for this little ficlet, so– he’d be about 25, she’s about 20 (if you assume Bodhi is younger than Ahmed)– and so I ruminated on it and impulse-generated myself a little prompt where he uses his slightly-protected status as a uniformed Imperial to save her from a scrape, and then they meet again later.

I want them to hook up because that’s always the easiest plot hook in fanfiction, and also because I’m still stinging over the Bad Demi Discourse I accidentally read and now I’m feeling all weird over putting sex in fic (and I just saw another post where someone was congratulating someone else on resisting the urge to put sex in fic and the other person was like oh yes sex is so lazy a trope and I was like– now I’m all messed-up over this, y’all, don’t let any other Fandom Olds tell you it gets easier, I’ve been writing fic since the 90s and this shit still knocks me for loops on the regular). And also, I mean, ace!Bodhi is a great headcanon I haven’t explored, and also Shara doesn’t need to bang everyone, but then, why would it be weird when there are so many crackfics that are just PWPs, why shouldn’t they, and clearly I’m overthinking it.

Anyway, I have 1500 words of Shara being clever and desperate and Bodhi being small and brave, and I don’t know yet where my heart will take me from there.







this is your periodic reminder that old-timey medicines did not fuck around

Yeah that’d probably handle a cough.

“skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients” what else did they fucking put in there

This picture is the definition of “just fuck me up”

You can’t cough if you’re in a coma

You can’t cough if you’re in a coma

Why did I laugh so fucking hard….

I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit. Irony…

Ok. So. here’s the Reader’s digest for you.

Rachel Maddow announced today (3.14.17) that she had some of Trump’s tax records. It was the two summary pages from the 2005 1040. 

This is the first piece of his tax returns we have seen in the 21st century.

Yes. He paid taxes in 2005 (Viewable here)

The Alternative Minimum Tax (that he wants to abolish) is the reason he paid 38mil not 6mil.

None of the reporters did anything illegal.

The forms are stamped Client Copy, giving the impression that whoever released them is connected to the Trump family

David Cay Johnston is who received the two pages of the 1040. He is a pulitzer winning journalist. He brought it to Maddow.

The income and the return on assets does not support the level of wealth Trump has claimed. (no articles written yet, twitter helps)

The White House Released a statement

The DNC has released a statement.

If you would like to understand this with more depth, this is a youtube playlist of relevant stories from Maddow to help you frame what’s going on and understand what  could be proven or disproven by a full tax return release. She gives you context to everything as much as she can.
dontbearuiner replied to your post: dontbearuiner replied to your post “I promise…

I was done with him the day he tried to command Z and J to put babies in us, despite none of the four of us wanting children in the least.

yeah. that was. it was real gross. 
This past War, K told me he had to keep stepping in to tell him to turn down the Creep Factor. 

There’s an extent of, you know, good feelings and bonhomie and all. But like. I got finite stores to handle that shit. And if literal decades in SCA/kink circles have not taught him which of his shit is Not Cute, I’m not here to put up with it.

Statistician Patrick Ball runs an NGO called the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, which uses extremely rigorous, well-documented statistical techniques to provide evidence of war crimes and genocides; HRDAG’s work has been used in the official investigations of atrocities in Kosovo, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Syria and elsewhere.

HRDAG is called upon to estimate the full scope of killings by soldiers and police in situations where no records have been kept, or when the records have systematically excluded the worst offenses, and where witnesses and survivors fear reprisals and will not come forward. Through their decades of experience, Ball and HRDAG have developed methodologies for producing good estimates even where the data is in such disarray.

One place where this disarray exists is in the USA, where no comprehensive records are kept of police killings, where some jurisdictions openly refuse to supply any statistics on such killings, and where fear of reprisals and an unjust system prevent many incidents from being reported at all.

In a must-read article in Granta>, Ball explains the fundamentals of statistical estimation, and then applies these techniques to US police killings, merging data-sets from the police and the press to arrive at an estimate of the knowable US police homicides (about 1,250/year) and the true total (about 1,500/year).

That means that of all the killings by strangers in the USA, one third are committed by the police.

This is data-driven journalism at its finest: uncovering socially vital data that has been suppressed at the highest levels, while providing an education in how to estimate numbers like these from fragmentary data-sources.
via replied to your post “sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “Out of all the WIPs I…”

“Sex is so lazy a trope.” …that must be why it ONLY happens in fic; clearly no one in the real world EVER bangs, in healthy or unhealthy ways. <rolls eyes>

lazaefair replied to your post “sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “Out of all the WIPs I…”

If you want to put sex in it, put sex in it. Sex as a lazy trope wtfffffffffff

I get it, the post I was looking at wasn’t meanly directed at all (I’m sure I wasn’t paraphrasing it accurately and didn’t take it in the spirit in which it was intended at all, as I only read it in passing and not in a super receptive frame of mind), and I do get occasional very heartfelt and sweet feedback from commenters who are Super Not Into That Sort Of Thing. I do seem to put sex into everything, and I tend to wind plot and character inextricably through it, so if you’re a reader who always skips the sex scenes I do tend to make that prohibitive. And, I mean, I do that on purpose, I don’t really like to have scenes in my stories that don’t serve the overarching plot. But I get that it sucks if you’re really not into that.

On the other hand, stories without sex in them really don’t get the readership that smut does. But rarepairs also tend not to, so. Six of one half a dozen of the other, and whichever I do will be wrong for somebody, but probably will be Right With Sparkly Glitter All Over It And An Exclamation Point for someone else. 

(Which is a roundabout way, I suppose, of saying that if you read something and it is Right For You, it is good to say so, because I think of those things when I’m doing this kind of calculus. “One of my persistent anons delurked to squee about this,” goes this little bit of my deep consciousness, “and that was so nice, maybe I should do this again.” Unfortunately the opposite, “One of my persistent anons delurked to tell me that this was really Not Their Thing,” tends to follow up with, “maybe I’m garbage and shouldn’t write ever again,” so that’s less effective as a technique. I don’t have perfect control over the lizard brain parts, you know?)

Ace rep is tricky and sometimes a story doesn’t bend the way you want it to and sometimes you get existential about things that aren’t really that complicated. 
Ugh I spent at leas a quarter of my commute in semi-controlled skids on the way here. It is nasty out. Way worse than yesterday, and bombing down. Had to spend about 10 min scraping my car before I left, and another 5 scraping it when I arrived because so much ice had built up during my drive.
And Andy’s on Twitter simpering on about “post-storm cleanup” like there isn’t a whole rest of the state, you know? Enjoy your cleanup, guys.
Weather report: they closed the mall at noon. More devastatingly, my remote server in Philly is down for no reason, so I can’t process orders. But. The plow guys are out, good for them.

Couple Mourning Their Cat Find a Note from a Stranger Whose Life was Touched by Their Cat

A couple from the UK were saddened when their cat suddenly passed away, but little did they know that their beloved feline had helped fill a void in a stranger’s life.

Bear and his brother Teddy were always together, sharing their every adventure. What their humans (reddit user TravUK) didn’t know was that they had made a friend next door for quite some time.Two weeks ago, Bear suddenly passed away. As the couple was still in mourning, they came to find a note attached to Teddy’s collar one day. That’s when they realized that someone else they had never met was also missing their cat.The note reads: “Dear Owner; I’m your neighbour, living in 4. I’m also your cats’ close friends as they (2 cats) are used to coming to my room everyday. But one of them, a bigger one has disappeared for two weeks. Is he ok? I’m so worried about him. He is so lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine. - Y.T. 2/March/2017.”
“We posted a letter back into number 4, saying that our other cat had passed away. We also included our email address,” TravUK said.When they woke up the next morning, they received a lengthy email from the neighbor, explaining how she loved her time with their cats, especially Bear.
The cat admirer is an exchange student from China studying at a nearby University. She loved every second she spent with Bear as he filled her heart with joy and kept her company when she needed a friend. As a student studying overseas, she experienced being homesick. Bear was able to comfort her and remind her of home.The email she sent touched the couple’s hearts. She shared how she used to practice her university presentations to Bear. “He would sit on her bed and listen… she didn’t have anyone else to practice with. Very touching… She even attached some pictures they had taken of my boys which warmed my heart,” he said.
The neighbor visited Bear at his grave in their garden and brought him flowers to show him just how much he meant to her. “Makes you proud that he could brighten up more than just my households lives.”

Via Love Meow


He free

That moment when a betta first comes out of his cup and realizes he can really swim… my favorite
via is giving away free wild flower seeds to help save the bees.:

Given that neither the flowers nor the bees are native to Canada I’m unsure how helpful this campaign will be, but it’s cute, I suppose. 



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