Mar. 14th, 2017

So, relating the gifset I just posted of baby-faced sweet-soft 26-year-old Diego Luna in Solo Dios Sabe, 2006,  to my earlier rant about how the character of Cassian Andor in no way appears to be a 26-year-old man (and related to this gifset, of Andor as played by a 36-year-old Diego Luna for comparison)– anyway. I’d meant to do a more amusing and coherent post about that, but I didn’t.

(Bonus gif of the thing I was looking for and couldn’t find. Mostly I’m in a gif mood.)

I think the Cassian Andor in my Lost Kings story is closer to his appearance in the movie, and closer to his age. It just works better with that timeline. He’s much older than Kes (who he meets soon, that update’s in the rotation), and more appropriately-contemporary with Kes’s father. (Did you miss that one? It’s here: Salvage What You Can, enumerating some of Cassian’s formative years in the Rebellion.)

But I think the Cassian in the sort-of-Earth AU, The Sled Dog Guy Mystery, is closer to his stated canon age. That story just works better if he’s super-jaded, but still relatively young.

It also fits in a bit better with the way Riz Ahmed played Bodhi in the movie– Ahmed is only a couple of years younger than Luna, born 1982 to Luna’s 1979, but Bodhi came across as very young and sort of sheltered, some perhaps from Ahmed’s natural facial anatomy– though if you look at other parts he’s played, he has excellent control of his facial muscles, and sometimes plays sleepy-eyed characters or keeps his eyes hooded for a more menacing aspect; an interviewer asked him about it and he was very flippant [“Yes, I found that the acting generally went better if I kept my eyes open”], but it is definitely true, he literally played Bodhi wide-eyed. 

It just makes the characters more realistic if they don’t have quite the weight of life experience of their mid-30s behind them. 

So, anyway. That wasn’t as pithy and punchy as I’d intended to be about it, but. 

I just wish I could manage to come up with a way to include Bodhi in the Lost Kings stuff. I’d love to write about canon Bodhi but he necessarily doesn’t overlap with the other characters. I mean… maybe Sento and Shara had worked with him, Sento worked mostly cargo as an independent contractor. But I don’t think the Imperial pilots would have a ton of overlap with freelancers. 

Maybe, though. 

Bonus pretty gif of Bodhi, which I don’t have a source for, why am I like this, apologies to all the gif makers whose works I save impulsively to my phone and then don’t know where I got them:

Jessica Henwick (the actress who plays the queen of the Resistance pilots Jessika Pava) on Rey’s parentage
So the entire State of New York is in a state of emergency as of midnight last night. Ever since i started following the Thruway Authority on Twitter I’m much more aware of these things, because they retweet the governor a lot. And on the one hand, I’m like, Andy, sit the fuck down, it’s just a snowstorm, you don’t have to give a speech. (Governor Cuomo is really fond of speeches.) But on the other hand, I mean.

Here’s the thing about states of emergency: they mean the various state agencies are authorized to use emergency funding and resources to handle situations. 

During 9/11, and later during Katrina, my father was an employee of New York State’s Office of General Services, and so when a state of emergency is invoked, the Office of Emergency Management takes over and starts assigning people things. Dad’s National Guard unit was called up for 9/11, under the emergency management rubric, but his position with the state was deemed essential enough that it superseded the National Guard and so he stayed in a weird bunker in Albany directing resources for the disaster recovery team in NYC. So, it is worth noting, while a lot of federal resources were involved during 9/11′s immediate aftermath, the State of New York was in fact the coordinating authority. FEMA showed up, but they didn’t take over.

During Katrina, of course New York wasn’t involved, but Dad was extremely critical of the State of Louisiana, which did not seem to have much of a plan. Yes, FEMA’s lack of response was horrifying, but the state also didn’t really have any kind of infrastructure in place, and they’d known those levees were beyond their life expectancy for a long time. The role of the states is to respond immediately and set up a framework for the federal disaster response agencies to slot into and take over with their greater access to resources, and that was simply not done in Louisiana. (At least, not to dad’s satisfaction. I have like, zero other context for this.)

However, New York also has a much larger tax base, and while we’re like, 49th in efficiency (we do have an extremely corrupt government) we’re also like, second in resources. So, sad as it is, it kind of makes sense that we’d be better at dealing with things. I don’t think we’re expecting any federal help for this, as it’s just a blizzard and the whole state’s snowfall totals are so far under average that we’ve got all this equipment sitting around…

Anyway. The upshot is that I have a horrible chest cold and am going to have to go shovel out my car and drive 12 miles to work where nothing will be working and the main office/warehouse in Philly is almost certainly closed but won’t tell us, they’ll just not respond to our calls and the printer will stop working, but I have to be there anyway just in case one of them calls us, so we can say we were there. This is so stupid, I’m going to cough my lungs out just getting there and be sick an extra week.
"Hey, Bodhi! Baze and I are going out for ice cream. Wanna come with?" "I've never had ice cream..." "!!! Did you hear that Baze? He's never had ice cream!" "I'm standing right here. I heard it."
"I've never had ice cream either. What's the big deal?" Jyn asks. "I can't believe this! Did you hear that, Baze?"
"Did I hear that right? You two have never had ice cream?" "You are correct, Cassian. My hearing is far superior to yours, and I can confirm that that's what was said." "Thank you for that, Kay."
And then they all enjoyed their treats. Well, almost all. "This is cruel, Cassian. You know I cannot ingest this."

for the anon who asked, “ Chirrut and Baze taking Bodhi for ice cream?? Please~” 

(“story” is in the captions)







I work at a daycare with infants.

One of our baby girls is fat, in the 99th percentile for her age. She is super cute and sweet. Lately, she has been sick with various breathing issues, so she has been reluctant to take her bottles. Normally, she’ll take 4 ounces of formula at lunch and 8 ounces in the afternoon. Today, I was lucky to get to her take 5 all day.

There was a substitute covering a lunch break in my classroom today. We emphasized to her that we need to keep trying to get the baby to drink her bottle until she finished it. She said, “Why are you guys so worried about taking her bottle?”

My coworker replied, “That’s where all her nutrients are. She needs the nutrients and the water.”

To which the substitute replied, “But she’s so fat. She doesn’t need it.”

Thin privilege is a small, pretty baby getting better childcare because the caretaker doesn’t think she’s too fat to be allowed to eat.

This reminds me of a cousin of mine who ended up with her kids being taken away from her by social services for a number of reasons but mostly for nearly killing her baby daughter. How?

By starving her. She insisted that her baby was ‘too fat’ and had an aim to remove any and all ‘chubbyness’ so her baby would be thin. She’d already been warned by her doctor about the baby not getting enough food, but insisted she knew best.

After several months of this her baby passed out cold one day and was rushed into hospital where the doctors found her to have severe malnutrition, a low body temperature and low pulse rate. They asked my cousin what she’d been feeding her daughter and she said “one bottle of skimmed milk a day. I don’t want her growing up fat.”

Even after nearly killing her daughter my cousin maintained her view that fat = bad and ended up with all her kids taken from her because she was starving them and neglecting them.

When your fatphobia leads you to starving your own children then you’ve got serious problems.

(Note. She still, to this day, maintains the view that she was right and the doctors were wrong. “They just want fat kids so they can keep employed treating them for all those diseases that being fat causes.” = her actual words.)

My mom had me dieting with her when I was eleven. She had me eating less than 600 calories a day because she was worried I was going to “get huge.” She even grounded me once because she found out my friends were bringing me lunches! I ended up passing out, going to the ER, and getting two IVs at once BC I was so goddamn dehydrated. Soooooo surprised they didn’t call child services… And looking back, this was the root of my anorexia. I’m nearly 22 and still fighting it. Please don’t starve your fucking children.

For fucks sake babies are SUPPOSED to be fat, what is wrong with people? It’s just stored energy, and growing children need stored energy - an 11 year old is just about to hit some major growing years. Damn. 




and it kills

This is no joke. people will literally starve their own babies cause they don’t want them getting fat. A parent brought in their six month old baby who was having breathing issues and kept getting sick. the parent was asked if the baby was eating regularly and the parent straight up told the doctor that they only feed the baby once a day. ONCE A DAY. A FUCKING BABY. they even had the nerve to say because they didn’t want the baby to get fat. people like this are real. they would rather have a dead baby than a fat one.

My youngest son is a very big boy and has been since he was born. When he was 10 months old I took him for his well-baby check and vaccinations. The nurse noted his weight and said, quite casually, “He is in the 99th percentile for weight so he is at risk for obesity. You may want to keep an eye on that.” I said, “He is exclusively breastfed. He refuses to eat any solids yet.” What did she expect me to do? What would it mean to “keep an eye on” an exclusively breastfed baby’s weight? 

She backed off saying, ‘Well he looks fine!” – proving once again that weight bias is not truly about health – But I know many other parents who are not as informed as I am about weight science and size diversity would react to this interaction by policing their child’s food intake, if not as an infant, then when he was an older child. This is exactly the type of seemingly-inconsequential interaction that starts the ball rolling on a lifetime of dieting, disordered eating, negative body image, and weight-based abuse for too many fat people.

Years later when he was five, another doctor measured his weight and height and commented that he is off the charts on both, but “at least he is in proportion.” And if he was not “in proportion,” I am sure I would have been advised once again to “watch his weight.” 

I no longer allow healthcare providers to weight my children unless it is absolutely medically necessary. They are unable to control their weight talk, which is a known harm for children.

We need to completely eliminate weight talk from medicine, especially when it comes to children. Even the smallest exposure can have terrible consequences.

My older sister has three kids. The oldest boy is a beanpole and a picky eater, who often eats so lightly at dinner that he wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. The second boy is a ravenous eater, and prone to terrible mood swings if his blood sugar gets too low. He eats fast, and eats anything he can get his hands on; my sister is careful about what she gives him, knowing his blood sugar can be so volatile, and makes sure he gets good balanced nutrition to keep him on an even keel. He also is more active as his older brother, and very athletically talented and coordinated. He’s built like a fire hydrant, and if you try to pick him up he’s extremely dense with no “squish”. 

His pediatrician apologetically told his mother at his five-year appointment that she was legally mandated to inform her about obesity and give her this informational packet on cutting down on her son’s sugar intake. Because, you know, BMI, based on insurance actuarial tables with no actual health data backing them up, is the only measurement we have to assess anyone’s health. And the only reason a kid could ever be fat would be too much sugar.

The older one’s having the problems: sneaking candy in the middle of the night because he’s hungry from not eating dinner has given him cavities. She could maybe use some help figuring out how to get him to eat the healthy meals she prepares. But no, he’s thin, and that’s aesthetically pleasing, so her heavyset sports nut middle kid is the one who gets the government-mandated lecture. (She’s started setting out approved snacks for the older one, who’s now old enough to serve himself at midnight. He’s old enough now that those cavities are in adult teeth, which means fillings, which has put the fear in him a little bit.)

Fortunately, her third child, a girl, seems to have no particular issues with food either direction, and so there hasn’t been any pressure on her. Lord knows she’ll get plenty of that even if she’s textbook-normal, so at least it’s not starting early.

today i have been mostly thinking about oscar isaac’s moustache, because of Reasons

#oscar isaac #and his moustache #perhaps you can guess the Reasons#i blame you bomberqueen17

Haa haaa haaaaaa!!!!! Search your feelings, you know it to be Necessary. 

high school era bodhi / cassian - based on an au by @morethanonepage, teased here

“I haven’t got a perfect attendance record,” he says, perhaps a little too indignantly — it’s a ridiculous thing to say, to get vehement about, and he half expects Cassian to laugh, push him off, and never come back. Cassian just gives that strange, close-mouthed smile he favors, and leans in, pressing his lips to Bodhi’s again, more gently this time, and strangely so. It’s…nice.
In any other year this would kinda be an average March day here.
Featuring the only way I get to see the outdoors at work– the fire exit. Cameo by the Rochester boots (bought for me when I was a commuting-on-foot off-campus undergrad at U of R), which I usually need about once a year.

I promise you, Guy I Know In Real Life Who I’ve Blocked On Facebook And Am Gritting My Teeth And Not Quite Blocking On Twitter, I would be waaaaayyy less of a Humorless Feminist if your jokes were actually fucking funny. 

Relatedly: you can’t persuade me to find your unfunny jokes funny. It’s not an argument you can win.
I promise you, Guy I Know In Real Life Who I’ve Blocked On Facebook And Am Gritting My Teeth And Not Quite Blocking On Twitter, I would be waaaaayyy less of a Humorless Feminist if your jokes were actually fucking funny. 
As I sort of predicted, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo spent today being a pompous asshat all over Twitter and the media in general. He tweets with emojis, people, this is not okay. One highlight was him standing in the snow like a fucking Weather Channel anchor telling people there was no reason to go out in this mess. (I had to @-reply him. I was like, Andy, you ass, there’s no paid leave time for the vast majority of workers in your state, we can’t fucking afford a day off. That’s a reason right there, bucko. Think for point three seconds before you yap, Christ.) (I said it more succinctly but only because it’s Twitter and you have to.)

Hang on, he’s such a twit, I have to go get a screenshot of this fuckery.

What a fucking goon. Come the fuck inside, you moron, you’re not a meteorologist. You look like a twit.

Anyway. I had a nice rant on Twitter about my entire family’s cross-party, deep, generational loathing of the Cuomo dynasty, and then had a moment to reflect how nice it was when this was the most outraged I’d generally get in a day.

I mean, we have a lengthy, deep family history of ranting about Cuomos and their smarter-than-thou, greasy-palmed politicking. Dad used to call his mother in Florida and rack up long-distance charges doing it, as a monthly indulgence. (She was an old Manhattanite Democrat and loved, loved to argue.) We’re talking, like, deep cuts of my childhood memories here. Dad worked for Mario and hated the guy. Andy’s just a chip off the old block only more so.

If he ever runs for President or something I will shit nails trying to get him defeated in the primaries, but sweet Christ, I would take him for a no-term-limits four thousand years of entitled fuckery if it meant the current unpresidented nightmare would stop. 

I had no idea how lucky I was, what a luxury it was, to just hate politicians for being slyly corrupt and better-than-thou and misguided, arrogant, smarmy, entitled– but probably unlikely to actively drive the state or nation rapidly into the ground and/or engulf the world in actual nuclear annihilation.

Fucking Tr*mp’s even ruined my God-given right as a native New Yorker to hate fucking Cuomo. I’m starting to be slightly fond of Andy’s goofy ass, as he uses every possible opportunity to snipe as obnoxiously and self-righteously as possible at the Un-President. Fuck, this isn’t even fair. 

Look at him. Put a hat on, you idiot. 



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