Mar. 5th, 2017

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Your hair! Is that a yggdrasil necklace?

I habitually have done my hair like that for special occasions for some years now. I’ve gotten better at it, though; it’s more even now and I can get it to stay without sliding. Now I think of it as Leia hair but at the time I think it was modeled after the Ukranian Power Braid a la that one prime minister they had. 

It’s actually a brass knuckle necklace, as it happens. My roller derby team’s logo had brass knuckles in it. 
i forgot to mention this but last sunday when i drove across new york state I saw eight red-tailed hawks, including two that nearly hit cars in front of me. I also saw something FUCKING ENORMOUS gliding in across the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge bit where the Thruway goes through it– I don’t want to say it was definitely a fucking eagle? but it was definitely a fucking eagle. 

Driving back across new york state today, I saw zero red-tailed hawks, but holy shit, the police. The highway’s turn-arounds were studded with staties* like the girls’ toddler section at Target is studded with rhinestones, it was unreal. 

Also for only maybe the second time I can remember, the signs that say “TRAFFIC UPDATE WHEN FLASHING” were flashing, and I turned my radio to 1610 AM, which took some doing (when is the last time you used your AM band? Same) and there was a backup ahead, but I real quick poked Google Maps and it said it was still faster to stay on the Thruway than any other route, so I toughed it out. And in fact there was a slowdown, stop-and-go for like, three minutes, but it was at that point all just rubbernecking.

Because in the center median there was an entire semi, tractor and trailer both, lying on its side, facing backward toward oncoming traffic. Also, dusted with snow on the upper side. Which makes me wonder how goddamn long the thing had been sitting there, and also how it got there. 

I used voice recognition to text my dude, and told him of the traffic delay, summing it up as “Tractor trailer, past tense”, which amazingly, he understood. 

(Not nearly as dramatic as the time I crawled through stop-and-go traffic until I came upon the charred skeleton of a former tractor, with the trailer unhitched and clearly physically shoved backward about fifteen feet, to spare the cargo.)
via replied to your post “i forgot to mention this but last sunday when i drove across new york…”

are eagles uncommon where you live? honest question out of curiosity

Both golden and bald eagles have a range that includes the entirety of my 300-mile commute area, but I basically never see them. I’m spectacularly unobservant and have poor vision, and i know over the summer at the farm there were at least two times when my brother-in-law said “Oh! an eagle!” and i looked up and he pointed and I squinted and I looked all around and never saw it.

Mostly when I see Enormous Birds, they’re turkey vultures– the farm is a haven for them, especially given its livestock-processing tendencies, and right by the yurt there’s a hill that slopes upward from a stream that has obvious A++++++ thermals all day errday and they love it, they use it to gain altitude all the time so I see them A Lot– but this really didn’t look like one, so.

I just don’t see very well at a distance and so my career as a birder especially while driving has not been characterized by high accuracy.
So the week before last, I discovered Wet Seal was going out of business. Nine times out of ten i hate everything on their website, but then when I went and looked this time, everything was like, five dollars. So I went a little nuts.

I now own one of those lace-overlay nude-slip dresses, a glittery fake fur leopard-print vest, spruce green crushed velvet leggings, about ten assorted flimsy t-shirts (they were three dollars what was I supposed to do) and a handful of flannel shirts, and some jeans that fit me like they were painted on. (WHATEVER as i approach forty i have fewer and fewer fucks to give.) (There is also a dress that is labeled “2x” like everything else but I estimate would fit a 38″ bust, and a skirt also labeled “2x” that is designed for about a 22″ waist. All sales final but I can see why. Fortunately I have many small friends.)

Then one night at the farm I was in so much pain from moving half a ton of lumber with my out-of-shape office worker ass, that I just went to bed at like 7pm, and lay there, and was looking at Amazon’s deals of the day like you do, I was going to cancel my Amazon Prime because amazon advertises on breitbart but i didn’t get around to it yet and they had one of those umbrella-style aluminum backyard clothes hangers on sale for $25 off and it was the good one, not the kind that falls apart in the wind, and I’ve been wanting one for literally twelve years, I’ve been using a rope tied from my garage to the phone pole in back for literally twelve years, so

I bought it, and then while I was shopping I bought myself Add-On-Item bright red lipstick because I constantly want bright red lipstick and nothing I buy ever suits the purpose. 

So… while I was not home, my dude answered the door to a series of packages. The box from WetSeal was like, twenty pounds and enormous. Then there was an Amazon box that weighed less than two ounces. (Huge box, bubble pack, single tube of lipstick, I love/hate you Amazon.) Then the mailman knocked on the door. 

“Bet you’ve been waiting for this,” he said, presenting Dude with a 109″ box. (Go look at how long 109 inches is, I’ll wait. 2.76 meters. I’m 67 inches tall and am slightly above average height for a woman in the US.)

“Buddy I don’t even know what the fuck this is,” Dude said, but accepted the package and sent me a text. 

“uhhhhh Amazon says hi,” said the text.

“Oh right,” I texted back. “I meant to tell you…”

Anyway I’m currently wearing $2 satin pajama pants and a fake wool poncho and bright red lipstick and no I didn’t go set up the clothesline it’s 19 degrees outside are you crazy. (For my metric friends, that’s negative seven.)

you may know a man’s mind by whether or not he would fuck a robot, but you may only know his soul by whether or not he would fuck his clone


“You don’t need to go.“ 

Finn looks over at him: Poe looks surprisingly serious. “Of course I need to go.“ 

“Buddy. You really don’t.“ 

Finn goes back to packing his bag and shakes his head. “You think I can’t handle your dad?“ 

Poe’s silent for a long moment. Finn turns around and raises his eyebrows. “Really?“ 

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It’s really been a shockingly long time since I worked on the rest of the epilogue to the Home Out In The Wind series and so I just went to reread what’s posted of that epilogue story, and gosh. I don’t want to be cocky but I just like what I wrote so much. Gosh.

Norasol listened to the door opening, listened to whoever it was come in and wander around the house trying to find her. She should call out, help whoever it was find her. Either it was Etto, Kes’s assistant Rodia, the sweet little girl Nessa who came around all the time, or it was an enemy come at last to kill her, and if it was an enemy, then it was about damn time.

“If you’ve come to kill me, you’re almost too late,” she shouted, thinking on that. It would be such a pain in her ass if she finally got murdered now that she was too feeble to really do much damage in return. She’d really had her heart set on making them pay for it when they finally came for her, but she had so little power left, physically or spiritually. She’d just have to hope one of her hexes got them on the way back out of the house.

“What?” Etto asked, coming to the doorway.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said. He was the least interesting of any of the possibilities. She was fond of him, but he didn’t even have the redeeming value of being pretty, like the other two people in this system with door codes to her house.



I’ve been working on flat drawings of dresses I’d like to draft. I wish I was rich so I could just bang this all out and start selling the patterns. I need to test the bodice I drafted, then draft the three dress shapes here (a line, circle skirt, gathered skirt), then draft the various bodices. These will be particularly apple/ rectangle friendly, because we need some love. Most patterns don’t consider our need for more belly room and high waists.

This is where I’m up to on dress 3 - a bodice with a convertible collar and standard buttoned front with facing. I’m not happy with my darts but I’m seeking advice from my pattern drafting fb group on that. It’s annoying me that I can’t mark notches or fold lines on Valentina (the software I’m using to draft).

I’ve made a survey to collect body measurements so I can create my own measurement chart. If you’re a RTW or pattern size 26 and up I’d love your data. You will need a little bit of time, a tape measure, and a friend who can help out with a couple of measurements.

No identifying data is collected or made public. Just multiple choice, checkboxes and numbers.

Body Measurement Survey
There is a Secret Cat in this picture somewhere. You can’t see her. Can you guess where she is?
via replied to your photo “There is a Secret Cat in this picture somewhere. You can’t see her….”

Under the blankets by his knees?

Close! On top of his shins. 

It’s her favorite spot. 
I updated the epilogue of Home Out In The Wind with the long-awaited, long-promised, long-almost-finished Spiritually-Affirming Threesome scene. I actually had finished this bit but I like chapter updates to be 10k wordsish and the next segment is taking forever. (Also the bit with Kes and Leia, which is mostly cooperating but not entirely.)

So. In the meantime, here’s a 6.5k-word scene with exactly what I promised. 

And Go Home, chapter 2, on AO3 
“If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
- Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass: Selected Speeches and Writings
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