Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Public comment period on “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Market Stabilization” ends March 7. There are only 369 comments so far! (370 once mine gets processed!). 

Please learn how the Republicans are sucking up to insurance companies by making ACA plans harder for people to get, while decreasing their coverage and tax credits, and increasing their premiums!



Public comment is an important way to exercise your democratic right to speak up and influence legislation, and it is easy and painless to do. Let’s drown the Republicans with comments!
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I’m really amused by the argument “You can’t expect straight writers to include LGBT+ characters. They’ve never experienced being LGBT+” 

Because like-

1) JK Rowling was never an 11 year old orphaned wizard boy. Tolkien was never an ELF. This is how writing works.

2) I, a bisexual woman, am perfectly capable of writing straight men? 

Why are you guys such bad writers?

Like, no, maybe you would struggle to write an accurate and realistic portrayal of a trans teens transitioning, or a gay teens experience with homophobia. But you know you don’t HAVE to go super in depth about those things to include LGBT+ characters AT ALL, right? We are more than the bigotry we endure.

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Formless anxiety!

Woke me up!

Now I’m second-guessing literally every thing I’ve ever done and am suffused with dread! I’ve secretly angered everyone I know and the entire Internet also hates me! My cat doesn’t really love me! My dude is tired of me! My family wishes I wouldn’t come around so much! Everything I’ve ever written is garbage! My outfit is unflattering and in some way offensive to those around me! Etcetera. 

It’s such a good time, y’all. I was gonna do a story update but I think I’m just going to disconnect from the Internet and attempt to be productive at my day job and not really get anything done and slowly suffocate. Whee!

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There’s a media blackout at the Standing Rock camp right now. Press are penned and the whole place is surrounded by feds and police.

Obviously what they’re about to do they don’t want getting out. Also, no news is covering the eviction either.

We should all be worried. If they can silence something like this. They can silence anything. 

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Cops are making a move now

They’re arresting and violently assaulting journalists. There’s mace canisters and they’re pretty much running anyone in independent journalism over.
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There’s… some kind of light source… casting shadows? From the… sky? It’s sort of yellowish. I’m not sure… I’m not sure I’m seeing this properly. It stirs vague memories in me of… another life? Somewhere else? I’m just not sure.
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According to the Guardian, New Scientist, and many other press outlets, the Harvard geneticist George Church announced last week that he is going to produce elephant embryos with woolly mammoth genes within two years.

Media outlets this week have run more than 60 stories about Church’s press announcement, with breathless headlines, like “Woolly mammoths ‘to walk the earth again in TWO YEARS’ after massive breakthrough”, or “Woolly Mammoth Could Be ‘De-Extinct’ In 2 Years, Scientist Says”.

Now Church is a smart biologist. He knows that neither he nor anybody else is going to make a live woolly mammoth in two years. His interviews with the press, like the one reported by New Scientist, seem to have included lots of caveats admitting that the whole project falls short of “Jurassic World”-level science. Most media outlets ignored those caveats, and ran with clickbait headlines anyway.

Is this just another case of the media sensationalizing what is otherwise a good science story? Five reasons convince me that this week’s mammoth cloning story is beyond sensationalism, it is fake news. Looking at how this story went wrong says some depressing things about the state of today’s media coverage of science.

Continue Reading.

i still have one of the fake news stories open in a tab because Woolly Mammoths Are My Lifelong Hyperfixation and I couldn’t actually bring myself to read it, so I guess I’m sort of relieved I didn’t make myself read it. Still though.



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