Feb. 22nd, 2017

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Little sister

#baze’s expression here is just… #i’m dead

Question from those of us who can’t read faces: what does his face mean?

He’s looking fond, mostly, and maybe a bit proud of her. The lips pressed together plus the upward squinching of the muscles under the eyes usually indicate a sweet, affectionate sentiment, genuine for its understatedness. Her response being a wide-eyed smile indicates reciprocation and appreciation; she is moved by his assessment of her, and clearly, by his acceptance of her as a friend/relative/intimate; she also seems a little surprised by it. 

I don’t actually quite remember this bit of the movie in any detail so I’m not sure if there was more in context, but the caption indicates this is in conjunction with the time when he designated her “little sister”, and clearly meant it, so she’s being moved by that. 
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One of the problems with writing sex scenes is that it’s such a HASSLE getting everyone’s clothes off, and Star Wars characters just have so many clothes.  AND WEAPONS.  AND ACCESSORIES.

And traumatic backstory, which adds, like, another six garments.

Off the top of my head, for Chirrut it’s:
Black waist scarf
Leather/tech gauntlet
Upper robe
Red waist scarf
Undershirt or wrappings?

As for Baze, there is no fucking way anyone, even a trained Guardian, could possibly get out of a single-piece boiler suit in a sexy manner.
Cannon power pack
Cannon harness
Utility belt
Utility vest(?)
Boiler suit
Braid wrappings

Add on traumatic backstory, and that’s six garments apiece, plus two more once NiJedha gets blown up.

Partially clothed sex scenes it is!

My favorite approach is to get the characters to undress prior to there being a sex scene. Get them into pajamas! Make them be in some situation where they’ve had to change into bathrobes! Huzzah. 

Or, in a rare triumph of pacing, I just handwave the undressing and pick it up with “finally naked, they” etcetera. 

TOO MANY LAYERS. No way am I describing all that.
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Go Sikh community, you are truly American heroes. 

If this actually happened (and I can believe it, considering the generosity that the Sikh are known for), then yes, I definitely support it.

Here is the article

Sikhs opened their temple doors to Oroville Dam evacuees — and strangers came pouring in

and here the article the picture came from (although it has an obviously more political bend to it)

Trump supporter evacuated from Oroville dam: ‘I feel like a refugee’

Sikh temples are usually very charitable, (correct me if I’m wrong but) I believe most - if not all - of them will always serve food to anyone who comes through their doors of they need it.

I remember when I was in grade 7 a gas pipe at my school burst and we had to be evacuated. This happened in the middle of January in Canada, and we ultimately had to stand outside for an hour until the local temple offered to house all 1,500 students until we could go back to school.

I don’t even know why people are even remotely skeptical about this this. Gurdwaras here and almost everywhere I know are open here daily and serve food daily to anyone and everyone who happens to come in. There’s nothing political about it. Its just about having a good heart and an open honest mind while serving the community and your family around you. I’m not Sikh but they’re absolutely wonderful and do wonders around here especially for the homeless community.

I actually think this is like, the main deal with a gurdwara? It’s one of the main points of the institution, is to feed the hungry. It’s not just a thing they do, it’s one of the main pillars of the faith. 

I am not an expert or anyone who knows anything, I’m just someone who read the Wikipedia page on what a gurdwara is, the other day, and yeah, looking at it again, that’s paragraph two. Every one has a hall for the express purpose of feeding the hungry. 

Sikhism is such a beautiful faith. As I was watching the live updates on Twitter and reddit during the Oroville evacuations, I kept seeing that invitation to the gurdwara being retweeted and renewed, and it was like one bright spot in all the fear.

As a less-sunny aside, about the Oroville dam evacuations, I haven’t seen this anywhere else, but there was a spate of burglaries in the evacuation area; thieves knew where neighborhoods were deserted, and went through and looted homes at their leisure. So there’s your positives and negatives of America all in one little microcosm. 



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