Feb. 13th, 2017

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I once went to a house party where the person said they had mini wieners and i didn’t get what they meant until I showed up and there were, in fact, a pair of miniature dachshunds, and they were AMAZING. One was named Fafnir and  the other was named Shark.

Shark is an excellent name for an animal with legs so short it really just cruises around. 

I love when animals pet themselves using your hands, it’s my favorite. :)
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its kind of disappointing how everyone turns rey into some soft, clean aesthetic queen with glitter and pale pink fabrics when in canon rey is a greasy girl icon 

fanon rey: soft, smells like roses, always wearing glitter, no bad angles, pale smooth fabric queen
canon rey: doesnt know what a hairbrush or makeup is, steals fries off your plate, will fight you in a parking lot  

If I hung out with Rey we would have fart contests

that is the best addition to any post, sw-related or not

please consider that poe thinks hygiene is wiping down with the least greasy rag and rey just kind of scrubs off with some sand when she gets too crusty and finn is used to an absolutely scrupulous twice-daily hygiene regimen with water and sonic and specially formulated deodorants because you don’t want Army Stonk building up in a spaceship, or, god forbid, your armor. so he like, he loves poe and rey to death. he loves them. but he just watched poe try to explain the Sniff Test to rey, unsuccessfully, and he is kind of screaming internally now.

both rey and poe are in awe of how soft and sweet-smelling finn is and he’s like “listen it’s an ancient stormtrooper secret called WASH YOUR SOCKS WITH SOAP.”
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One of the downsides of trying to run undocumented migrants out of America is that there is no one left to do the hard work of farming.  As all Americans are about to find out when their grocery bills skyrocket…
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I just wanted to show off my Bodhi Rook minifig. I was at a loss as to what to do with him for pics. I asked @bomberqueen17, since she was around and has been talking about Bodhi. She didn’t have any concrete ideas. Said she wanted to see him having “a nice time.” And since I’ve been doing these small happy things posts… well. Here’s three of those. Eat a Cookie. Look at a penguin. and Pet an egg. :)

I LOVE PENGUINS I cannot tell you how much this cheered me up. The huge penguin! OMG this is adorable.
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Dear God, I cannot love Thee the way I want to. You are the slim crescent of a moon that I see and my self is the earth’s shadow that keeps me from seeing all the moon. The crescent is very beautiful and perhaps that is all one like I am should or could see; but what I am afraid of, dear God, is that my self shadow will grow so large that it blocks the whole moon, and that I will judge myself by the shadow that is nothing.

Flannery O’Connor, from her prayer journal (ca. January 1946)
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This isn’t fake news and it might well happen again, but FYI this particular article is 5 years old

Oh, yes. Shit, I was on mobile and meant to save it as draft so I could write a whole thing. But. Yes. This was approximately the same time as the Georgia situation I was talking about in my post the other day.

I was discussing this at work with a coworker and he said that agribusiness has relied for a long time on illegal labor being illegal, so they could exploit it; they’ve deployed a lot of scaremongering rhetoric to keep the system from proper reforms, to keep it broken on purpose so that they could keep exploiting these tenuous, illegal laborers who could never really get proper papers to do what they did. The problem now is that the people they’ve scared with the rhetoric are in a position to actually put it into place… and it’s the worst possible outcome, from the ones who originated it and fanned the flames.

I suspect there’s a lot of that going around; all these rhetoriticians who’ve spent so long not in power, being obstructionist, whipping up fervor over things, are now in a position to actually execute the horrible things they’ve been screeching about but never actually doing the math on… because the money’s in the screeching, see.

This isn’t my best-researched post, but it’s been a long, hard month and it hasn’t even been a month yet. 



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