Feb. 2nd, 2017

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long term relationships are the worst, we should all live alone in caves.

jesus christ, i know. especially since the whole saga with wells fargo is partly at his instigation. and come on. we share a bed. he knows i get stuck on the couch refreshing webpages until 1 am and he knows i get up at 5 because i can’t sleep and if i get up the cat won’t make so much noise. he knows i’m not sleeping. don’t wake me up from my first and only nap of this calendar year because you’re annoyed. 


mostly he’s better than basically anybody. but he’s got blind spots. i mean, he’s not wrong, i am a nightmare in human form, and he goes out of his way to avoid mentioning that or even seeming to notice it most days. So, good for him.

Ugh, I’ve basically never lived alone in my entire life and if I did I would wind up an unwashed filthy hermit subsisting on plain microwaved potatoes from a squalorous hole, so it’s probably better this way, but some days I can’t help but think wistfully about how much of a balanced diet you really can get from a potato.
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I just can’t make it get to the plot part of it. And then I get stuck trying to figure out plot. And then I fall over at trying to figure out whether anything at all matters, and then I stare into the void for a while. 

You’d think I’d be less productive, but the void staring seems not to really take up any more time than I used to have in my schedule for things like laughing at memes, so. 

It wasn’t late, only around eight pm by now, but when he came back from the shower, Cassian was profoundly asleep. Bodhi puttered around the apartment, cleaning up from dinner, putting the leftovers away with the other parts, and turned the heat off under the pot where he’d been simmering the carcass to make stock. He’d package that up the next day once it was cold.

Once he had everything cleaned up in the kitchen, he turned the heat back down and came into the bedroom, where Cassian was still asleep.

Cassian had wedged himself against the wall as if the bed were tiny and he were trying not to fall out of it. Bodhi shed his sweatpants and climbed in next to him. He hadn’t really slept with anyone else in his bed in a very long time, and not often at that. Not since he was a little kid and his baby sister had slept there, until Bodhi turned ten and their mother decided he was too old for that.

Bodhi wasn’t going to think about his sister. He turned the bedside lamp off, and settled down.

Cassian sighed in his sleep, and turned over, slinging an arm over Bodhi. Cassian mumbled something, but what he’d said wasn’t clear.

Until he moved his hand and petted Bodhi, scritching his fingers against Bodhi’s ribs like– oh, like he expected there to be fur. Bodhi laughed to himself, and settled down into the arms of a man who thought he was his dog, amused and comforted.
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Blessings for Imbolc (Imbloc, Imblog, Imbole, Candlemass) - February 2nd 

Pronounced: EE-Molc
Incense: Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon
Decorations: Corn Dolly, Besom, Spring Flowers
Colours: White, Orange, Red

This holiday is also known as Candlemas, or Brigid’s (pronounced BREED) Day. One of the 4 Celtic “Fire Festivals. Commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden. Celebrates the first signs of Spring. Also called “Imbolc” (the old Celtic name).

It is the day that we celebrate the passing of Winter and make way for Spring.
It is traditional upon Imbolc, at sunset or just after ritual, to light every lamp in the house - if only for a few moments. Or, light candles in each room in honour of the Sun’s rebirth.

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When it was hot in the news cycle, I was away from my computer for basically all of it, so I scrolled past posts on my phone with an air of faint incredulity. Y’all, I saw people hailing the fact that the rumors that Trump was going to sign an anti-gay EO had changed to rumors that he wouldn’t as some kind of pro-gay victory. I saw someone Photoshop a rainbow flag with Trump’s name, y’all. I should not have had to see that with my own eyes.

That is not a pro-gay stance. That is him picking his battles and realizing that right now, it’s easier to literally sell America to Exxon, and kill all Muslims, than it is to take on the gays, who have had a lot of really recent practice at hard-won domestic campaigning to be seen as human. A lot of our social organizing structures are still in place. A lot of people still remember changing their minds. We know what was effective and we’re used to fighting. We’re not as great a target as we used to be, y’know?

So. All that means is that he’s gotta do a few more things, like undermine the judicial branch and suborn the legislative branch entirely (or, more likely, let them suborn themselves in a desperate scraping bid for favors), let Russia eat the Ukraine, take a few billion more dollars in “campaign contributions” etc., and maybe start waging his domestic war against legal Latin American immigrants before he comes back to the gays. Trump himself doesn’t give a shit about the gays but you bet your ass they’re on the list Bannon’s got. 

He’s coming for us eventually. Don’t fucking celebrate the fact that he’s got to marshal his forces first. Marshal yours!
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omg, so relatable

Also if I lived alone in a squalorous hole I would not get laid ever. I am a person with needs. 

<gif of Ray Holt from Brooklyn 99 indignantly howling “BOoOoOONE!”>

(I tried using the gif search thing and it could not find it. I don’t even watch that show, but I have seen an episode, which puts it head and shoulders over literally every other television show of this decade)
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After inauguration, @Trump_Regrets continues to be a catalogue of broken #MAGA dreams. Sad!

If only we’d had literally any idea at all of his stated goals or history with truthfulness. Sad!
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Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies

Land totaling the size of Connecticut has been targeted in a new bill
in the Republican House, uniting hunters and conservationists in

Chaffetz, a Tea Party Republican,
claimed that the 3.3m acres of national land served “no purpose for taxpayers”.

The 10 states affected are Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.

House Bill 621

Now that Republicans have quietly drawn a path to give away much of Americans’ public land, US representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah has introduced what the Wilderness Society is calling “step two” in the GOP’s plan to offload federal property.

The new piece of legislation would direct the interior secretary to
immediately sell off an area of public land the size of Connecticut. In a
press release for House Bill 621, Chaffetz, a Tea Party Republican,
claimed that the 3.3m acres of national land, maintained by the Bureau
of Land Management (BLM), served “no purpose for taxpayers”.

But many in the 10 states that would lose federal land in the bill
disagree, and public land rallies in opposition are bringing together
environmentalists and sportsmen across the west.

Keep reading

Hey guys, FYI, 621 and 622 are new enough that your congressman may not have a stance on them yet - and that being the case, it’s a lot easier to weigh in because they won’t be retracting anything (as everyone knows, most Republicans are the kind of dumb that doubles down).

I just called mine and the fellow I spoke to hadn’t even heard of it yet (and thus continued to treat me like a person rather than an annoyance), so this is a good time to call and say DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE to them.

Article dated Tuesday 31 January 2017

For the purposes of tracking these, current as of Feb 1 2017:

H.B. 621 - Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act of 2017, currently referred to the Committee on Natural Resources.

H.B. 622 - Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act, currently referred to the Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on Agriculture.

And here are the committee memberships, in case one of your representatives is on there:

House Committee on Natural Resources

House Committee on Agriculture

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posted at about midnight on 2/1/17

IT WORKED. So far.
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I’ve been spending more time on Facebook lately (I know!) and sometimes it doesn’t go well, but this– I had to share this. One of my mom’s friends from childhood got her Scrabble set out to play a game with someone, and found this score sheet in it.

Christy is my mom, and predictably, kicked her ass. 
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Sometimes as I am falling asleep in a dark, quiet room I have for a moment a great and treasurable illusion of the past. The wall of a tent leans up over my face, not visible but audible, a slanting plane of faint sound: the susurrus of blown snow. Nothing can be seen. The light-emission of the Chabe stove is cut off, and it exists only as a sphere of heat, a heart of warmth. The faint dampness and confining cling of my sleeping-bag; the sound of the snow; barely audible, Estraven’s breathing as he sleeps; darkness. Nothing else. We are inside, the two of us, in shelter, at rest, at the center of all things. Outside, as always, lies the great darkness, the cold, death’s solitude.

In such fortunate moments as I fall asleep I know beyond doubt what the real center of my own life is, that time which is past and lost and yet is permanent, the enduring moment, the heart of warmth.

I am not trying to say that I was happy, during those weeks of hauling a sledge across an ice-sheet in the dead of winter. I was hungry, overstrained, and often anxious, and it all got worse the longer it went on. I certainly wasn’t happy. Happiness has to do with reason, and only reason earns it. What I was given was the thing you can’t earn, and can’t keep, and often don’t even recognize at the time; I mean joy.

- The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin, Chapter 18 (via lionteacher)



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