Jan. 30th, 2017

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this is what i was waiting to see. This is the first arguably negative story the scrupulously neutral Stars & Stripes (Armed Forces newspaper) has published about the administration. 

“They better make a damn exception, because we are here because of them,” said Andrew Biggio, a former Marine sergeant who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Our lives, our families, we have everything to thank for our interpreters. We owe them, we owe them, we owe them.”

Biggio, who voted for Trump, said he and other Marines he served with are waiting for a clarification from the White House. Many of them pushed for years to obtain visas for their interpreters, and then raised money to help them settle in.

“They need to do something about this,” he said. “You want to talk about saving American lives from terrorists –– these interpreters did that, they saved a lot of our lives.”
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As of Sunday Jan 29, Boston is the only US city pledging to admit all legal green card and visa holders, and refugees at an international airport. No detention no deportation. Anyone trying to come back to the US who is affected by the ban is being urged to reroute through Logan airport. Please share.

For anyone flying through Logan who is not familiar with the airport, likely arriving in Terminal E - there is a completely free silver line service that will take you directly to South Station, from which point you and anyone traveling with you can obtain train or bus tickets to most major destinations up and down the east coast.

The stop outside the terminal looks like this - exit from any point and walk until you find a sign like this one.

If you’re concerned about scheduling, general arrival times (which also specifies which terminal) can be found here. It’s not perfectly reliable, but can give a general idea of when the line (which looks like a bus) will be running.

The bus to get on looks like this - you should not be asked for fare.

South Station is the fourth stop after getting on at terminal E - there will be an announcement, it may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on the time of day and how busy the traffic is.

From South Station, if you have a place to stay in Boston, you can continue on the red line and transfer trains without paying additional fees. Make sure you ask your host or the guest services at wherever you’re staying where the closest stop is and what line it is on.

If you can get a flight back out of Logan to wherever your destination is, that’s probably ideal, but if you need to stay somewhere in the mean time due to the length between your flights, the T may seem confusing, but it’s a really solid and low-cost way to get out of the airport and to a place where you can sleep or pick the next leg of your trip. Cab services, especially during high volume time periods, can turn out to be really expensive, and if you don’t know how to use the Silver Line it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to go.

If you need help with Boston’s public transport, don’t be shy about asking someone who’s in the same terminal or on the same bus - Bostonians can be a little icy, but the only reason I know what I know is because kind strangers have helped me get from point A to point B. Hopefully this helps get you off in the right direction - and feel free to directly message me if you need any clarifications (or if you are a single person who needs somewhere to stay in the Boston area - I have an extra mattress!!)

Be safe, everyone.

FYI if you know anyone stuck in this situation *right now* I know someone with space to host. Contact me privately and I can start chaining together resources. (Her space might be taken already tho)
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Richard Spencer being an antisemitic fuck just hours before getting punched in the face on camera

mmmm the good ol’ “Jews Are Too Shady And Disloyal And Cannot Be Full Citizens” trope, truly a Classic Nazi™ move

Reminder that regardless of what Jews look like, white supremacists will always consider us foreign Semites.

…..chuck schumer was born in NY. we’re saying the tweet is making use of an antisemitic trope? sorry, my brain is fuzzy, i don’t want to misunderstand this

The idea is that because Chuck Schumer is Jewish, he is representing a “foreign nation” (Jews) who aren’t truly American (despite citizenship). The antisemitic trope is an old one claiming that Jews are disloyal outsiders and cannot be trusted not to serve their own interests first. This argument has been used to justify stripping Jews of citizenship (especially after the creation of Israel) on numerous occasions in the past. It’s especially pervasive in white supremacist ideology that views Jewish people as infiltrators of the white race.

Gentiles reblog this.
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* Chrome crashed and lost my browsing history and the like 97 tabs I had open. Some of them had been open like. a year. Which like, whatever? but. I have literally no idea what was open, and a lot of times, for a lot of things, it’s only because the tab is still open that I ever remember a really important thing I was going to do. So I’m kind of in shock over that and maybe am going to die from the shock, so there’s that. 

* I’m going to a letter writing session tonight with the Stronger Together peeps, and I have a packet of blank postcards and a black and white laser printer. I’ve already done a run of Isaiah 10:1-4 quotes (”Woe to those who make unjust laws”) and this printer is so bad they look awful but whatever. I’m just trying to think of a couple of other ones I could do real quick. No Ban No Wall, for sure, but maybe I Stand With Planned Parenthood? Something along those lines. Homemade and ad-hoc but heartfelt. 

*I have just been informed that while Oliver Cromwell is somewhat of an icon among English nationalist troll types, he himself was actually astonishingly not-racist, and was expressly pro-Muslim, which is really shocking given that he died in 1698. Also apparently the fact that he beheaded a sitting monarch is kind of handwaved away by said nationalist types. This blows my mind. 

* I was thinking more about my rant about my family’s immigration story, and trying to come to some fumbling point about it, but that’s got to be part of the point– people are dismissing the protestors and saying “if you don’t like it then leave” but where am I to go?? My ancestors came here because of the whole beheading-the-English-king thing– even if somehow I could manage to get England to take me back just handwaving chronology, the fact that my ancestors were goddamned insurrectionists has got to count against me! Seriously though, where would I go? And more importantly, I don’t believe that gives me any greater claim on being an American. I have nowhere else to go, because my family has been here so long– but that doesn’t make me more American than someone who made it through the DHS vetting process and the arduous path to citizenship and has been a citizen for fifteen minutes. Clearly, they chose to be here and have fought to be here, and have as much right to be here as me, and wouldn’t have bothered with all of that shit if they had somewhere else to go!!


Current events: here’s a CNN video of my Congressman crying on air about the ban, literally crying, and on the one hand it’s great that he’s involved and apparently feels this deeply, but on the other hand, wtf. I just wish I had context. What exactly is he so deeply personally viscerally upset about? I don’t know him that well, I’ve been approximately familiar enough with him to know him on sight for a few years because he’s been our rep for approximately forever (I mean, a couple election cycles anyway!) I know he’s mad for being on camera, but I mean. Politicians. That’s what they do. 

He’d posted a photo op of himself and the family standing behind him, earlier– he was all cute, face down near the table’s surface to mug at the small child whose elbows were resting on the other side of the table– maybe he was moved by the family’s story? There wasn’t much info about who they were but the mom was wearing a hijab. 

Was he crying because of the constitutional crisis? Was he crying because of the chaos? I’m not sure, I’m mostly just confused.

But. He was there, he didn’t Tweet about sports, and if nothing else, he has clearly taken the pulse and temperature of New York City, and given that, is going to hopefully Do Something now that it’s Monday. 

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HOLY FUCK Read this. “That is to say, the administration is testing the extent to which the DHS (and other executive agencies) can act and ignore orders from the other branches of government. This is as serious as it can possibly get: all of the arguments about whether order X or Y is unconstitutional mean nothing if elements of the government are executing them and the courts are being ignored.”
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Today’s work in progress. I was pleased to be able to combine Woody Guthrie and Poe Dameron.
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Conventions can feel like a days long performative party at which everyone but me can have fun. It spends energy in exchange for gratitude which, while great, ain’t energy. I like seeing friends on either side of the table, old and new. I like to shake hands and sign my name and say thank you to the people that afford me this ridiculous lifestyle. I like to hug people, total strangers, who look at me and i can see in their eyes that we are alike in ways other people can’t see, don’t know about, can’t understand. Mostly, though, I try to smile and say thank you and to occupy as little space as possible. I try hard to not ask for that exchange, for that transaction, with others who, like me, find themselves on the other side of the table.

I made an exception at Dragon*Con last year. Congressman John Lewis walked by me and I shouted – I mean straight-up SHOUTED – “Congressman!”

He stopped and turned and smiled, all pro. I told him that in a place that was all about superheroes it was nice to meet a real one, and I shook his hand. I said, “You know my wife. Red hair. We were all supposed to have dinner together –”

The Congressman cut me off as we shook.  He brought his other hand up to mine and embraced it, turning a handshake into a – into I don’t know what. A gesture of sincerity. “Last year. And your father passed. I’m sorry. That’s terrible,” he said and, shaking his head said very quietly, again, “Terrible.”

He was right. I was a guest at the show the previous year when my father’s tenuous grip on his health slipped for the last time. I left the show and raced the reaper from Atlanta to Charlotte to be at his – and my mother’s – side when his time came that evening.

And indeed, had I stayed, the Congressman, writer/aide-de-camp Andrew Aydin, wunderartist Nate Powell, and Kel and I were supposed to have dinner together. In fact it was during that meal that I texted my wife to tell her dad had died.

And a year later the Congressman remembered. 

I praised his book MARCH (Leigh Walton of Top Shelf, who shepherded the project, gave me a copy of the freshly-minted v3 then and there and the March team signed it and you coulda knocked me over) and thanked him for teaching me the virtues of “good trouble.”

Then, to make Kel laugh, Leigh and the Congressman and I took this:

In a crazy sea of humanity, where everyone’s got their game-face on, where everyone’s on their grind, when everyone’s hustling literally and figuratively, this man, this hero, straight-up remembered why, a year ago, we were supposed to meet but did not. 

Put aside the man’s career, his history, his legacy – that small, true moment of humanity from anyone would’ve meant the world. That it came from him meant all the more.

So yeah, I’m pretty ride-or-die for Congressman John Lewis, you goddamn butterscotch nazi pissmagnet. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

(Pardon my language, Congressman.)



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