Jan. 23rd, 2017

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I love everything about this

I am still not sure what the structure is and how to make it work but it’s going places, it sure is.

“Jeron,” he said, intense, breathing hard.

“Cassian,” Jeron said, and it jolted Bodhi for a moment, but then he followed it up with, “my real name– Cassian–”

“Cassian,” Bodhi said, and Jeron– or, he supposed, Cassian– groaned, heart-felt and desperate. “Come on, then,” Bodhi said, his heart softening as he realized what that meant.

“Bodhi,” Cassian gasped. “Bodhi–”

“Yeah,” Bodhi said, and Cassian made a high, pleading, broken sort of noise, and came, shivering and gasping.

“Bodhi,” Cassian pleaded, shivering and breathless.

“That’s my real name,” Bodhi said. “I promise.”
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OH MY GOD CASSIAN YOU WAITED UNTIL YOU WERE .05 SECONDS FROM ORGASM TO TELL HIM YOUR NAME??? REALLY??? XD also Bodhi’s response is perfect ‘that’s is indeed my real name’ lmao

I was having some trouble coming up with Bodhi’s characterization at first but then I discovered the quiet, slightly incredulous sarcasm and it all made perfect sense. 

He’s just so. Resigned, I don’t know. I’m growing extremely fond of him.
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can we please bring body glitter back in 2017. we already have enough to deal with in 2016 but 2017 is the year we need to fully commit ourselves to glitter and all things that sparkle. who is with me.

i hope you all realize that reblogging this is a binding spiritual contract and i expect follow through

You can make your own body glitter incredibly easily.  You’ll need:

Pure aloe vera gel. I get a big ol tub off of ebay for like a fiver, keeps me going for a nice long time.

Some small clean jars to put yer goop in. I get a big batch of clear screwtop plastic storage jars off ebay for a quid and make glitter gel gifts for friends. Keeping the goop size small means you use it up fast before it dries out.

An assload of glitter. Again, ebay has this in many different sizes and colours, which is what you want.  I also get mine from facepaint-uk.com, which is my favourite shop in the world probably. make sure to get a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes: that looks best tbh. If you can get it in ziplock baggies as opposed to like jars and shit then it saves you money on pointless packaging because who cares


Take jar. Shoof a buncha glitter in the jar. Not enough to fill it, fill it like a quarter of the way with a mix of glitters.  I usually fill it a third of the way because I like my glitter gel to be excruciatingly glittery

Squirt some aloe gel on top to fill the jar half way. Stir carefully until a gritty paste is formed. nice

Add a bit more aloe and stir again. Keep adding gel a bit at a time until a smooth glitter gel is formed.

Put the lid on and marvel at your creation! Well done. Now wear it all the time. I wear mine to work habitually. It might dry out if you don’t screw the lid on well - but it can be rehydrated with a few drops of water and a good mix. I tend to tear through mine pretty fast though.

Let the contract be bled on and wrought.

For those of you who want to make your own glitter gel, this is a very good tutorial.

(Listen closely: you can hear @peteventers muttering “nooooo not glitter.”)
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so I want to hand-paint a patch for a jacket that says “A Woman’s Place is In The Resistance” only I want to do it Carrie Fisher emoji-style but the problem is that I don’t actually understand emojis/can’t read them so you see my dilemma.

I’m trying to Google like, what fucking emojis even are, but I can’t actually figure it out. 

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honestly though richard spencer believes so sincerely and implicitly in the occult power of memes, this is a genuine aspect of his personality and perspectives, and i will say as someone who is familiar with occult logic that nothing could be more terrifying to this man than laughing him off the floor. i’m not joking when i say he should be tarred and feathered–this is the tactic that will disarm him, because it will terrify him on a mechanical level that is so utterly pervasive and difficult to derail once it gets going that it will undermine everything else he does. every thought, word, and deed will be filtered through a sense of genuine disempowerment in the most literal sense of the world. literally meme this man to death, it is a calling
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🅰〰🅾Ⓜ🅰♑💰 🅿🕒🅰☾📧 ℹ$ ℹ♑ 🕇♓📧 ♌📧💰ℹ💰🕇🅰♑☾📧
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Creepy dawn fog. Has it just been foggy everywhere since Friday? I feel like it has.
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Here’s advice from a congressman on how to actually enact change during the Trump presidency. Rep. Steve Israel sat down with us to lay it all out:


This message is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR US WHITE FOLKS. We have the ability to be civilly disobedient in ways that get PoC shot and arrested. Let’s use that privilege and act up and make noise.

Please inagine the PR nightmare of 100 people showing up to a town hall and demanding to know why a representative didn’t stand up to Trump.

This is great but I don’t know how to find them. I’ve literally never seen something like this advertised in my life, and I’ve been searching for information and haven’t found anything. So it’s wonderful to be told that my efforts are not effective, but I also have no idea how to find out how to do something that *is* useful, and it’s very difficult to maintain motivation in the face of something like that. Does anyone have any leads on how to find out if there are any town halls taking place, or what to do if there are none? Do I just have to stalk my rep’s event calendar? But I’ve looked and that’s not how they present information. What can I do? Maybe nobody comes to these fucking “town halls” because nobody fucking knows they’re happening.



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