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But nothing that’s not already all over the internet.

It’s easily inferred from the dialogue that Bail Organa and Mon Mothma had spoken previously about Obi-Wan and asking him to come join them in their struggle against the Empire. It’s likely been an ongoing discussion for quite some time as to whether and/or when to approach him.

And when Bail says confidently that he’s sending a person who he can trust with is life to be the emissary, it’s so clear from the look on his face that Leia is his absolute pride and joy. He has obviously thought about this. He’s probably had lengthy conversations with Breha about it. Sending Leia to make contact with Kenobi is a very big deal.

He knows that, if anyone could convince the Jedi to come out of hiding and join the war, it’s one of Anakin’s children. He knows that he’s sending not only a qualified operative, not only the person he trusts the most in the entire Alliance, but the person in the galaxy who is the most uniquely qualified, even though she doesn’t know it yet. And he knows that he’s about to open a big can of worms for her.

Because- think about it. He knows his old friend is on Tatooine. He has every reason to presume that Obi-Wan is engaged somehow with Luke. Luke! Leia’s twin brother. Let that sink in. He’s sending his beloved daughter into a situation that will possibly lead her to learning who her birth parents are. She is likely to meet her long-hidden twin brother along the way. There is every chance that she will learn through her time with Kenobi about her own connection to The Force, and will likely come home to Alderaan with lots of questions.

I think that he’s thought this through and that he’s ready for her to know these things. Sending her for Kenobi is the first step to not having one Jedi to aid the Rebellion, but three. He had been preparing for some time- since it first began to look like they weren’t going to get through this war without the aid of a Jedi- to begin opening up to his daughter about her heritage and her part in this whole mess. My educated guess is that, when she and Obi-Wan (and possibly Luke) returned to Alderaan together, Bail and Breha were going to sit her down and lay their cards on the table.

He isn’t only trusting Leia with the future of the Alliance and the Jedi, he’s about to unlock a whole new identity for her. Because she’s ready. She’s come into her own as a Senator and a future monarch and a leader of peoples and a genuinely good human being and she’s ready to be taught about the incredible power that’s within her.

And he is bursting with pride over it.

Bail Organa: Space Dad. My heart….
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I’m back at my own house, after a lovely weekend staying on the farm and visiting with the family. I managed to keep to my soft non-resolutions from New Year’s, though I kept not having a chance to write about it in the bullet journal, which I am not really using in the intended fashion– I have just been bullet-pointing things about my life in there, but I’ve also been keeping tallies of the habits I’ve wanted to solidify.

I have sewn something every day this year, though most days it’s only a couple of stitches. I went on a hike and snagged my brand new parka on a rose thorn, and so Sunday’s sewing project was repairing that, and i had to borrow thread because I had every kind with me except black. (Amazing.) Yesterday’s sewing project was sewing the button back onto a brand new flannel shirt I got on Sunday, unbuttoned to try on, and one of the buttons came off in my hand. But I still have sewed a little bit every day, so that’s something. Mom gave me a sewing kit from the Shaker Heritage Society, where my grandmother volunteered for decades– a little pincushion, a piece of beeswax on a thread, a tiny emery cushion for needles, and a needle-book– and they were handmade by my grandmother’s best friend, who is now about 95 and still faithfully making things for their gift shop. I will treasure them forever. I’ve accidentally started filling my pencil case (which I carry so I can write in the journal) with sewing things…

I’ve also written every day, even if it was only a few words while I was so tired I could hardly see. The only thing that got worked on, of my many WIPs, was the Bodhi/Cassian thing, which has solidified in my mind at least, and it’s not fluffy like Found Cat at all, but I did just last night figure out a great variant on the Canadian Shack trope that I can use. And having it be entirely from Bodhi’s POV means that Cassian’s secret-agent-ness gets to be delightfully creepy and slow to reveal. I hope. We’ll see, it’s still pretty nebulous. 


Bodhi had really thought he was over the seeing-every-fur-lined-hood-as-belonging-to-Sled-Dog-Guy phase but he was putting gas in his car on his way home from work and the guy at the next pump had a fur-lined hood in his parka and also a narrow build and characteristic slouch, and when he turned his head his nose had just the slightest hook to it. Before he could think better of it, Bodhi said, “Jeron?”

The man didn’t react for an instant, but then turned his head toward Bodhi, and it was him, brow furrowed for a moment before he caught sight of Bodhi’s stupid hat and lit up. It had gotten cold again; they were both back in their cold weather gear.

“Bodhi,” he said, and pronounced it wrong, and Bodhi laughed. He’d never told the man his name, and the man had never asked, but Bodhi knew his ID badge was always somewhere around, either around his neck or hanging in the van. Clearly, he’d never asked because he’d seen the badge.

“It’s pronounced Bodhi, actually,” Bodhi said, “but I know it doesn’t look like it.”

Jeron drew himself up, looking offended. “I have,” he said, with indignant precision, “an accent.”

“Fair,” Bodhi said, “but you can say Bodhi.”

“I can say Bodhi,” Jeron said, deflating. “I forgot I’d only read it. That must have seemed creepy of me.”

Exhibit A in Cassian’s slow creepy reveal of secrets: why is he going by his middle name? A ha. 

This brought back for me, incidentally, some of my earliest fanfic experience, when I was making a living doing search engine optimization in 2003ish and getting annoyed with writers who’d give their characters nicknames or pet names, and I was like, your shit won’t show up when people Google for fic about this how could you be so short-sighted, and it was the fucking Dark Ages and tags hadn’t been invented yet so I was like, obsessed with how many times the characters’ names appeared in any given paragraph, and I had until this moment completely forgotten that this had ever occurred or been something I had even paid attention to. 
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anhamirak replied to your post: I’m back at my own house, after a lovely weekend…

LOL he pronounced it wrong XD Also, Jaron? O.o why?

Jeron is Cassian’s canon middle name. I was going to use one of Cassian’s canonical secret agent names but given that this is an Earth AU I thought, you know, it would be kind of conspicuous and weird if he were running around as an undercover cop calling himself Fulcrum or Aach, so I just went with his middle name and earth-ified it by making it a derivative of the fairly common name Jerónimo. 
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Normally I’d be more hesitant about posting spoilers of my own work but I’m so far down in this rabbit-hole of Januaryness that I don’t believe anyone’ll actually read it if/when I do post it (sorry, this nihilism must be very annoying, I don’t have the perspective to really understand that, though) so I’m going to post this snippet because I feel like it’s the only part of Cassian’s prequel Backstory that anyone really needs to know. 

Kana said, “I’ll let you take one shot with that blaster at that lock, but if that doesn’t do it, you need to act fast, all right, Molo? The next shot has to be for me. You can’t let them take me alive.”

“Don’t ask me to do that,” Molo said, sounding pained, and Cassian paused, looking back.

“You know there’s no choice,” Kana said fiercely, voice shaking. “You need to take that shot right away, Molo. If that lock doesn’t break, you need to kill me right away.”

“I can’t,” Molo said.

“Of course you can,” Kana said, and she sounded angry. “You know I don’t have a weapon! I can’t do it myself! You can’t let them have me!”

Molo glanced up, and Cassian hastily began climbing again, so he didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. His heart was racing, but he had the forethought to rig Molo’s climbing rope so he could help pull him up in a hurry.

After a moment, he heard a blaster shot. 

Then a second blaster shot.

Then a third.



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