Jan. 16th, 2017

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sitting in the dim guestroom at 7 am listening to some 3-year-old howling from the hallway and thinking to myself that #1 this is going to be One Of Those Mornings and #2 man being an aunt is unglamorous but you know, I get to leave, and even though she spent yesterday mostly kicking me and yelling at me and using me as a jungle gym, when I go away and come back she always gets really excited to see me again. 

Oh the howling has given way to emphatic listings of How It’s Going To Be Today. That’s progress. Maybe I can show my face.

(Yesterday she was playing, and designated me the Snake Detective, and then was listing off all the things that the Snake Sister  (there’s a snake toy named Snake that she had hidden and I was supposed to find, and I think she had decided she herself was the Snake Sister but I’m not sure) liked to eat, and it was this long list of basically every noun she could think of– bees, and grass, and vegetables, and shoes, and sheep, and fish, and oranges, and hair, and sandwiches, and Pete Seeger, and trees, and– 

She has a poster of Pete Seeger that someone gave her, and so he has sort of just become part of her world cosmology, and features in a lot of the lists she makes. 
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“The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive’. The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes.” - Sophie Scholl  

Sophie Scholl was a German activist who spoke out against the Nazi regime and was a member of a protest group called The White Rose. The group mainly consisted of students in their early twenties who were fed up with the totalitarian rule of the government and distributed leaflets urging their fellow Germans to oppose the regime through non-violent resistance. On 22nd February 1943, after the release of the sixth White Rose leaflet, Sophie was arrested by the Gestapo, convicted of treason and executed that same day by guillotine. She was 21 years old. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day (Mar 8th) this week #iwd2016

Holy shit.

It’s time to be a torch.
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Of all sins that are committed, this is the least; for it is born from an excess of love and of enthusiasm. And yet it is still a sin. The blogger who spammeth dashboards, posting more than 5 posts in a minute, erreth just as the courtier who speaks of nothing but themself erreth. Therefore it is best to set a queue, and to be aware, when you do post, that you do not fall into this error. “But,” you might protest, “My dash provides me with a profusion of good posts, such that I cannot help but post them; indeed, it would be a shame and an omission were I not to post.”  Indeed, I reply, queue it.

And we shall speak of queues in a later post. For of all tools provided to the blogger, the queue is the least used and most useful; if Xkit’s “one-click reblog” be your sword, then “one-click queue” is your main gauche, to be used for defense from this sin.
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Ain’t nobody fresher than my motherf***ing clique, as the kids say



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