Jan. 11th, 2017

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me half an hour ago: happy laughter while watching the heartwarming and hilarious movie Hunt For The Wilderpeople

me now: opening twitter like the goddamn gates of hell to discover a DELUGE of unconfirmed russian espionage blackmail material about donald trump’s golden shower sex parties

I would like to congratulate you because this is how I found out, not having been on Twitter in a few hours, and I had a really long moment where I was like…. nah this isn’t… this isn’t what it sounds li… ok no i have to look WHY DID I LOOK OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK
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Yes you should!! I make freeform quilts out of any scrap that sits still long enough and force them on my family haha

For 2017 I decided to sew every day, and so I’ve been bringing little embroideries in my pencil case, and I don’t have a plan for what to do with them afterward. I should make quilts, that’s probably the best use of them. Meanwhile I’m just over here accumulating salty phrases and rap quotes, mostly, on miscellaneous scraps… 
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“rey has her period and poe helps her through it” is one of my favorite unsung tropes in the entirety of SW fandom. hence also the cassian/shara period-sex. sometimes you just need to project!

Yes, I did enjoy that scene today, but today I’m definitely in the Nobody Touch Me Or Even Look At Me phase, with a side of You Can Sit Near Me And I’ll Let You Live Because You Brought Me A Heatpack.

(If anyone wanted to read the ficlet, it’s here, I’m linking shamelessly because I don’t think very many people read it and I had to look it up so I could reread it.)

(The Poe is nice to Rey ficlet, that is. The Cassian/Shara period-sex scene is in the @aimmyarrowshigh novel I linked to earlier. Uh, here.)
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I feel that… one of my other generic tropes that I love is the “nursing a loved one through a cold/the flu/whatever with cuddles and soup and love” but i have the Whiner’s Flu and I’m like “WHY WOULD I LIKE THAT TROPE. I WOULD SKIN A PERSON ALIVE IF THEY CAME NEAR ME THIS WEEK.”

bulletproof writing kink: BEDSHARING oh my god they each get the most fulfilling and satisfying night of sleep of their lives and wake up mashed into a tangle of limbs with their crush and it is glorious and maybe there are accidental boners yessss

real life: I once shared a hotel bed with the most beautiful woman in the world and I did not move the entire night and woke up feeling like I had perhaps been carved from plaster but thank god it didn’t get awkward

i have shared a lot of beds in my life and I am actually super good about the etiquette and i don’t even snore, but i also usually don’t sleep that well. but that’s boring and we don’t write stories about that. 
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in this moment i am fiercely, furiously jealous of my cat because she is lying in dude’s lap and he is petting her and calling her pretty


she doesn’t even appreciate

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Rey was alone when she found it. 

That was no surprise, of course, as she was always alone. 

She was in the husk of the old Destroyer, her bag already bulging with small finds and her speeder waiting outside. The old datapad in her hands had suffered considerable damage when the Destroyer had gone down, and had weathered decades of sandstorms on Jakku since then. She was in the process of taking it apart for scraps when she realized it had several holo tapes still in its ports. Curious, she dusted the grime off the old cracked screen and tried each holo one by one. All but one were too corroded. 

The last one she tried only displayed a small sequence, and was so damaged it played only that grainy footage, over and over. It was spectacular. 

A lone male figure, striding forward towards a dozen - maybe more - stormtroopers with only a staff in hand. A glitch. Then, two Troopers fall at his left and right, the staff having connected with their helmets. He drops his weight towards another Trooper to his left and his legs swing up to kick one on his right. A glitch. He forces his staff into the foot of a fifth while twisting the arm of a sixth, and then knocks the staff into both their faces before taking down two more. Another glitch, a few moments of static, and then the footage looped back to the beginning. 

It was grainy and badly damaged, clearly from one of the Empire’s old Security Drones (whose cameras were notoriously bad to begin with). The bottom of the image had a running ticker tape: Chirrut Îmwe; 53 years; Temple Guardian at Jedha. Wanted for criminal activity. 

To Rey, he looked like a hero. 

She was awed, and watched the holo over and over again, impressed that he had taken down so many armed and armored Troopers with no blaster and no mystical Jedi powers, just a staff. She wondered- 

Pulling some of the scrap pieces out from her bag, she ran her fingers over them, deftly looking for grooves and ease of maneuvering. She didn’t go to Niima Outpost that day. She was busy in her old AT-AT, putting things together and watching the holo as it replayed into the night. The next day, she held her staff in her hands, testing its feel and balance in the wan morning light of the desert. She spent several hours with it, trying to copy the moves of the Guardian in the holo. 

She had already learned to defend herself with her fists, but she suspected this skill would come in handy someday. As she practiced with her new staff, making clouds rise from the sand as she moved, she thought she heard a voice, distant in her head, “the Force is with me and I am one with the Force.“ 

Somehow, even with no one around for miles, she felt less alone.


shoutout to @rebelspilots for hcing with me!!

Companion piece to these: Hero for a Rey | FN-2187: criminal; hero | Cassian the recruiter | The truth of Bodhi Rook | Thank you General
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Today’s challenge: power-cycle all these babies in the right order with the right voodoo to get everything to come up in working order. I have a cheat sheet but it’s not working.
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Since we know nothing about Fest other than Cassian Andor was born there, I’m going to headcanon it as NOT JUST space Mexico but Space Mexico City, which is to say, a massive, planet-wide urban mess built on the ruins of ancient urban sprawl. And a swamp.

Nice architecture tho.
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Today’s challenge: power-cycle all these babies in the right order with the right voodoo to get everything to come up in working order. I have a cheat sheet but it’s not working.

Somehow it doesn’t console me. Today was A Day.



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