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I love you and never change. <3

I was on mobile and mobile has an obnoxious way of repeating notifications– actually regular tumblr does this, someone leaves one reply or reblogs one post and the notification appears on your dashboard like, eighty times. And so I’m scrolling– anhamirak replied to your post– anhamirak replied to your post– and I’m like god damn it, Tumblr, you hellsite, what the fuck, how many times are you– jesus it’s every other thing, there’s a post and then there’s the notification again, this is hilarious, what the heck. And it was only much later that I went to my notifications page and was like oh there were actually eight replies, and I laughed so hard and was completely unable to explain to anyone present what was so funny. 

“Uh, the Internet,” I said vaguely, waving a hand.

I must sort through those. I saw another prompt that slayed me today, but I saved it to my drafts and that’s a whole other cesspit I need waders to go into, so it may have to wait until I’m feeling a tad stronger, LOL.
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I– somehow, I was scrolling kind of fast or something, and I misread this as
K2so and the hot chicken and my brain filled in the chicken from moana and I was like oh ‘cuz same actor

and I

I was ready to just accept that and be like sure seems plausible
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like idk call me crazy or whatever but something about Galen and Bodhi bonding over shared guilt just super rubs me the wrong way when one of them is lead engineer for a planet-destroying superweapon and the other is a fucking truck driver contracted with the government, like the fact that Galen presumably tells Bodhi that he can make up for the moral failing of hauling raw materials around by risking his life (in service to something that also assuages Galen’s guilt, conveniently enough) is super fucking gross to me and tbh I have a hard time seeing it any other way than Galen taking advantage

#now i want a super manipulative!galen fic like#galen putting to use everything he learned from what krennic did to him#and taking one more stain on his conscience by convincing this anxious people-pleaser kid that he needs to take on this mission#it would be dark as fuck and i would read the shit out of it

Uhhhh amen to this! Alas that I am not the kind of writer who can manage that sort of shit… but I’d read the fuck out of it!

#oooooooooh#now this is a prompt I can get with#but the focus has to be Bodhi not Galen#let’s not put his White Dude Guilt complex centre stage#he’s the footnote here#it’s all about Bodhi knowing he’s being manipulated#but he’s so brave and he’s going to do it anyway#because he can’t live like this any more#and then he would bond with Cassian about the Bad Things they’ve done#(which aren’t really that bad! they’re GOOD PEOPLE!#but they feel bad anyway!)#rogue one#bodhi rook tags via @deputychairman

I’m still chewing on this too, someone replied to the post to point out that Bodhi would feel super guilty because the cargo he’s transporting is crystals from Jedha = broken relics of the religion he grew up worshipping, basically, and that just hammered home to me that the things Bodhi is feeling such intense guilt about are so incredibly clearly things over which he has no control, he is being forced to desecrate his own homeworld and has no freedom to stand up against any of it, has no agency to effect any kind of change. It makes it worse, and makes him so intensely vulnerable for some guilty old white dude to use him.

But Bodhi also, clearly, isn’t an idiot, and he knows that. 

And clearly Cassian’s conscience troubles him over the things he does to support his cause– and knowing what little we do about Mon Mothma’s disavowal of Saw Gerrera etc., he must do these terrible things knowing that the people he does them for expressly won’t condone him; if any of his misdeeds are brought to light of course they’ll disavow him. He, too, is powerless and vulnerable and knows it.

[So that’s the connection to Poe, by the way, who probably wouldn’t have particularly admired Cassian growing up, but in the opening of TFA, he’s on this mission that Leia (his childhood hero) has expressly told him is unsanctioned and if he is caught the Resistance will deny any knowledge of him. Go, child, and die, and we absolutely do not have your back. But at least, I suppose, she tells him this clearly, and offers him a chance to back out– but you’d have to know a guy like that isn’t going to take the out.]
So the latest installment in my Kes Dameron/Shara Bey story cycle (now published: Hepatomancy, on AO3) has an opening scene that features a fairly graphic description of animals being slaughtered. I think it's a good scene and gives a really strong feel for the setting, but I don't want to hurt anybody who's going to get seriously grossed-out by reading it. I also don't want someone to not be able to read the story because the opening scene is so gross, so, this is my solution. Below is a non-graphic summary of that opening scene, containing the events, the character beats, and the information contained in the scene, without the gory parts. Read that summary, and then click the link at the end: it will HOPEFULLY take you to an anchor point that is after the scene in question.
If the anchor doesn't work, since I've no real faith in my HTML-encoding skills, I went all-out and drew something. There's an illustration at the bottom of this entry. Go to the AO3 page, and scroll fast until you see that illustration again, and everything below it is after the gory scene.


The extended family, and friends, are processing the chanticlos they raise for meat. The process takes place sort of assembly-line fashion, with the animals progressing to different stations to be worked on at different points in their transformation.

Kes is working closely with his cousin Tito, at the front of the line. Marita is nearby; Norasol is around a corner, out of view but within listening distance. Kes and Tito banter and demonstrate a good friendly relationship, with a lot of poking fun at one another. Marita says something snide that Norasol takes exception to, jokingly, and then gets pooped on by an animal; Tito laughs at her but helps clean her up.

It is a messy job and Tito comments on how much mess Kes has on him. Kes is glum about it.
Kes has a moment where he has more sympathy than is comfortable for the dying animals, and has to shake it off: the meat is important to his family’s survival, and he has been helping in processing for most of his life. He tries to be as gentle as he can so that the animals don’t panic, both because they make a mess and because he doesn’t want to hurt them.

Kes reflects on where his mother is: she has gone to Alderaan to make arrangements for Shara to give birth there. Being born on Alderaan like Kes was will give Poe some diplomatic status, even if not citizenship, so it’s not just for medical care that they’re going there. Sento went with Lita, and they are both scheduled to return today.

Suddenly Norasol says she has to leave, and abandons her work to go back to the house. Kes sees that Lita has returned, and wonders how Norasol knew that.

Kes takes over for Norasol, giving his old job to Tito to do along with his own, which will slow them down. Norasol was working near the end of the line, at a much more finished stage of the process, and so Kes has to clean himself up before he can do the job. He used to do it more when he was a child, but his relatively late growth spurt (he was quite small until he was almost 17, and now he is the largest man in the family) left his hands too large to perform the task as speedily as he could, as the animals are small.

There are references to using the entrails of birds for divination, which Norasol does, but Kes does not know how to do; he is uncomfortable with what looks to him like a bad omen, but refrains from analyzing it.

Then he slips with his knife and cuts himself, and has to go indoors to clean it and bandage it. So we return to the story at that point, with him going back to the house, with a bleeding cut and also covered in blood from the animals, which gives him an alarming appearance; he has forgotten how alarming this will look to Shara, who was indoors helping prepare the midday meal.

We rejoin the story at this point, and hopefully the HTML anchor works. If not, scroll fast and look for this image:

Six Turkey Weaving pattern

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I am super terrible at keeping track of who I don’t and who I do know already on Tumblr or really any social media site, so generally speaking it is pretty much always okay to come flail at me at a thing I have demonstrated interest in, because I possibly won’t remember whether I know you or not? but also I’m here to mingle, man. I dig the exchange of ideas. (I’m just a somewhat flaky person sometimes so it’s possible i may not be enthused about a thing at this particular moment, and also I’m bad at answering asks. but I LOVE getting them, so.)

I saw a great trope that got saved to the morass of a hellpit that is my drafts folder, and it was something like– a honeypot mission fails when the seduction target’s self-esteem is too low for him to believe that the beautiful spy could actually honestly be flirting with him, but it turns out the spy really has fallen in love with him– and I’d love that to be Bodhi, and Cassian, somehow. 

@anhamirak, I love every trope you proposed in your post, and definitely like some of the elements of them… 

I have in the past hesitated to do any really way-off-from-reality things for a fic, like, “he’s a spy for the mob!” or whatever because… wtf… but I also don’t want to actually have to take this that seriously, so I’m really considering it. People do wildly unrealistic things (A/U where it’s normal Earth except everyone can fly!) kind of shit all the time, so why can’t I?

Cassian could totally be a spy for a non-governmental organization that totally could just– decide to quit and not have to go into the Witness Protection Program… 

Or I have to make something up that’s complicated. I suppose that’s what’s holding me back, from that one. 
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hey so if i want to put in illustrations on a story at AO3 I have to host those images somewhere.

Some people seem to post them to Tumblr and then hotlink, and that seems to work. But what else would work?

I haven’t used Flickr since Yahoo basically murdered it. (I used to post albums and make phenomenal commentary on the captions, and then they made it so… you don’t… see… captions… in the default view… It sucked all the joy out and i stopped posting, ugh.)

I don’t even know if Flickr would work for that. 

Does anyone know for sure? I don’t want to do, like, Photobucket or w-ev… mostly I’m hoping people have good luck with the Tumblr thing, but I’m worried it’ll resize my shit weird and I won’t know how to fix it. 

I am not super great at art but I am real good at outlines to embroider over. If I weren’t done with the story and eager to post it I’d do an embroidery of this instead of a drawing. But I don’t have three days to fuck around with thread. 

I mostly just wanted to put an image in so I could have a scroll-fast option if the HTML anchors I want to put in don’t work. 

yeah that second one probably got resized weird. Anyway, I’m going to try this. 
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Okay now for the big spoiler bits of the Rogue One novelization, I am deceased

Keep reading
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nope the anchor links don’t work, fuck you AO3. i don’t have time, i’m expected to make dinner now. ugh. 
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The next installment of The Lost Kings is up, and this is when we start to cross over with the events of Rogue One. None of those characters appear yet, but shit starts to get real regardless. 

This contains the scene I wrote about chicken processing, so– I’ve handled it in the following way. It’s discussed in the opening scene only, so I wrote a summary of the opening scene and posted it on DW, and then from there, there’s an anchor that takes you to the story after that scene. So if you don’t want to read any gore, follow this link here. (In case the anchor doesn’t work, I also put an image in, so if you follow the instructions you can just scroll fast. Even if the image vanishes, there’ll be a big broken image thing you’ll be able to see, and a bunch of asterisks.)

If you want to read the whole thing, here’s the link: 

Hepatomancy, on AO3

(About this image: I drew it from a sketch I found on a page about Maya weaving and textiles. The design is common in ceremonial garments and purportedly represents a “sacrificial turkey”, and as such I thought it was apropos for the subject matter. This is about the state of my illustration chops; I just didn’t fancy trying to tell people to just scroll to some bolded asterisks or something.)
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You’re absolutely right, there are some things about Mexican culture that are best left to Mexicans to write about.

So I’m not writing about those things. 

I’m adhering as best I can to the best practices as I understand them for writing about groups I’m not part of. I’m steering away from any real-life religious practices, for example. I’m trying to avoid having any characters be two-dimensional stereotypes. I’m doing my best not to be flippant about any real-life issues faced by real-life people of the relevant demographics.

I haven’t actually written much about Mexico, as it happens; mostly, in Found Cat, jokes by the POV character, Poe, about not being Mexican. That’s about it. 

The Lost Kings thing is expressly based on real-life Earth cultures, yeah, but not really Mexico? I was enchanted by the idea of mapping the idea of a persecuted indigenous culture onto the canon fairly-blank-slate of Kes Dameron, but I’ve been pretty open about my sources there– I’m drawing pretty heavily from the Maya real-life story, and I guess it’s been a while since I reiterated where I’m coming from on that, but I have given it a lot of thought. [I know there are tons of Maya in Mexico, but I specifically researched the communities in Guatemala, so I don’t know that I could intelligently comment, specifically, on that?] I admit I was really mostly excited to have an agrarian culture in space so I could write about my extensive real-life farming experience, recently first-hand acquired. Turns out chicken farming isn’t really a culture-specific thing, especially not when set in space.

So– I mean, I’m not sure what you’re objecting to, specifically? But I don’t disagree with you– there absolutely are things that should be left to Mexicans to write about, and I’m not writing those things. 

If I’m wrong, please do feel free to tell me where, exactly, but I don’t think a blanket assertion that nobody not-Mexican should write about Mexico is particularly useful. 



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