Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Bullet journaling, the Fairly Brutally Effective method: Pens that I already had, handwriting that is mine, a straightedge, and experimenting with both visual and list-style formats. We’ll see what worked.

Also I freaked out trying to come up with my Signifiers, which are decoratively encoded bullet points that mean different things. So, fuck those, I’ll figure them out later, for now everything gets a bullet point. I haven’t figured out how to make the lists be effective either. What’s an observation and what’s something that needs to be an action item? I’m fucked if I know what the difference really is. I mean, logically I know, but if I try to go about it that way, I just don’t fucking write anything down. I don’t know what to do, ever. That’s not how I work. 

I doubt I’ll be able to make it work for me, but for the first time in my life i have all my friends’ and family’s birthdays written down in one place, which ought to take some of the baffling mystery out of my life. 

Oh, the first photo is a bonus picture: I didn’t make a resolution, but I told myself I’d really probably be a lot happier if I made a point of embroidering every day. While I was tidying yesterday I found a bag that had some long-missing projects in it, including that one, a hanky I had been embroidering for a friend’s birthday… in August.

So I’m going to finish it and give it to her for belated Christmas. If I’m smart, I’ll mount it on cardboard and give it to her as a small piece of artwork, because the stitching is too dimensional and also takes up the whole surface and so it won’t suit as a hanky. I don’t know what I was fucking thinking, cutting it that small. (It’s hand-hemmed, too. What the fuck, self.)
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oh here’s another conundrum for you: the opening scene of the next last kings story is Kes and his family slaughtering space chickens. and I wrote it sensitively and realistically, based on my extremely extensive personal experience with my hands inside still-warm carcasses for business reasons. I’m feeling pretty good about the scene, I think it’s both vivid and engaging, I’m looking forward to posting it and seeing what people think.

However. Rereading it, I can completely understand how it would definitely be Not Everybody’s Jam. So, in a rare moment of self-reflection, I resolved that I should post an alternate summary that just recounts the important character beats and plot points, and then have an anchor link so people can skip straight to the part after that’s done. 

But if the anchor link doesn’t work, I’d also like an option that people could scroll real fast and stop when they see the … 

I was going to put a line of bold asterisks, but that can be hard to spot in some fonts. 

So I thought, I know! I should put in an illustration or something. 

… I can sort of draw, but. I. I dunno. 

Maybe I can manage to doodle something small that looks like a Space Chicken. 

*cracks knuckles*

*Google image searches Maya weaving patterns*

I think I have an idea.
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like idk call me crazy or whatever but something about Galen and Bodhi bonding over shared guilt just super rubs me the wrong way when one of them is lead engineer for a planet-destroying superweapon and the other is a fucking truck driver contracted with the government, like the fact that Galen presumably tells Bodhi that he can make up for the moral failing of hauling raw materials around by risking his life (in service to something that also assuages Galen’s guilt, conveniently enough) is super fucking gross to me and tbh I have a hard time seeing it any other way than Galen taking advantage

#now i want a super manipulative!galen fic like#galen putting to use everything he learned from what krennic did to him#and taking one more stain on his conscience by convincing this anxious people-pleaser kid that he needs to take on this mission#it would be dark as fuck and i would read the shit out of it

Uhhhh amen to this! Alas that I am not the kind of writer who can manage that sort of shit… but I’d read the fuck out of it!
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Bloodied members of the American Legion recover following a fight with members of the German American Bund (American Nazi Party) in 1938. World War I veterans especially hated the group and would make to interrupt their rallies when possible.

The men here were part of a 100 man group of mostly Jewish vets who infiltrated Hitler’s 49th Birthday celebrations being held at the Yorkville Casino in Manhattan - they were outnumbered by the 3,500 or so Nazi sympathizers in attendance, but nevertheless, at the signal donned their American Legion caps and started a ruckus.

(Süddeutscher Zeitung Photo)

This is great, but that last sentence!
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(Likewise and then some – mostly the raciest I ever get is “I want them to sit in the same room and talk, and maybe I will give them some soup.” But the Diego mezcal interview is darling because it’s basically just him talking about how much he loves Mexico and wants people to embrace Mexican art and culture, and then he gets drunk and giggly.)

Consensus on that post of mine is that like, everyone’s on the same page with celebrity interactions. I guess it’s hard to calibrate that kind of thing when the accepted sorts of things you say on photos of aesthetically-pleasing individuals are generally pretty thirsty. 

(I do admit, though, sometimes people post sets that are like “hand porn!” and it’s like… those… are hands… Even better when it’s like “thighs, unf!” and most of the images are out of focus or don’t actually show the relevant anatomy very well or– you know, because the photos weren’t taken for that purpose, so they’re awkwardly cropped. I always feel like a total alien when I see those, because I’m like, that is the part of that human that connects his pelvis to his knee, I do not understand what I am supposed to be feeling about this)

BUT. I deeply desire to see this interview. (I try not to be like, the creepy white chick who is Super Into a particular thing I’ve no genuine connection to, but, there’s no way not to make this sound super dumb, my mom was a Spanish teacher and her study abroad year was spent in Mexico when she was like, 19 and really impressionable, and so my whole life she always talked about how great Mexico was, and cooked actually quite good Mexican food (and took classes in Caribbean cooking too, so she could cook it for her students, who otherwise in our very isolated rural white area wouldn’t have encountered it) (I’m serious she invited kids over to our house and taught them table manners too) (rural white kids who’d only ever eaten microwave dinners in front of the TV kind of shit, some of them had never been in a sit-down restaurant) and so on and so forth– anyway, I try not to be creepy and gross about it but I goddamn love Mexican art and culture like, an unreasonable amount for a white kid from fucking nowheresville. My uncle (her brother)’s partner, who he was with my whole life, had done a stint in the Peace Corps in Colombia and so was like, native-fluent in Spanish, so the two of them traveled extensively in Latin America and brought stuff back for my mom all the time.

I’ve been to Mexico but I was there for like, two hours, back when you could just walk through the border checkpoint if you were white, so.)

So I don’t *need* Diego Luna as a cultural ambassador, but I sure wouldn’t *mind*, you know? 

What I love most about him is how he is simultaneously sunshine embodied and a total shit. I love it. He can tell me stories all day. 
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OTOH, Bodhi is transporting remains of the Holy Temple of the religion that his people followed. The closest analogy that I can come up with is a Jew being contracted to transport shredded Torah scrolls. So the guilt he feels may well be far greater then it should be based on his actions alone. And as for sending him to Saw - Galen trusted Saw enough to send his child to him, why wouldn’t he trust him with Bodhi’s information?

I can see in-narrative justification for it, sure, and how the nature of his job would eat at Bodhi. But to say that collaborating for survival is the same whether you’re driving the supply truck or designing the superweapon is overlooking a fuckload of power differential.

And it’s still got this uncomfortable superstructure over it– and partly it’s the whole movie, where the only way we could get all these great characters of color in the main Star Wars universe was to have them die to further the plot, PLUS how they couldn’t have their own motivations, we had to paste on a white girl and her poppa just so there’d be something people could have emotions about, because these dudes of color aren’t sympathetic– that’s definitely a factor.

But it does come down to an older, more powerful white dude using a younger, vulnerable, powerless person of color to enable him to assuage his own guilt. And sure, Erso didn’t send Bodhi directly to his death, but you can’t tell me the Rebellion’s survival rates were very good. And he had to know how paranoid Saw was, how not-eager Rook’s reception was likely to be, and from Rook’s reactions, he clearly did not pass any hint of this along. Bodhi expected they’d listen to him instead of torturing him, and was entirely wrong. Maybe Saw’s gotten crazier as the years have gone by and Erso doesn’t know that, but there’s no way Erso didn’t at least suspect that it might go down like that. Rook was completely unprepared. 

(It’s just about the only data we have about their interactions, so it’s significant.)

I’m not saying you can’t explore this in healthy ways, and I’ve already read a few pretty great fics where the Galen/Bodhi relationship is explored in various ways– most of them sort of desperately sad, but ultimately coming from a place of good intentions. It can be told as a beautiful story, or at least a bittersweet one. You can totally read Galen Erso’s resistance as poignant and effective, and all that. (Clearly, the creators mean for you to.)

(I’m trying to provide links, but AO3 is down for me, so I can’t access my history. Ugh.)

 I’m just saying, @kylostahp is totally justified in hungering for a story that explores just how badwrong that dynamic absolutely could have been. And I haven’t seen any, yet. 

This goes back, sort of, to the ever-present Discourse about villains– on a fundamental level, sometimes the most interesting thing you can get about examining a source work is looking at who they tell you to root for, and thinking about why maybe there’s more to it than that. It’s not like anybody’s seriously saying “planet-killing genocidal maniacs are the real heroes”, because for fuck’s sake, but there’s a healthy element of “you’re telling me this person’s a hero but not showing me, and in my experience there are an awful lot of people who are on the right side but aren’t actually good people.” 

(If you’ve never been involved in a well-intentioned movement that was brutally hamstrung by some deeply toxic people who plausibly thought they meant well but in practice were fucking disastertrash and sometimes actually evil, then you are extremely fortunate.)

I tend not to write the stories like that, but I do believe deep in my heart that a large part of the beauty of transformative works is to refuse to hear the story that the creator wants you to, and instead look at the story the creator is actually telling.

(That’s not how my brain works, which is why I tend not to write those stories– I don’t pick up on that stuff on my own– but those are the stories I think are really important to tell, sometimes.)
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Oh yeah January’s when people return stuff to us. Hi, pile of returns. (at Delaware Camera)
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GOP leaders scrambled to contain the damage, and within hours of Trump registering his criticism over the timing on Twitter, they called an emergency meeting of House Republicans where lawmakers voted to undo the change.
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Carrie Fisher’s my patron saint now. Patron Saint of addicts, mood disorders, and loud women. I just decided. I’m gonna build another shrine.

I second this motion. Canonize Space Mom.

Our Lady of Growing Old Disgracefully

I know she wasn’t catholic but I really really needed to draw this okay
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… why do my cat’s hindquarters smell like coffee?

I just figured out why EW
are you ready:
Dude has a moustache and it’s not very neatly trimmed
and when he drinks coffee he gets coffee in his moustache
and then the cat rubs herself against his face
You’re welcome.



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