Jan. 2nd, 2017

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person: define “soft”

me, crying: w watch, thi,s

Does someone have a translation of all this glorious sweetness?

Elmo says “duck!” and then “I did it!” and Diego Luna congratulates him sincerely and joyfully, embracing him and saying “well done! Especially after you tried so many times!” and by that point I could no longer see through my tears of tender joy but I think that was the end

…I’m kinda disturbed that I understand the puppet.
I guess I've managed to import my livejournal here. I don't know exactly what to do in general, but it's here, at least.

I should go look, but-- it's just so much, you know?

I need to revisit my cross-posting thing, I know it must be obnoxious to anyone on here who follows me-- with the broken image all giant at the bottom every time, but I'd have to hand-code something to make it stop trying to put an image in, and I know copperbadge had a tutorial for it like six months ago, but I don't even know where to start, and I'm naturally horrible at those sorts of things.

I apologize if it's ugly. I don't know if anyone reads here. This is going to keep automatically crossposting to Livejournal, too, so if you read there-- that functionality is going to break, eventually, and I'm going to stop using the site, finally, after many years. I don't want to lose people but I'm not sure who still uses it. I don't understand any of the features they implemented after I left, including the 'inbox' feature; that wasn't around when I was using the site heavily, so I'm not sure how you respond to messages. So I probably won't.

If I get logged out I'm not totally sure what my password is, either. (I have a half-assed password management tool that sometimes generates new passwords but doesn't actually change them with the site? It's broken and fucked and stupid, and I wouldn't have done it except that my Twitter is literally constantly under assault by bots and so I get texts all day long with verification codes, so I need to be able to trust that password. Ugh.)

Anyway. Pain in the ass. I'm still mostly posting to Tumblr but we'll see. The crossposter broke because I do so much tag art on Tumblr, so mostly what gets crossed over to here is Instagram crossposts, which don't have tags and so don't break Dreamwidth. (Dreamwidth emphatically Does Not support tag art.) The vast majority of my content is Tumblr-only at this point.
But i hate that site. And so if I change my habits somewhat, I'll be here more, probably. Or... I don't know.

I have 750 followers on Tumblr, many of whom are not porn bots and do engage with me there. Engagement is what I need, from a platform. I have basically 0 actual humans with whom I interact on Dreamwidth, and maybe two on Livejournal, so-- I don't know.

I know Tumblr will dramatically collapse at some point in the near future and of the probably twenty or so humans I have real connections with over there, I'll probably only ever be able to locate maybe three or four on whatever new platform people migrate to. That's just-- that's about the usual rate of attrition, I think. I'm already mourning it.

But that's just how it is. This technologically-advanced world of promise, and we can't have nice things in it, of course we can't.
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“In other words: Norway is you. Norway is us (…) My greatest hope for Norway is that we will be able to take care of one another. That we will continue to build this country – on a foundation of trust, solidarity and generosity of spirit. That we will feel that we are, despite all out differences, one people. That Norway is one.” – 79-year-old King Harald V of Norway celebrating the diversity of his people and stressing the importance of support for refugees, religious tolerance and LGBT rights in a speech on 1 September 2016
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Based on the Star Wars Galactic Maps: An Illustrated Atlas of the Star Wars Universe, supplemented by the Wookieepedia entry.

FWIW, the Atlas is very much a “Here Be Dragons”-ish affair, which is to say: nothing seems to be to scale, and only the animals are labeled. So the enduring mystery of where on Yavin IV the Dameron ranch is (well, enduring for me), remains unsolved. 

Lots of pictures below the cut:

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Everything you never wanted to know about Yavin IV and had no reason to ask.
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i love that when poe says “that droid has a map that leads straight to luke skywalker” finn says “oh you gotta be kidding me”, implying he knows exactly who luke is and that he’s important. i love that when finn mentions luke to rey she says “luke skywalker??? i thought he was a myth” implying she knows exactly who luke is and that he’s important. i love that luke skywalker is a legend, a myth, a celebrity. do you think he has fans

I like to think that not only is he famous but that because he’s so elusive he’s actually reached cryptid status in the star wars universe. people host parties when a new blurry photograph comes out, get into debates over whether he really exists or not, skywalker-sighting hotspots are full of tourists and conspiracy theorists wearing shirts with a lightsaber on that say ‘I want to believe’ in block capitals.

there’s a popular show where three guys run around the deserted places on various planets that have reported “Skywalker sightings”

it’s mostly just them interviewing crazy yokels who claim they saw Luke Skywalker eating leaves somewhere then going out in the dark and scaring themselves shitless claiming they hear lightsaber noises

Leia hasn’t missed an episode since it began airing
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ok so here’s a thing i’m pondering

trying to finish up the next last kings chapter. i introduced the idea that Kes’s mother and some of the other older people in the community speak to one another in codes, pretty often, because as refugees and people of uncertain political status, it often behooved them to have covert conversations without appearing to do so. 

I wish I’d come up with this earlier, because it’s such a neat idea and I’d love to have incorporated it earlier. But here’s the rub: I’m fucking terrible at that kind of thing.

The idea is that they just substitute words, have nicknames for everything, have rhetorical conventions they use for discussing things– like, north means unfavorable, south means favorable, OR North is the Empire, South is the Rebellion, that kind of thing. And everyone has nicknames. 

That last bit is stolen from people I know who have parents who didn’t teach them their immigrant native language. My dude’s mother was born here but her siblings were born overseas; she grew up speaking their language only in the house. So she and her mother and sister would speak it to one another when they were discussing things they didn’t want the children’s input on. But the kids weren’t stupid; they knew a few basic words and definitely, definitely knew their own names. Dude knows the words for jackass, dinner, yes, no, and assorted other odd things. So, of course, they would call him “the boy child” so he wouldn’t pick up his name; after a while he knew that phrase too, and they had to come up with something else to call him. (He knows the word for jackass, by the way, because it was how they referred to another relative.)

So Kes knows that his mother calls him little bird when she’s trying not to use his name (it was less comical before puberty hit him like a ton of bricks and he went from pipsqueak to beefsteak in like two months), but they’re constantly changing what they call him; most recently, it has just been a syllable and a hand gesture, at the time of the story. But he’s pretty tuned-into it, and he often knows what they’re talking about even if he doesn’t understand any of the references. 

So here’s what I’m hung up on. These people are refugees, and the only power that has acknowledged their status in that way is Alderaan. They are heavily involved with the Alderaanian government but don’t spend much time there. Likewise, some of their number are involved in the Rebellion, but not overtly. It’s enough, though, that Kes’s mother knows that Bail Organa is involved in the Rebellion, knows how important he is, knows how crucial it is that no one leak that to the Empire.

What would their nickname be for Bail Organa? 



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